I am really glad that I partnered with Rich from TSR. He and his team helped me navigate my auto case, and worked to achieve a great settlement for my case. I have and will continue to recommend them to others for the future.

Josiah Mangas

Rich and his team were very helpful,and I would recommend them.They went the extra mile to see that I got what was a fair settlement.Rich worked with the different providers ,and did more than was expected.TSR is a great place to go with your claim.

carol brekke

Steve is an attentive caring professional. It was worth every penny to have Steve ony side.

Kimberly Johnson

After my daughter and I were injured in a motor vehicle accident, we were referred to Erik Willer. He and his team were helpful, informative, kind, and compassionate. Their assistance through the whole settlement process brought clarity and peace of mind, every step of the way. If you are looking for representation due to an injury, I highly recommend Erik Willer.

Annie Berkness

I chose TSR. Injury law for my case . I have no regrets. Aria was wonderful to work with. She does great with communication and will be there for you throughout the entire process .. I can say that she truly cares and wants the very best outcome for you. Thank you , Aria

Rebecca Schoenherr

I worked with Eric at TSR and he was nothing short of amazing. This was my first time dealing with an injury and insurance companies. I tried for a few months without any representation but, after a short time I realized the insurance companies were not looking out for my best interests. The one thing that stood out the entire 2 years we worked on my settlement was that Eric always focused on my care and me feeling better. He explained each step of the process and gave me all my options. I would highly recommend Eric at TSR injury!

Brittany Rae

Steve Terry/TSR team done a great job working on my case. I truly appreciate the way they handled the case , very professional and responsive. Thank you 😊

Mohamed Ibrahim

TSR team have done an outstanding job for me. I’m very very happy with the outcome of my case. Steve Terry and his team were very professional throughout this long process. They kept me informed and updated in a timely manner that I didn’t have to call to get an update, not even once. Job well done Sir and thank you and your team. 🙏

Mohamed Ibrahim

Great communication!

Walter Malone

About a year ago I was hit by car at stop light they were going highway speed. I just purchased the car. So I was not only injured but out of car as well. I called TSR and spoke to Micheal Joyce. He was very professional and responsive with any concerns or questions. I was very happy with my service and would recommend it to any body who needs a lawyer.

Lindsay Ebensteiner

I had the privilege of working with Chuck Slane. His team guided me through a significant and traumatic experience. In many instances, they became my advocate for addressing insurance and solving conflicts that sometimes involved extreme roadblocks. Chuck and his team were well prepared in meetings. They quickly answered questions, answered emails and responded to phone calls. I have never had to use legal counsel for my personal needs before and I was put at ease with their tenacity to represent me well and defend me when needed. The end result was being able to walk away feeling that they did the right thing for me and that is always what I wanted to experience. I would certainly endorse your utilization of this firm. They are tough and fair and ethical.

Michael Klatt

TSR in a whole are absolutely amazing!! From day one my contact with the amazing ARIA was sincere, educational, comfortable, and the communication was 100% there. Not once did I question the process which was new for me but they fought for me as a individual. TSR is family to us now and I highly recommend them even if you just want to be educated on the process of everything their knowledge is above and beyond and no question will be left unanswered. TSR is a true blessing to those in need of help.

christiana holm

Not just a gimmick but the real deal lawyer field. These the guys you want they take care of you as if you are one of theirs own.

Mark Odell

Best service I ever had couldn't ask for better

Tabby Allers

Fortunately never had to deal with car accident before until this one. And fortunately I got to work with Rich Rouhonen and his team. The process was easy and painless, everything was done by the TSR and I didn’t have to worry about anything.

Anna Davtyan

Patrick Kranz was amazing. He took my case after my original attorney left and it was handled smoothly and with great communication!

Jen Anderson

I was hesitant to start a claim after my accident. However, I'm so thankful I did! I spoke with two lawyers in the Mpls area and the first was a five minute conversation that made me feel as if I was a burden to his practice. I then called TSR and that is where I spoke with Mr. Ruohonen. We chatted for 45 minutes regarding my situation. He made me feel not so sleezy for calling and took interest in my case. He and Shannon are a great professional team and advocated in ways I would have never imagined! He was upfront, honest and told it like it was. I couldn't have asked for better! We need more Rich Ruohonen's in our world!!! Thank you TSR for your service to our community.

Kathryn Varner

Steve and the team at TSR are exceptional at what they do! Always quick to respond when you need them and answer all questions efficiently as possible. I hope I never need another injury lawyer but if I do I'll be going with TSR Thanks Steve and everyone else there that makes it happen!

Michael Schiltz

I highly recommend Aria and her team, they were very helpful with everything I was dealing with after my car accident. Aria and her team would check on me often to see how I was doing with all the doctors appointments and follow up care. Mostly Importantly Aria helped me get a settlement offer higher that what was projected in the beginning of my care plan. I am thankful I had Aria and her team to help me get the proper care to heal and a nice settlement.

Christina Rosebear

I would recommend TSR to anyone who needs honest, friendly and professional representation after an auto accident. More specifically I recommend Aria Pham. She came highly recommended to me and I am so glad that I chose her and TSR. Aria and her assistant Kyleigh always returned my calls quickly and they answered every question I had with patience and understanding of my situation. Aria initially met with me In my home and made sure, through the course of my case, that all my medical bills were covered.

Lisa Cowart

Highly Recommended!! Steve Terry and his team are amazing and did a fantastic job. Starting with the initial meeting and all the way through my case I was kept up to date and explained things in a way a non-lawyer could understand and treated with the utmost respect. Steve is a straight shooter and never once threw me any BS. He was absolutely up front with me on every aspect and I new what to expect during the entire process. It's scary when your own insurance company decides it is going to stop paying the money you need to get healthy, especially with an accident that was not your fault. Steve was able to hold everyone accountable and got me the money that I deserved.

Brian Pearson

After a large dog escaped its house and bit deep into my hand, I had a lot of worries on my mind. I wanted to be treated fairly, but there was a part of me that was still hesitant to call an injury lawyer. I knew of TSR but it took me a few days after the incident to reach out to them. Rich got back to me right away and walked me through the process. At that time I knew I had to protect myself from future costs associated with the dog bite. Rich and his team worked diligently to get information from the homeowner, and kept me updated on where they were at with the insurance company. In the end, I was absolutely amazed at the settlement Rich was able to get for me. I will be referring anyone I know that gets injured to TSR.

Kenneth Fredrickson

After a large dog escaped its house and bit deep into my hand, I had a lot of worries on my mind. I wanted to be treated fairly, but there was a part of me that was still hesitant to call an injury lawyer. I knew of TSR but it took me a few days after the incident to reach out to them. Rich got back to me right away and walked me through the process. At that time I knew I had to protect myself from future costs associated with the dog bite. Rich and his team worked diligently to get information from the homeowner, and kept me updated on where they were at with the insurance company. In the end, I was absolutely amazed at the settlement Rich was able to get for me. I will be referring anyone I know that gets injured to TSR.

Kenneth Fredrickson

I would like to truly thank TSR as a whole and more specifically the attorney who was assigned to represent my case. She was very transparent and clear with the procedure which secured my level of understanding. Communication and response time to any questions or concerns I had was excellent. Even during the thick of the pandemic when I became somewhat difficult to stay in contact with my communication was distressed due to personal reasons my attorney was very persistent to track me and provide updates and expectations moving forward. I truly appreciate TSR. Due to their representation of my case I was able to secure a settlement to my satisfaction. I highly recommend TSR if you or someone you know are injured in a accident!!

Jermaine Miles

I had Rich and his team, Hayley and Shannon help me out. I was rear ended on I94 while stopped in rush hour traffic. All three made the process very helpful from the start. They prioritize your well being ahead of anything else. I will highly recommend them to anyone in need of their expertise.

Tanner Knudsen

Eric and his team did a great job of communicating and following up throughout the process, never having gone through an accident before they kept me informed and in the loop!

Braysheen Martin

I had a problem with my case dealing with another attorney another Law Firm. I got in contact attorney mr. Terry and he figured out my case took over it close date quickly and efficient very happy and please with my case if you're looking for Someone that can get it done and over with have your best interests at heart choose TSR injury law where their clients come first

Better Me

TSR is great law firm to work with. I would recommend them to anyone.

Latonia Monroe

The best professional injury law firm in MN hands-down! The team is efficient, prompt, and will get you taken care of in no time!

Troy Averyheart

The best injury law service in MN! They've been taking care of me since I was 10 years old. I'm now 27!

Troy Averyheart

Steve Terry made the whole process seemless. I was in a bad car accident and he helped us through the process. We trusted them and they came thru for us . We could not be happier with their compassion and professionalism.

Ron Plante

My experience with Aria and Kyleigh was very sincere from the beginning. Their compassion to keep me in formed about my legal matter. Was nothing short of perfection.Thanks for all you’ve done to make my injury , treatment, settlement, and care so personable .Truly Aria and Kyleigh are a winning team. I would return to have them assist me with any further legal action I made need. Thank You Twila PS You will always get a recommendation to anyone I know needing legal assistance.

Teresa Colston

Great overall. Fast settlement. Aria was always prompt with response via text or calls. She really knows her stuff and cares. She worked hard to get me highest settlement possible. I highly recommend working with Aria

Oz “Oz Man” Man

Patrick answered our questions and returned our calls in a timely manner. Explained what to expect from our own insurance company and we needed his legal experience to get our medical bills paid. Patrick did a great job!

Donna Baumgartner

This group of lawyers,paralegals, litigators, etc., are FANTASTIC! They stayed in touch, kept me connected, and put me at ease right away. Even during covid lockdown, everything was kept professional and personal! Not to mention my settlement amount! (6 digits, and all in as little as 1.5 years)!!! No need for 1800-GARY!! LOVE TSR

debra robinson

I couldn’t be more happy with my experience at TSR. Steve and his team went above and beyond!

Mara Mukai

Rich and Nate did a great job on my case. Very Honest and fun TOO! Thanks Julia

Julia Gehrke

Nate and Rich were very good to work with Very Professional Sensitive and caring .Did a great job throughout this process. Highly recommend . !!!! Thanks again!!! Mary

Mary Niznik

Responsive, professional representation. They did a great job of advising of my options without advising what I should do. Steve was great to work with and knows every in and out of the process. Would highly recommend.

Erik Johnson

Rich was very professional and he explained the process throughly. He did not set expectations that were unreal. I would recommend Richard if you need someone who will listen to you and give honest answers.

Marilyn Kunde

I had the pleasure of working with Erik after my auto accident. I reached out after I was cut off by my insurance company for further care for my injuries. Once I contacted Erik, he and his team handled everything. From day one the team took the time to learn my situation and quickly responded that they will handle everything. I trusted them and they did everything they said and more! Erik and his team kept me in the loop and communicated with me until the end. Today I am feeling better after getting the treatments I needed. Thank you, Erik & Team!

Amber Price

Very understanding, and took the time to listen.

Annette Hall

I personally had a great experience with TSR amazing services all the way to my recover they really care for you .

Sandra Peterson

Amazing !!! Michael had my case and he saw me through the end. He fought for my case and I didn’t even had to worry about it. He is confident and he knows what he’s doing. I would highly recommend him to anyone that has been injured and needs a lawyer .

Darya Tabakov

Steve was with me every step of the way and when my own insurance company wouldn't take care of me Steve confidently took charge of I never had to worry about anything along the way. When the road got harder and the insurance company of the other person involved in my accident after admitting fault tried to down play the severity of my accident Rich got in involved and prepared me for everything ahead and I am more than happy with the job TSR

Thomas Brown

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