Minnesota Running at Large Statute Defined

Minnesota Statute §346.16:

Running at large; defined; prohibited; triple damages

The herding of any animal of the species of cattle, horse, ass, mule, sheep, swine, or goat upon any land over the protest and against the will of the owner shall be deemed a running at large.

It shall be unlawful for any owner or any person having the control of any such animal to permit the same to run at large in the state.

Any person who shall knowingly permit the running at large of any such domestic animal [including dogs] shall be liable to the person aggrieved for treble damages sustained by the aggrieved person, to be recovered in a civil action brought for that purpose.

Minnesota Running at Large: Example Case

Plaintiff Rhea was injured by defendant’s horses while on defendant’s property. He sued on the grounds that the horses were permitted by defendant to run at large in violation of a statute. The trial court held the statute did not apply in this situation and the Court of Appeals agreed. It held that the running at large statute does not apply to horses running on their owner’s own property. Rhea v. Lashua WL 31173, 1999

Hurt In A Running At Large Incident?

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Minnesota Cat Bite Lawyer

Dog bites are the most common form of animal attacks in the U.S., and therefore receive the most attention from the media and health professionals. This does not make attacks from other kinds of animals any less serious, however. In fact, cat bites or scratches can be far more dangerous than many people realize.

Cat Bites and Infection

Unlike dog bites, which can create immediately obvious injuries such as severe lacerations, cat bites are usually small and may not even bleed. They do carry the risk factor of infection.

It is the design of cats’ teeth that makes the risk of infection so high. They are thin and sharp, so cat bites often create puncture wounds. This allows the bacteria in a cat’s mouth to be pushed deeply into the skin, sometimes through several layers of tissue. The very small punctures created by these wounds also make them more difficult to clean thoroughly.

Cats are most likely to bite people’s hands than other parts of the body, which also contributes to the risk of medical complications. Hands have many tendons, veins, and joints that are close to the skin, making them vulnerable to injury. A cat bite that is located near a joint is at an especially high risk for inflammation or bone infection.

What to Do After a Cat Attack

While cat scratches can become infected, they are far less likely to do so than bites. For a minor scratch, cleaning and bandaging the bite will probably be enough. In contrast to this, around 80% of cat bites become infected. If you have been bitten by a cat, it is important to seek medical attention right away.

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Deadly Weekend in Twin Cities

It continues to be a deadly weekend in the Twin Cities. Police are now investigating a St. Paul accident that occurred on Saturday morning. Officers and paramedics were called to Payne Avenue and Parkway Drive after someone reported an SUV / car accident.

The 19 year-old driver of the car was pronounced dead at the scene. The name of the driver is not being released pending family notification. The female driver of the SUV sustained serious injuries and was taken to Regions Hospital. The male passenger suffered minor injuries and was also taken to Regions Hospital.

Witnesses reported that the car was traveling at a high rate of speed as it entered the intersection, after failing to stop at the stop sign. The SUV had just stopped at the stop sign and proceeded to make a left turn onto Payne Avenue when it was struck by the car. There were no obvious signs of drugs or alcohol use involved in the car crash, according to police spokesman, Paul Schnell.

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Trucker Settles With Families in Fatal Crash

A trucker was the cause of a fatal accident. Now the wrongful death trial for that trucker has been cancelled.

Instead of facing the families of the three victims, the truck driver, Seth Allan Strehler and his trucking company decided to settle. Strehler was acquitted of a charge of careless driving.

After the acquittal, the families of the victims sued Strehler’s trucking company and Hagen Trucking Inc. for wrongful death. The combined trial was scheduled to take place February 4th.

When the accident occurred, Strehler, 35, was driving northbound on U.S. 61 in a semi in August when he rear-ended a Dodge Caravan with three women inside. Carolyn Anderson, 59, died at the scene. Marilyn Wanner, 72, died a number of weeks later. Rosie Bongiovanni, 88, was declared dead at Regions Hospital after being airlifted. Strehler received no injuries.

The Hugo prosecutor moved forward with charges against Strehler after the Washington County attorney’s office said they did not want to press charges.

In the criminal complaint, Strehler was quoted as saying the Caravan suddenly slowed down and did not signal. He said the van stopped before he had a chance to stop the truck to avoid the collision.

Now, Strehler and the families have reached a final settlement in the civil case. Although Strehler could have gone to court and possibly not been found liable for the deaths of the three women, a full and final settlement can avoid the opposite from occurring.

Minnesota law allows a windfall settlement in cases where medical bills are partially covered by Medicare, even if the family doesn’t have to pay anything out of pocket for treatment. This was a situation that Strehler faced in at least one of the cases.

Strehler’s attorney said that Strehler is now able to move forward from the ordeal. The accident terms of the settlement have not yet been made available.

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ADAPT program of MN

TSR Injury Law is proud to support the ADAPT program. ADAPT stands for “After Deployment: Adaptive Parenting Tools” The University of Minnesota conducted research and implemented ADAPT to help military veterans return to home life. Researchers strive to learn about family resilience when dealing with deployment of one or both parents, and to provide a practical method for improving parenting skills during a stressful, difficult period.

All families deal with stress as a normal part of day-to-day life, but when a parent is deployed for months or a year at a time, the stress can be tough on families. And when parents get stressed, conflicts within the home can easily escalate. Through Project ADAPT, military families are offered parenting tools and techniques to respond more effectively to the emotions that stress generates.

Debunking The Top 10 Myths Of Traumatic Brain Injury

By Richard A. Ruohonen

The following article was published in the Minnesota Association for Justice magazine, and Rich has rewritten the article for publication in the Indiana Trial Lawyers Association magazine. Click on the link at the bottom to read the full article.

Convincing a jury your client experienced a traumatic brain injury can be very challenging. You first must overcome an unrealistic perception that even extreme trauma results in little long-term damage. Movies, wrestling and sports in society all perpetuate myths of invincibility. Athletes, for example, often further perpetuate these myths playing through concussions and fans rarely see any off-the-field symptoms. Although proving the reality of traumatic brain injury is often difficult, proving these injuries are generally easier than proving other nonvisible injuries, such as soft tissue neck and back injuries. Unlike experts in other areas, the neuropsychological experts in traumatic brain injury universally agree on certain fundamental principles and will generally readily admit very helpful points in cross examination. Minnesota’s statutes are also beneficial in helping you prove your client’s injuries.

Effective cross examination of the defense neuropsychologist can be accomplished by directly debunking the myths associated with traumatic brain injury. This article provides you with ammunition for effective cross examination of the neuropsychologist followed by a list of specific questions which can be asked of the neuropsychologist to debunk each myth.

TSR Injury Law Partner Rich Ruohonen Receives Minnesota Association for Justice Excellence Award

TSR Injury Law Partner Rich Ruohonen was singled out to receive the Minnesota Association for Justice 2008-09 Excellence Award. Each year this prestigious award honors an attorney who has given outstanding contributions of time and effort on behalf of the organization, has a personal commitment to excellence, and is diligent in community service.

Bloomington, MN (PRWEB) October 27, 2009 — TSR Injury Law Partner Rich Ruohonen received the Minnesota Association for Justice 2008-09 Excellence Award at their Annual Convention held in Alexandria, in August. The Minnesota Association for Justice annually recognizes a distinguished attorney who exemplifies the highest standard of personal and professional excellence in Minnesota.

“I am honored to be recognized for the work I have done for the organization over the past 13 years, but there are many other deserving members that also work tirelessly to help consumers and those injured by the negligent acts of others. Together we are trying to ensure that each and every citizen is guaranteed the right to justice. MAJ is an important organization for my clients. All the effort I put forth in that organization ends up directly benefitting injured persons in the long run. I intend to continue this effort and work with MAJ in the future,” said Rich Ruohonen in response to receiving this award.

Rich is a frequent speaker in continuing legal education seminars for the Minnesota Association for Justice. He is also on the Board of Governors and is involved in several committees for the organization including the Continuing Legal Education Committee, the Finance Committee, and the Legislative Committee. The Minnesota Association for Justice is an organization dedicated to the Constitution’s guarantee of justice for all. TSR Injury Law is a firm whose attorneys and employees share the same goals in helping those injured by the negligent acts of others.

Rich Ruohonen has dedicated his entire legal career to the practice of personal injury law, focusing on cases involving car accidents, traumatic brain injury (TBI), food poisoning, premises liability, medical malpractice, and product liability. He is a sought-after speaker and published writer on matters related to personal injury litigation.

At TSR Injury Law, we are committed to providing excellent service to our clients and our goal is to handle every facet of the legal claim to allow our clients to concentrate on healing. Since we focus on one area of the law, we feel we give the best representation possible. For more information, visit tsrinjurylaw.com or call 612-TSR-TIME for a free consultation. TSR Injury Law is located at 8300 Norman Center Drive, Suite 1275, Bloomington, Minnesota 55437.

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Facet Joiint Compensation Claims

The cervical facet joint is the most common source of chronic neck pain after a motor vehicle crash. The lumbar and thoracic spines also have facet joints. The facet joints are the small joints in the back of our spine that allow us to bend and twist our neck and back.

Anatomy of Facet Joint

The facet joint is made of a variety of hard and soft tissues.

  • The boney pillars of the facet joints provide opposing surfaces for the joint.
  • Those boney surfaces are covered in cartilage.
  • The synovium is a connective tissue lining the fibrous capsule that secretes synovial fluid which lubricates the joint and enables frictionless motion.
  • The fibrous capsule ligament envelopes the entire joint.

Mechanism of Injury

Biomechanical and autopsy studies indicate that the facet joints can be damaged in motor vehicle crashes. Facet joints are the most common source of chronic pain after a whiplash injury. Facet injuries can include:

  • Capsular strain and tears
  • Boney impingement
  • Synovial fold pinching
  • Direct impact injury resulting in contusion
  • Intra-articular hemorrhage
  • Damage to subchondral bone


Facet injuries cannot be diagnosed on MRI scan. Facet joint injury is diagnosed using a medial branch block. To do this test, a doctor uses a needle that is inserted up against the medial branch of the nerve to place a numbing medication on that nerve. If the pain is relieved, this confirms injury to the facet joint is the pain generator.


The chronic pain stemming from injury to the facet joint can be relieved by using a procedure known as radio frequency neurotomy. Using x-ray guidance, a doctor inserts a needle parallel to the targeted nerve. A radio frequency generator is then used to heat the tip of the needle. The heat burns the nerve so that the pain signal is interrupted and cannot reach the brain. The RFN procedure is not a permanent cure as the nerve will regenerate and grow back and when it does, the pain will return.

Pain relief generally lasts between 9 to 18 months depending on the patient. The RFN procedure can be repeated indefinitely when the pain returns.

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Hypema Injury Damages Claims

Hyphema is a condition where blood accumulates in the front chamber of the eye between the cornea and iris. It is usually caused by blunt trauma to the eye. A direct hit to the eye can break blood vessels in the iris, causing them to leak blood into the anterior chamber and mix with the clear aqueous fluid, blurring vision. The blood may appear as a reddish tinge to the eye, or it may be a pooling of blood at the bottom of the iris.

Hyphema Symptoms and Treatment

Because there are times that the blood is not visible, victims of eye trauma need to be aware of other symptoms. They include:

  • eye pain
  • light sensitivity
  • blurred vision
  • elevated eye pressure

In mild cases of hyphema, the blood can be reabsorbed with no treatment. For more severe cases of hyphema, treatment includes:

  • bed rest with head elevated 45-60 degrees with both eyes closed
  • use of ice packs
  • avoid strenuous activity
  • removal of the blood if the eye pressure increases
  • eye drops

Do not take aspirin or NSAIDs. They thin the blood and could lead to additional bleeding.

Hyphema Complications

Any injury to the eye can be frightening. It is vital to follow treatment instructions to obtain the best possible recovery. The complications following hyphema include:

  • recurring bleeding
  • glaucoma
  • damage to the cornea (causing permanently cloudy vision)
  • loss of vision

Experienced Legal Counsel

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B&B Fire Wrongful Death Lawsuits Now Settled

The wrongful death lawsuits resulting from a fire at the Bohemian Bed and Breakfast that killed six people in July 2011 have now been settled.

The lawsuits, settled in Brown County District Court on December 3rd, bring an end to a tragedy that took lives and injured other patrons. Those that were lost include the owner, Bobbi McCrea, McCrea’s 15-year-old daughter Abby, Three-year-old daughter Savannah, a Nebraska man, and a Wisconsin couple.

The couple from Wisconsin was Joseph and Dian Bergman and the Nebraska man was Andy Uhing. Uhing was visiting the bed and breakfast with his wife, Sandy, who escaped the fire when she jumped from the building.

Injured in the fire were Plymouth residents, Charles and Diane Frye, who were able to escape the fire, which is how they sustained their injuries.

In total, one injury claim and four wrongful death claims were filed against Bobbi McCrea’s estate. As for the amount of the settlements, the allocations and amounts are to remain confidential. The settlement was made primarily by conference call with one Mankato attorney appearing.

The initial claims that were filed against the McCrea estate were denied in District Court. The claim included one for over $1 million on behalf of the Bergmans. This resulted in the claims being handled privately, but all of the involved parties agreed to appoint a mediator to lead the process, which ultimately led to the private settlement.

It was determined that the accident was caused by unattended burning candles, resulting in the fire being ruled as accidental.