Patrick is a knowledgeable attorney and great navigator. He knows which avenue to go down under the circumstances presented. When it came to wrapping up my case, at the hearing, Patrick put a bow on it before handing it over. We received a favorable outcome. I would highly recommend Patrick as the attorney you want on your side.

Jennifer Taplin

I worked with Aria at TSR Injury in Bloomington, She was very helpful and knowledgeable on things I can do to better my case. She referred me to an in home chiropractor, Which helped a lot when I first got into an accident to get things started because I didn’t have a car to drive. So she was very resourceful and pleasant to work with. Aria and her secretary always gave me updates and made sure they stayed in contact and would always follow up with me if I had any questions. So I would recommend TSR Injury to any one. TSR Injury is a great help. Please call them if you have any questions regarding a case. They will also come to your home to meet with you which is very convenient if you don’t have transportation. Thanks Aria @ TSR Injury, LaToya Farley

latoya farley

I had a wonderful experience working with Rich and his team. They kept me updated on my case and made sure I understood the process, which made me feel at ease and confident with their services. I cannot recommend Rich from TSR enough.

Brianna Rolf

My experience with Steve and the TSR Team was AMAZING! I don't like drama or craziness and Steve helped to make everything stress free. He is very knowledgeable and kept me informed. I refer everyone I know to him. I was actually a referral and I'm happy to know that the individual that referred me was right about Steve and the TSR Team! They treat their clients excellent!

Krishawna Brown

Steve and the company are the best in town .Highly professional and extremely helpful .

ankan garg

Rich at TSR Injury Law was so wonderful. He really fought for us on a case that most wouldn’t want to touch. We had a child negligence at an in home daycare case. A very difficult one to fight. If you have an injury or know some one that does I highly recommend Rich! He will get it done for you!

Erica Coe

Professional and compassionate are the first two words that came to me in describing my experience with TSR Injury Law, in particular, Chuck Slane. I was involved in an MVA while in my work vehicle, my son being concerned for my well being recommended Chuck to me, he had worked with Chuck before and said he was a great lawyer, someone who will fight for you. He was right! From start to finish Chuck gathered the necessary information needed from me, for me and handled my case swiftly with expertise and genuine compassion for what I was going through physically and emotionally following my accident. I can’t thank him enough. Thank you Chuck Slane, TSR Injury Law.

Mary Perkins

Micheal was great to work with. He was always very clear with everything and his team was very professional.

Maiya Gare

My experience with Steve Terry and TSR has been nothing short of exceptional. When we first met, I was in pain and my vehicle was a total loss. Steve came to my home to meet with me and from that point on he and his associates took on all of the work to get me what I deserved. I was connected with great resources and provided information on how the process would work and any anticipated challenges. They were honest and open throughout the process. They fought the good fight needed to help pay accrued medical costs and I even ended up with some money in my pocket. I would without a doubt recommend Steve and TSR to anyone who has been injured in an accident!!!

Jennifer Roby

Wonderful job on helping me and my mom with accident and papers. Very friendly and will answer all your questions and more making a difficult time a breeze to make sure all is taking care of. Would definitely give them a call again and wouldn’t trust anyone else. Thanks again!!!!

Elondo Wright

Very quickly after being rear-ended by a drunk driver we were offered a small settlement from the insurance company, instead I called TSR, and it’s a good thing I did. It turned out that the injuries to both me and my son were much worse than they first appeared. Rich Ruohonen and his team took very good care of us, and ensured we received a settlement that bore no resemblance to the insurance companies initial offer. I feel very fortunate that TSR was there for us. Thank You

Aaron Houseman

Rich kept his word throughout the process. He and his team ensured that I got the care I needed and deserved. I never had to deal with insurance companies that didn't have my best interest at heart. Thanks for making the process easy and fair. Brian S.

Brian Smith

Rich was great. He had my best interest in mind when handling my case. I would highly recommend TSR to anyone that asks me for a referral for an injury law firm. Rich, thanks again!!!

Dawn Necas

I would highly recommend Rich Ruohonen to all my family and friends that are looking for an attorney. Our case was extremely challenging and I believe any other attorney would have found our case impossible with all the extra added pressures. Rich was extremely professional, fair, sensitive to all the personal issues and drama, and did what he promised he would do. Rich is a type-A, high-energy personality that sets his mind to something and gets it done. He does not leave one stone unturned before moving on to the next one. Why our case was so challenging: The family was emotionally and physically broken into two sides. The other side hired Rich immediately following my loved one's death (murder), which infuriated me because I didn't feel they had any right to be suing anyone for my loved one's death. They were not financially tied to my loved one in any way and just because they were related to him, they were not out anything financially. When they hired Rich they did not want me or another family member included in the lawsuit. I was the only one that lost income from my loved one's death. Rich made it clear that legally they must include all immediate family and me, which did not go over well. So we were added to the lawsuit, which we had no intention of pursuing and only agreed to join in because we did not believe their pursuit was warranted and we did not want them to gain from his death. There had already been animosity between our two sides because they owed me for the funeral and cremation costs and had refused to pay what they owed me and they were harassing me and demanding property and personal items from my loved one that belonged to me. I had no intention of suing in the first place, but this was going forward with or without me. So, Rich had the huge challenge of keeping the two sides separated. He made sure that the debt owed to me from the other side was taken care of before the other side received their settlement. I really appreciate all he did to make sure I received the money they owed me and how well he handled this very complicated and difficult situation.

Cathie Kranz

I really appreciate Mike J. He was patient and explained everything about my case. Very satisfied with the out come. I would recommend everyone to Mike and TSR any day.

Dawn Martinez

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