Garbage Truck Accident Fatally Injures 5 Year Old

A commercial waste management truck rolled over Harris Nyumah, a 5-year-old who came from Liberia 3 years ago, and killed him instantly. The garbage truck accident occurred at about 11 a.m., on Thursday morning, near the intersection of 51st Ave. N and Ewing Ave. N.

Harris had been playing outside. He darted after his ball as it rolled into the street. The garbage truck was backing up and the driver could not see the boy.

The boy died at the scene and his body was taken to the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s office. The garbage truck accident is still under investigation. The driver of the garbage truck is cooperating fully with the investigation and is said to be devastated. “At this point, I don’t anticipate any charges, but things could always change,” Commander Mike Reynolds said.

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Minneapolis Ulnar Radial Fracture Attorney

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Ulna – Radial Fractures

Forearm fractures occur mostly due to car accidents or slip and fall accidents. There are also some cases of blunt trauma breaks in workplace accidents.

For adults, fractures in both the ulna and radius usually requires surgery to stabilize the arm; without surgery there is no way to ensure the bones are properly aligned. Additionally, the bones must be reached through separate incisions on either side of the arm.

Fractures are classified as open or closed fractures. If there is a puncture at the site of the break, it is an open fracture. Open fractures need to be treated immediately by an orthopedic specialist to reduce the possibility of infection. The specialist will perform a neurological examination to assess sensory and motor functions. A vascular examination is necessary, too.

There are classifications of open fractures depending on:

  • the size of the puncture
  • the amount of contamination
  • the amount of soft tissue damage
  • whether there is adequate bone coverage
  • if there is arterial damage

Very often the extent of the damage is not known until surgery.

Types of Arm Fractures

  • Colles fracture describes a break across the ends of both the radius and ulna, which results in a backward and outward position of the hand in relation to the wrist. This is called a hyperextension injury. This is the most common wrist fracture.
  • Smith’s fracture is an injury where the end of the radius heads downward toward the palm. This is called a hyperflexion injury and is sometimes called a reverse Colles fracture.
  • Barton’s fracture involves the upper edge of the radius and the joint surface, and is usually accompanied by partial displacement, called subluxation, of the wrist with carpal bone displacement.
  • Hutchinson fracture refers to an isolated fracture of the radial bone, usually caused by direct trauma to the radial side of the wrist.

Ulnar Radial Fracture Rehabilitation

If you have sustained a fractured ulna or radius, rehabilitation will vary depending on the type of fracture and length of immobilization. Rehabilitation may include both physical therapy and occupational therapy.

The primary emphasis of physical therapy is to restore full range of motion and strength. Physical therapy is also helpful in reducing pain. The intensity of physical therapy is based upon stability of the fracture and wither it was an open or closed fracture. Special attention must be paid to regain the ability to have full palm-up position and full palm-down position. Occupational therapy may be necessary in dominant arm breaks. Hand dominance will influence the degree of disability during recovery.

The bones usually heal within 6 to 12 weeks. It takes longer for bone strength and load bearing capabilities to return. It can take up to several years. It is important to refrain from overloading the fracture site until the bone has regained its full strength.

Minnesota Ulnar Radial Fracture Lawyer

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Toyota Prius Recall – Prius Brake Failure – Lexus HS 250h Recalled

Toyota — the company that stood for quality — the company that could do no wrong — has major problems. Their seemingly invincible reputation is at stake. Xinhus News agency reported Saturday that Toyota of Japan has issued a mandatory recall of 270,000 units of its third-generation (2010) Prius hybrid car. It has officially been recalled in the United States now. The Lexus HS 250h is included in this recall because it has a similar component design to the 2010 Prius.

There have been more than 100 complaints and 4 accidents related to Toyota Prius brake failure. Toyota has admitted to a design failure in the anti-lock braking system. The brakes were designed to prevent skidding. Now the company is on a skid, with no end in sight.

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Toyota Prius Problems

Many 2010 Prius owners have reported that the brakes do not consistently engage when the brake pedal is pressed. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is assessing the scope of the problem. The NHTSA will look into reported momentary loss of braking capabilities.

The investigation comes as safety questions surround Toyota, which has already issued broad recalls for millions of its best-selling vehicles, including the Corolla and Camry, initially labeling the problem as being with the floor mats moving forward to press on the accelerator pedal. Ultimately, the recall was due to a design flaw with the gas pedal that allowed friction to build and the pedal to become stuck.

Toyota said it would unveil safety measures relating to the Prius brakes as soon as a new design is available. Most auto and safety experts are questioning Toyota’s integrity. They feel that Toyota has not disclosed the full extent of its safety flaws.

Toyota Recall Lawyers

Having a recall on your car is unnerving. It can undermine your confidence in the integrity of your vehicle. It may even change the way you live and drive — making you stay home more often, making you drive more tentatively, and even altering how you react in a crash-avoidance maneuver.

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Minneapolis Spinal Injury Lawyers

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Spinal Injury Statistics

According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Association, there are more than 250,000 people in the United States living with a spinal cord injury. There are many more people that are living with other spinal injuries.The Minnesota spinal injury lawyers of TSR Injury Law believe that you should not have to suffer the consequences of an accident that was not your fault. We have helped thousands of people recover millions in compensation.Our partners have been named Minnesota Super Lawyers many times by Minnesota Law & Politics. To contact Steve Terry, Chuck Slane, Rich Ruohonen, or Nate Bjerke about your Minnesota spinal injury case, call 612-TSR-TIME or submit our free consultation form.

Types of Spinal Injury

Our Minnesota spinal injury lawyers have the necessary experience and insight to handle virtually any spinal damage case. We are prepared to do the research, arrange expert testimonials, and handle the litigation for a variety of spinal injury cases. Contact us for more information about:

  • Burst Fractures
  • Compression Fracture
  • Herniated Disc
  • Facet Joint Injuries
  • Soft Tissue Injury
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Paraplegia
  • Back Injury
  • Radiofrequency Neurotomy (RFN) (treatment for facet joint injuries)
  • Spinal Fusion (treatment for herniated discs)
  • Laminectomy (treatment for spinal stenosis)

In addition to the pain and suffering these injuries can cause, they often require extensive, costly, and life-long medical treatments. If you are a victim of a spinal injury due to negligence, you may be able to obtain compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Causes of Spinal Damage

Spinal injuries are often caused by fully preventable accidents such as:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Sports Injuries
  • Falls

Collisions involving automobiles are responsible for thousands of spinal injuries every year, including facet joint injuries (whiplash), vertebrae fractures, and paralysis.Whiplash is often thought of as a minor injury, but the truth is that severe cases can cause debilitating pain for months or years. The abnormal movements associated with whiplash may result in chronic neck pain, psychological problems, or even permanent disability. More importantly, any injury inflicted on an innocent party is unacceptable. That is why our Minnesota spinal injury lawyers strive for justice for our clients.

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Twin Cities Clinic Sued in Meningitis Outbreak

A Brooklyn Park woman is suing a pain clinic in the Twin Cities area for being negligent in its use of steroids that were contaminated with the fungus that was responsible for the 2012 meningitis outbreak.

Traci Maccoux, 23, filed a lawsuit in mid-March against medical Pain Specialists, stating that she had received steroid injections at the clinic in the summer of 2012.

Maccoux is one of over 700 individuals who contracted meningitis because of the contaminated steroid injections originating from a Framingham, Massachusetts compounding facility.

This is the first lawsuit filed against Medical Advanced Pain Specialists, but is one of two clinics in Minnesota that purchased the contaminated steroids from the manufacturer, which has now had to file for bankruptcy.

Clinic officials have not commented on the lawsuit, but they made a brief statement on Monday stating they had attempted to address the questions and concerns of all individuals who receive care at their facility.

Maccoux is one of 12 confirmed meningitis cases in the state and was hospitalized in October for 10 days. The fungal meningitis infection she contracted was potentially deadly, as it involved infection of the spinal cord and brain. She had received her steroid shots in July and August.

In her lawsuit, she states that the pain clinic violated state law and breached its duty to its patients when it purchased the steroids from the compounding facility, which was not licensed to manufacture or sell the steroid in bulk. A federal investigation found that the New England Compounding Center was selling the steroid in bulk. They had sold approximately 17,000 vials in over 20 states.

Maccoux said in an interview that she was upset that the clinic had bought steroids from such a facility and had hoped that they would know better. She said she assumed that the clinic would ensure everything was safe.

Maccoux said that she found out in October that she was one of almost 1,000 people in Minnesota who had received the steroid injection from the contaminated vials. A few days later, it was confirmed that she had contracted fungal meningitis.

In her lawsuit, it is stated that she had extreme pain, hallucinations, blurry vision, flu-like symptoms, and dizziness. She is still taking the antifungal drug that saved her, but it has very uncomfortable side effects. She said she had to stop attending her college classes because she has been unable to drive or even work. So far her hospital bills are exceeding $110,000, according to her attorney.

If you have suffered serious side effects after coming into contact with a contaminated product, you may be eligible for compensation. For help learning more about the legal options that may be available to you, contact the Bloomington personal injury lawyers at TSR Injury Law today.

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Minnesota Good Faith Law

The Minnesota Good Faith Law was signed into law April 18, 2008 and went into effect August 1, 2008. It applies to claims against your own insurance company — setting the standard of conduct for insurance companies when settling no fault (NF), underinsured (UIM), and uninsured (UM) policy claims. It requires that insurers have a credible basis for denying a claim by its insured — that they act in good faith toward the insured.

If you have been in a car accident, it is beneficial to have legal representation even for the no fault claim in order to ensure that the insurance company acts in good faith so that you receive fair compensation for damages. TSR Injury Law has years of experience combating insurance company injustices. Our Minneapolis personal injury attorneys have recovered millions for our clients. Call (612) TSR-TIME or submit our free consultation form.

Good Faith Law: Minnesota Statute 604.18

This good faith law is being hailed one of the most significant pro-consumer insurance legislation passed in Minnesota in many years. The basics of the law are:

  • The court may award damages and costs to an insured if the following can be proven against the insurer:
    • the absence of a reasonable basis for denying the benefits of the insurance policy; and
    • that the insurer knew of the lack of a reasonable basis for denying the benefits of the insurance policy or acted in reckless disregard of the lack of a reasonable basis for denying the benefits of the insurance policy

The damages awarded would be an amount equal to one-half of the proceeds awarded that are in excess of an amount offered by the insurer at least ten days before the trial begins, or $250,000, whichever is less. The court may also award reasonable attorney fees actually incurred for filing a good faith claim.

An example of how the good faith law will work:

The insurance company offers $20,000 on a policy with $100,000 limit, but the jury awards $200,000. If it can be proven that the insurance company’s offer violated the good faith law, the plaintiff will receive the $100,000 policy limit PLUS $90,000 (half of the difference between what was offered and what the jury awarded) in damages. In addition, the insurance company would be required to pay the attorney fees for the subsequent claim.

Minnesota Good Faith Claim Lawyer

The Good Faith Law should make insurance companies more accountable for their actions toward the insured. If you have been in a car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident, and you feel like the insurance company has not offered a reasonable amount, contact us today at (612) TSR-TIME. Our lawyers have years of experience handling Minneapolis auto accident cases. We have a reputation for getting the job done with excellent results.

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Stryker Orthopedics Modular-Neck Hip Stems Recall

This cessation of production comes after a post-market surveillance of data that has identified a trend in the failure of these products. Stryker states that they will be working with the medical community in order to better understand what is occurring with the devices to prevent the issue in the future.

As for how they have failed, the modular design of the Stryker products consists of a stem and a neck. The recall came after a Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons article stated that all modular-neck hip stems posed potential risks. While the product poses a great number of benefits, it was found that the disadvantages possibly outweighed the advantages. The primary disadvantage was the fact that corrosion could result in debris and metal ions being released within a person’s body.

It was around the time of the article that Stryker sent distributors an Urgent Field Safety Notice regarding the Rejuvenate and ABG II. The notice stated that it was possible that metal debris, as well as ion generation could result, and so can fretting and/or corrosion in the area of the modular neck junction.

Consequences Of Metal Ions

If metal ions are released into the body, the consequences include:

  • Necrosis
  • Pain
  • Metallosis
  • Revision surgery
  • Adverse local tissue reaction
  • Osteolysis
  • Allergic reaction to the ions, resulting in revision surgery

Currently, the statistics state that the adverse local tissue reaction rate is less than 0.5% of the patients who had received the devices. The incidence of complications are deemed low at this time, but the need for individuals to consult with a Minnesota personal injury lawyer could increase as more of these devices possibly fail in the patients who received them prior to the recall.

To know whether or not you received the Rejuvenate or the ABG II, you can speak to your surgeon and they will tell you. You also have the right to review your medical records for the identification of the specific implant that you received. If you are feeling pain or experiencing swelling around the implant, you should contact your surgeon as soon as possible. If you have no pain, you should arrange for a follow-up with your surgeon to check the implant.

Contact Us Today

If you have experienced complications related to the Stryker Rejuvenate or ABG II, see your surgeon immediately. Revision surgery may be required to keep the device from making you ill.

Once it is determined that there is a problem with your implant, you can call TSR Injury Law at (612) TSR-TIME to set up your free consultation. A Minneapolis injury attorney can evaluate your medical records and advise you of what the process entails when filing a claim against the manufacturer to pay for any past or future revision surgeries, medical bills related to device complications, and any other damages you may be entitled to.

Fuel Truck Rollover Near Albertville, MN

There was a semi truck / car accident today near Albertville, Minnesota. A tanker truck rolled over into the median on Interstate 94 about 11 a.m. The driver of the truck was maneuvering the truck to avoid hitting a car making an illegal U-turn, when his truck rolled over, leaking fuel all over the highway.

State Patrol Lt. Matt Langer reported that I-94, in both directions, will be closed for hours and thousands of vehicles will be redirected while crews take care of the clean up. The fuel was removed from the tanker by 6 p.m.

Two people sustained minor injuries. The driver of the car may be cited for the illegal U-turn.

Legal Help For Accident Victims

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St. Louis Park: Window Washers Fell 3 Stories, 1 Dead

Tragedy struck 2 workers who were contracted to wash windows for Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital, in St. Louis Park. The two window washers were on their scaffolding, three floors up, near the emergency room entrance, when the scaffolding fell. One man was pronounced dead at the scene the second worker is in serious condition at Hennepin County Medical Center, Minneapolis.

A spokesman for the hospital was not sure if the men had been wearing safety gear. The company the men worked for declined making a statement. Investigators and OSHA were called to the scene. Names have not been released.

Third Party Liability Claim

In a situation like this, it is probably in the best interests of the victims to pursue third party liability claims. Third party liability claims are intricate; therefore, you need experienced legal council to protect your rights and secure fair compensation.

This tragedy falls under two categories of third party liability claims:

  • injured on the job while working on property belonging to someone other than your employer
  • injured at work due to a defective product or piece of equipment

Prompt attention is imperative to ensure evidence is secured. You have to adhere to strict guidelines or your claim could be jeopardized. Call TSR Injury Law at 612-TSR-TIME or submit our contact form. Our personal injury attorneys know the law and we have a reputation for obtaining excellent settlements in third party liability cases in Minnesota.

Number of Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits Continue to Grow

The number of vaginal mesh lawsuits continue to grow with some monetary awards being in the millions and even husbands being awarded monetary damages up to $500,000 because of how their own lives have been affected by the problems their wives have had.

A new lawsuit was filed in October 2011 by a woman who claims that she experienced severe consequences because of the use of vaginal mesh to treat stress urinary incontinence.

The plaintiff states in her complaint that on January 4, 2008, she received the mesh implant.

Are you a victim? You may be eligible for financial compensation. To learn more about the legal options that may be available to you, contact a Minneapolis injury attorney from TSR Injury Law today for your free consultation.

Stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapsed occur when the pelvic muscles weaken. This tends to be associated with menopause, childbirth, or surgery. The plaintiff claims that it wasn’t long after the implant as in place that she started experiencing pelvic pain, urinary issues, infection, and a number of other injuries. This resulted in her hiring a vaginal mesh attorney who would assist her and her husband with their lawsuit.

This plaintiff is just one of many, as many others have experienced the same systems and others, such as immune reactions to the mesh and friction between tissue and the mesh. Major nerves have been injured and the mesh has degraded within the body. The FDA had notified patients in 2008 of the warnings associated with the products, advising patients that the complications were common. However, there are many products remaining on the market.

In the October 2012 case, the plaintiff is looking for damages from the manufacturer for pain and suffering and they want to discourage the profits of the company.

As more plaintiffs come forward, they are seeking compensation after they have exhausted their emotional and financial resources from trying to treat the health problems that the implants have caused. In addition, the manufacturers are also ordered to pay for corrective surgery, if corrective surgery can be performed to correct the problem. In some cases, the old mesh cannot be removed or the issue cannot be corrected, resulting in even more severe lifelong consequences.