With everything that was going on from the car accident as well as my injuries, Rich did an amazing job at helping me relax. I had no idea on what to do and he made sure that we were always informed on what was going on. Once everything was done and settled he still made sure that everything went smoothly. I will recommend him to any friends or family.

Amanda Ward

Rich was very professional and worked very hard to ensure our case was being handled the correct way. Would highly recommend TSR and use them in the future.

Jay Ward

Steve Terry at TSR provided outstanding service after I was injured in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. I received the maximum payout allowed by the insurance company with no effort on my part. Thanks Steve!!

Scott Hayden

I was in a car accident that wasn't my fault as the person ran a red light as I was actively turning left on a green arrow. I didn't think I would need a lawyer until I wasn't getting anywhere with PT and Chiro. The other car company and insurance started hassling me. I contacted TSR after speaking with another law office and I am so happy I went with Rich & TSR! Rich helped me with medical images getting done, injections & the best PT in the cities! My health was finally on track. The headaches of medical bills were out of mind as TSR was taking care of it and the hassling of the other car company contacting me was over. I would recommend Rich & TSR over and over again to anyone who needs a lawyer! Thank you! You all are the best at what you do and I cannot thank you enough!

Lauren Duffek

Steve and his whole team made the entire process smooth and easy. With his hard work and dedication he maximized my injury settlement and helped my whole future. Steve really puts in the time and effort to get you what you deserve. I highly recommend going to TSR injury law!

Alyse Walker

STEVE TERRY YOU ROCK!!!! From day 1 I knew you were gonna do rite by me and you did!! I hope you know I think of you as a friend now and I hope to stay in contact!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HARD WORK!! YOU ARE AMAZING 💯 Rachael....

Rachael Olson

I called TSR, and wanted to talk to someone about a car accident I had. They connected me with Patrick Krantz. He was nice enough to come to my house and talk to me about my accident. He said I had a good case. He was right, I got the best settlement I could of got, thanks to Patrick. He was great to work with. He explained everything in terms I could understand. He was very accessible when I called, and never rushed me off the phone with my dumb questions. I would definitely recommend him, if ever the need should come up in the future. It was a great experience, for a bad thing that happened.

Mike Sweeney

TSR Injury Law was superb on helping me with my motor vehicle accident injuries. The attorney's were great. They were super patience and super flexible. They have strong core values and strong ethical views with determination to help guide me through my life long injuries from an unexpected event in life. Would I recommended them to anyone? Yes, highly to everyone who seeks professionalism and quality. Thanks TSR Injury Law.

Linton Vue

Nate broke down the process on day one in a very detailed manor as to the process of how a law suite is filed. I was taken through what the steps, collecting of materials, the length of time the process would take. He Kept me up to date on how the case was going and made the whole process comfortable, not to worry information needed would be gathered in a timely manor. Nate prepared me for my question and answer and mediation fully. Very professional young man. Enjoyed the whole process! Will recommend TSR to all my friends! Thank you, To. Campanaro

Thomas Campanaro

Lyndsey Jorgensen and staff had done an amazing job with assisting me in my case. This had allowed me to focus on what matters, which was my recovery and family. Lyndsey always kept me informed along the way with options and my best interest in mind. I appreciate your help in getting me across the finishline successfully and with desired outcome. I would definitely recommend Lyndsey to my friends and family if they ever need help!! Thank you!!

Sihara Prak

Nate was always very good about keeping me informed of details of my case and answering any questions I had. Was handled in a timely manner with very satisfying results. I would recommend him and this firm to anyone

Kris Arneson

Rich was great and made everything so easy. His office is very far from me and he met me half way which was a huge help! Really nice person to work with!

Gabriel Kaplan

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