I wasn't sure that I would need a lawyer for my accident, but I am so glad that I retained TSR to help me through the process. TSR was great at explaining my rights, checking in on me and helping guide me through the entire process. The supportive administrative staff did a great job answering all of my questions. And my lawyer, Rich Ruohonen, was fantastic. I strongly recommend this team.

Cindi Rella

I was a little nervous about my case,but my lawyer Aria Pham took care of me.she was very informative and responsive any time I had a question about my case...I will always recommend Aria Pham...and TSR.

vince jones

Steve is the absolute best attorney you can have on your side. Took care of everything for me, including the property damage to my car which he went out of his way to make sure I was taken care of. Trust his professional opinion and process and you will be very well taken care of.

Mike Larson

TSR was great to work with. Eric Willer & Patrick Kranz were very professional and easy to work with. They helped me and my family navigate through a difficult time in our lives.

Joe Penney

I've never had to deal with an injury defense lawyer before, but I'd imagine that Aria at TSR is an example of how other lawyers should handle themselves and theor clients. Aria was always available to talk when needed and got back within a couple hours at most. She's a no BS, straightforward person, and she tells it like it is. She put her work in and got me a comfortable settlement and then worked some more and maximized that settlement. Thanks Aria and TSR

Ollie Scott

As you may know these cases may take a long time to resolve . But through it all I want to give my thanks and gratitude to Rich and his Team at TSR for working very hard on my behalf again THANK YOU.

Donna Wedden

I want to say thank you Lyndsey to both you and Erik for your hard work and dedication on my case. You two both believed in me through this process. It made a very challenging situation for me. Dealing with the insurance companies was very time consuming and frustrating, and you and Erik have done a wonderful job. If me or someone I know is in need of great lawyers I plan to recommend them to you. Thank you for believing in me and my case.

Joel Jamgula

I got TSR referral from my sister, when I was in a car accident in March of 2020. The help that I received was exceptional. Michael was my lawyer and he took care of all my needs from start to finish. He helped me find a chiropractor and dealt with all the paperwork. I could email/call him even during the weekend and he was always willing to answer my questions. TSR Injury Law is professional and goes above and beyond to help their clients!

Olga Sagan

I really enjoyed the communication and professionalism that was done with helping me. With me being located in northern Minnesota was a slight bit difficult only being able to communicate over phone or email but TSR maid that not a issue and continued to help me and keep me well informed with everything going on. Highly recommend them. Greatly appreciate everyone at TSR injury law. Thank you

Braden Osmundson

Great service. Rich and his staff handled all details with Insurance companies and Medicare. It is good to work with a company that cares about the customer and keeps you up to date on all issues. Thanks, Jerry Hansen

Gerald Hansen

I worked with Rich at TSR Time and he went above and beyond for my case. We ended up going to trial for my case and Rich made the entire experience better than I could have imagined. He made sure that I understood every part of the process and that I felt comfortable. Rich was absolutely phenomenal at trial, he knocked it out of the park, and we won! I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer and experience. I have nothing but the kindest of words to say about Rich and everyone I worked with at TSR Time. 10 out of 10!

Sarah Lerum

TSR did an amazing job with my case. They went the extra mile to get me the results I needed. They showed great care and compassion in handling of me and my case.

Cristy Erdman

I sought Steve Terry to help me after my car accident. He's very prompt in communicating either by phone and/or email; his paralegal is also very accessible. I am very pleased with his assistance and the outcome of the ligation. I highly recommend him.

Julieta Fajardo

Aria is an amazing attorney. When we initially contacted TSR, we had our doubts if we will be represented correctly. As we started working with them they guided us in every step. I ask a lot of questions and they patiently answered all. With a sense of trust growing in me, i let them have the drivers seat on this and i dont regret it one bit. Aria will take care of you period and she’s really good at it. Though the MVA experience was bad for our family, we found a friend in TSR and are grateful for all the work you all have put on our behalf.

swaminathan prasanna

This was the second case of mine that TSR has taken and they were phenomenal for both! I would strongly recommend this firm to be your first call made for any injury case!

Jordan Setness

Michael Joyce is a wonderful attorney to work with. He is patient and the communication from him was very good. I highly recommend him.

Andrea Cripps-Pett

I had a great experience working with Michael

Jake Tilleson

Steve Terry is a great lawyer. Came to meet me after my accident since I had no car and got to work on my case right away. Even though it took 4 1/2 yrs to settle, as we had to wait for treatments and surgery to run its course and then the coronavirus, he did his part efficiently. I would highly recommend Steve Terry and his firm TSR Injury Law to anyone in need of a good personal injury attorney!

Erika Meshbesher

Rich was an awesome lawyer! I would definitely recommend TSR to my family, friends and even complete strangers. Highly professional and to the point. Outstanding!

Aaron LeBeau

Rich was great at communicating with me throughout the entire process. He and his team handled all of the communication with the insurance companies, so I could focus on getting better after my car accident. He fought for the maximum settlement for my injuries and am very happy with the outcome. I would definitely recommend them! Thanks!

Jon Bogatzki

They were thorough, above board and determined on getting back from the Insured that they thought was fair and equitable for me. In addition, they were friendly and responsive to my communications and needs. They did a wonderful job!

Jeff Luger

Calling TSR after my car accident was the best choice I could have made in the time of distress. Steve was very open & honest on how the whole process works. He was very clear about each step; not once did I feel as the information given to me was made unclear. I am extremely grateful that I had Steve in my corner to help me through the difficulties of a car accident related injury. Knowing that Steve and his team was working for me, reducing the stress of dealing with insurance companies; giving me the much needed time to focus on recovery. I’ve recommended Steve and TSR Injury Law to anyone involved in an injury situation! Thank you Steve and your team for your hard work. Agnes

Agnes Xiong

I want to say thank you very much for all the hard work you have put into my case for the last 2 1/2 years. You and your team did an outstanding job and I know this case took a while to conclude. I appreciate you working on it for as long as you have! The expectations going into this were made clear from the start and I loved your constant follow ups and clarity into the whole process. Its unfortunate of the current situation and not being able to say bye in-person as its been a long journey for us. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and I will recommend you, personally, for anyone I know who might need you and your firms services. Thanks Michael.


Rich was professional and extremely helpful in my injury case. Rich kept me informed from beginning to the end. I am thankful and appreciated his service.

Sheila Mcilonie

TSR is a very good law firm! I was working with Aria and I was not in contact and Aria and her team did everything they could to get ahold of me and I received a really good settlement in the end! They are professional and very responsive, I would recommend TSR to anyone in search of services!

Richie Lien

TSR and their team are consummate professionals and took care of our family during a challenging time. They connected us to the best resources, and we were completely happy with the result of the case. Thank you Steve and TSR team!

Jake Moroshek

My experience with Terry was great.....even though my son and I had to obtain a lawyer for his injuries I would recommend Terry to family and friends and I have done so. Terry was very up-front and honest and when my son and I had questions or concerns Terry was there to hear our concerns and give us great advise. As our lawyer Terry was great and appreciate his hardwork on our behalf and wish him contnued success.

Shennika Suddoth

I went through a lot of difficultly after my car accident. I had to have surgery, rehabilitation, and doctor visits. I was in pain for quite awhile. TSR and Aria were fantastic! They helped me every step of the way. They got me to all the right specialists that I needed for my medical issues. They worked with the medical providers and insurance companies so that I didn’t have to. I was able to concentrate on my recovery. In the end they were also able to obtain fair and just compensation for all of my pain and health issues. I would highly recommend TSR and Aria to anyone who needs a personal injury lawyer.

John Zbacnik

I was unsure about using an Attorney but my sister encouraged me to do so. It was awesome! Aria guided me through the process, not making decisions but making sure that I truly understood the options so I could make the right decision for me. Being a single person I am cautious about making impulsive decision. Aria was like a good friend and encouraged me to take time if I needed it to make the correct decision for me. She truly exceeded my expectations! The entire experience was wonderful.

peter healy

Aria is awesome to work with. She knew what was best for me and she kept me updated through the process. If I would of mot contacted TSR, my medical needs would not of been met and I would have settled for a third less that I will be recieving. I would and have recommensed TSR for auto accident attorneys.


Steve was very comforting to work with. He knows what he’s doing and is exactly who we needed to navigate us through our situation. Thank you Steve!

Jeff Rynders

Great communication with great results.

Michael Myers

Nate was a fantastic spokesperson for me. Communicated with me at every step of the way. Was very informative and knowledgeable in regards to my injuries. And we got great results because of it.

Mike Myers

TSR injury law is amazing. Steve and his team handled my dad’s case with empathy and ease. My dad was run over in a parking lot a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving 2018. My dad asked me for help and I knew I was in over my head when I was sitting in the ER looking at my Dad’s injured leg. I am a paralegal, but being on the opposite side of an injury case is different. The first law firm I could think of was TSR, so I filled out their online inquiry form and within a couple of hours Steve called me to discuss my Dad’s status. Steve took care of everything so that I could focus on my Dad’s healing. Steve took the time to explain everything to me in detail and got us a quick resolution without the need to go to court. If you have been injured or have a loved one who was injured in an accident you defiantly want TSR in your corner.

AmandaJean B

Patrick and Latisha were the best. They went above and beyond to help me, even when I was in so much pain and was so upset, they reminded me they were here to help me with my case, and that they would make sure I was taken care of. I thank you all for going above and beyond to make a very bad situation a lot easier to bear.

kelli waska

From the first day I called tsr and Michael said he could come to my house to have a conversation he has been the absolute best. He has answered every question no matter the time. Him and his team has helped me with everything regarding my accident. It has truly Been a blessing to have an attorney come and understand everything and just give you the best advice. I recommend if you are in a accident to go to tsr and ask for Michael s Joyce.

Mia Love

I can’t put into words how amazing my Lawyer at TSR was! From day one TSR was professional, responsive and just had great over all quality. I had Aria Pham as my attorney. Aria was referred by a friend of mine and she did not disappoint! She got me treated at a chiropractor of my choosing and was always available to speak about where I was at with treatment. Aria checked in every once in a while and you could tell she was sincerely asking about my well being. At the end we got an amazing settlement and I got a heavy payout. Aria also has an amazing Paralegal who I spoke with frequently(Kayleigh). I would recommend Aria Pham and her team to everyone and anyone who wants a GREAT Attorney.

Abdimalik Mohamud

I can’t put into words how amazing my Lawyer at TSR was! From day one TSR was professional, responsive and just had great over all quality. I had Aria Pham as my attorney. Aria was referred by a friend of mine and she did not disappoint! She got me treated at a chiropractor of my choosing and was always available to speak about where I was at with treatment. Aria checked in every once in a while and you could tell she was sincerely asking about my well being. At the end we got an amazing settlement and I got a heavy payout. Aria also has an amazing Paralegal who I spoke with frequently(Kayleigh). I would recommend Aria Pham and her team to everyone and anyone who wants a GREAT Attorney.

Abdimalik Mohamud

Michael Joyce and Kaylee Beat we’re phenomenal. Always kept me up to date on everything and very thorough with my case. I would recommend TSR and hope you get to deal with these 2.

Randy Ballard

Excellent experience with all - very professional and answered my questions promptly. Would highly recommend!

Janet Christiansen

Aria worked on my case and she has been fantastic. I'm glad she is my lawyer!

Ismail Eddihi

The staff and attorneys are amazing! They were very attentive to my needs. They did an outstanding job on my case and I received a settlement that was very fair that they worked hard for. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a personal injury attorney.

Lori Murphy

I sought the services of Attorney Aria Pham and her Law Firm(TSR) for a motor vehicle injury resulting from an accident and she offered the very best of service. She pays attention to details, and is very responsive to questions and concerns. She and the TSR team dedicate time to ensure everything is done right from start to finish and the results are always great. I would recommend her anytime to anyone in need of Attorney for injury and motor vehicle-related issues Joseph A

Joseph Atem

Steve Terry is a great guy. He is always there for you if it's just a question or something else. He cares about how you're feeling. He's friendly and quite good looking also. ;) I'd recommend him to anyone.

JoAnne Myers

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