Tim was injured in a motorcycle crash when an inattentive driver turned left in front of him. He tried to lay down the motorcycle before hitting the vehicle, but a collision occurred with the vehicle. The insurance company for the vehicle tried to state it was Tim’s fault for going too fast but TSR was able to obtain a video from local retail store which showed he was not going fast like the insurance company claimed. Tim had a cut on his head and suffered a concussion. He also developed headaches and neck and upper back pain. He was treated by a neurologist with trigger point injections and occipital nerve blocks approximately every three months for the neck pain and headaches. After receiving a minimal offer from the insurance company, TSR Partner Rich Ruohonen sued out the case and after significant litigation and a mediation was able to secure a recovery of $175,000 for Tim.


Autumn was a passenger on her fiancé’s motorcycle when they were struck by a vehicle making a left turn. Autumn sustained significant brain injuries and there was concern that there was inadequate insurance coverage.

Our investigation revealed that not only was the left-turning vehicle at fault, but the motorcycle driver was also driving above the speed limit and that he could have avoided the crash had he been driving at a proper speed.

Partner Chuck Slane made claims against the insurance companies for both the motorcycle and the left-turning vehicle, and significant compensation was received for Autumn.


EB was injured when an in attentive driver made a left in front of his motorcycle. Despite EB’s best efforts, he suffered a non-surgical fractured pelvis when he struck the turning car. Partner Steven Terry made numerous claims against insurance policies that totaled $175,000.00. Review of EB’s health insurance policy (62A versus ERISA) allowed a repayment of only $10,000.00 for over $100,00.00 in medical bills thereby maximizing the compensation for EB.


Partner Rich Ruohonen represented a husband and wife who were injured in a motorcycle accident when an uninsured motorist turned in front of them causing their motorcycle to collide with the motor vehicle. Both suffered significant leg fractures. They both received $100,000, the full amount of the uninsured motorist’s limits under their policy of insurance on the motorcycle.


Vic and Tracy were injured in a significant motorcycle accident. Each of them broke several bones that required multiple surgeries. When TSR Injury Law and Partner Chuck Slane were initially hired, there was concern that there would not be sufficient insurance coverage available. We undertook an investigation of the case and determined that the young lady that was driving the vehicle that caused the crash had only a driver’s permit and her driving was being supervised by her grandfather. Because of these facts, we were able to double the insurance limits that were available to this young driver. In addition, we learned that the driver resided in a household separate from her grandfather and thus, another policy was accessed.

The claim was resolved when the insurance carriers agreed to double their policy limits and they eventually paid out over 2.8 million dollars to compensate Vic and Tracy.


Attorneys Nate Maus and Nate Bjerke recently obtained a great result for a client severely injured in a motorcycle crash.  Initially, it looked like there was no hope the injured motorcyclist would get justice.  The investigating officer and state Patrol accident reconstructionist, along with several witnesses, placed the blame for the crash on our motorcycle driving client.  The case was originally handled by another firm who reached out to Nate Maus after the insurance company for the other driver denied liability and offered $0.00.  TSR Injury Law took over the case and renewed an investigation into the crash.  We suspected something wasn’t right about the State Patrol’s investigation.  We located previously unidentified witnesses and uncovered new information to refute the findings in the State Patrol’s investigation.  The new evidence showed the crash was not our client’s fault.  As a result, Attorneys Maus and Bjerke secured a settlement of $750,000.00 for their well deserving client.