April Storm Resulted in 296 Crashes in Minnesota

Snow and sleet moved across Minnesota and resulted in 296 auto crashes earlier in April. In fact, these crashes occurred in one day and before 4:00 p.m., according to the Minnesota State Patrol.

Of those crashes, 39 of them caused injuries. However, there were no fatal injuries reported. In addition to these accidents, 440 vehicles slid off the road and spun out, according to the state patrol.

Overall, there was a large amount of debris and the entire state had to deal with difficult travel. The State Emergency Operations Center was on a Level III alert, which is a partial activation.

In a two day period the Rochester area alone experienced 40 vehicles that slid off of the road, 24 crashes that caused property damage, and seven crashes that caused injuries. The Mankato area saw 43 vehicles go off of the road, 10 crashes causing property damage, and one crash causing injury.

These areas are just small examples of what was seen overall.

The hospitals had treated nearly a dozen individuals who were injured in crashes. United Hospital in St. Paul reported four crash injuries in which three had come in before 10:30 a.m.

Hennepin County Medical Center reported around a dozen accident victims, including back pain, slips and falls.

One man was hit on I-94 while he was changing a tire. The car that hit him had lost control while going eastbound and collided with him. The man was taken to the hospital and his injuries were deemed non-life threatening. However, both of his legs were broken. Another person who was outside their vehicle was hit in the westbound lane of I-94 due to a spinout. The injuries were minor.

A Metro Transit bus was also rear-ended after a car lost control, but there were no serious injuries. A Semi jackknifed on an icy ramp and a bus blocked traffic around Rice Street, resulting in passengers having to board another bus.

Overall, the traffic situation was a mess, but very fortunate that there were no fatal accidents. The lack of fatalities has much to do with the fact drivers were driving at low speeds on the slippery roads.

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