Erik was the best person I could of chosen as an attorney. Since day 1 he has always answered all of my questions in a timely manner. He always kept me updated and had my best interest. He fought for me to make sure I was given everything I deserved for an accident where I was not at fault. This is the first time I have ever been in an accident and he was great at explaining the whole process to me in a way I could understand everything. I highly recommend TSR to anyone looking for someone honest to represent you and take care of you after any accident.

Tania Villalobos

Eric was the best person I could of chosen as an attorney. Since day 1 he has always answered all of my questions in a timely manner. He always kept me updated and had my best interest. He fought for me to make sure I was given everything I deserved for an accident where I was not at fault. This is the first time I have ever been in an accident and he was great at explaining the whole process to me in a way I could understand everything. I highly recommend TSR to anyone looking for someone honest to represent you and take care of you after any accident

Tania Villalobos

I was referred to Steve Terry and TSR injury law after being in a car accident. If you’re looking for a phenomenal, professional and caring lawyer, Steve and his team are it! Steve was amazing at walking me through every step of the process, ensured I got the care I needed, and didn’t settle for anything less than what was deserved. I had never worked with a lawyer prior to Steve, but he has set the bar really high!

Rahel Theodros

Rich and his team did an excellent job, they were very compassionate and very understanding. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

Tim Brown

My experience with TSR was excellent. They were very quick to get the ball rolling on my case. I had a representative named Michael, he was very professional, diligent, and explained the process very thoroughly. Michael was always checking in from time to time during my case and he was always keeping me updated with the next steps. I would recommend TSR anytime and would call them in a heartbeat if I had to again.

Dave Pearson

Rich was absolutely fantastic to work with. His knowledge, experience and passion absolutely makes him an amazing attorney. He guided us through every step of the process over the last 4 years of our case and was able to get us the settlement that we deserved. Thank you Rich!

Robyn Grebinoski

Michael Joyce did a very good job on my case. He was very helpful to me. And explained things to me that I didn’t understand. I will be recommending him to others that needs an injury lawyer. I appreciate all of your hard work. Thank you Michael Joyce.

Kristi Dahl

Rich was amazing throughout the process. He was able to get me the maximum settlement for my injuries. Rich was knowledgeable, considerate and understanding. If you are injured at no fault of yours , you would want Rich and TSR in your corner. Rich and his team will fight hard for you. Thanks Rich for a job very well done!

Ruba Khairi

Aire is a excellent Lawyer. She always answer my calls and give me updates on my case until it was completed. I will recommend her to anyone

Hamshel Momoh

Aria was amazing. She answer all my calls and questions and I will highly recommend her

Hamshel Kulee

Willing to go the extra mile!!

Ranelle Brown-Edmundson

TSR was incredible, I had been in a car accident and Steve Terry helped me get the costs covered by my car insurance after a very early cut off from them. I would recommend TSR to anyone!

shannen O'halloran

TSR came up beside me in partnership on a tough slip and fall case. The TSR team of Erik Willer, Lyndsey Jorgensen, Kate Crosby, and Mandy Fontenot never left me feeling alone. They were steadfast in pursuit of my case and management of the monster insurance companies to achieve a very favorable outcome. They exceeded any and all expectations I ever had. Communication was always maintained throughout the entire process. I was never left me wondering during any point. Everyone was very approachable. Erik went out of his way to meet me in person and always took every call and if I had to leave a message it was promptly returned. I can't thank TSR and this team enough for all their work and efforts.

John Bissell

I had great experience working with attorney Michael Joyce through the whole process. He guided me through all of the questions and kept me informed regarding all the forms that were needed. The process was transparent from the start and I got all my bills paid and paperwork showing that everything has been taken care off. I highly recommend working with TSR when you get in auto accident.

irina petrova

I had the pleasure of working with Patrick Kranz. Patrick keep me informed through out the whole process, giving me updates on what he was working on so I could focus on my doctor appointments and recovery. Patrick and Laura were great at responding to my calls/ emails in timely manner, which help keep my anxiety down. But most of all Patrick won my case and was able to get me more money then I expected! If need a personal injury attorney, call Patrick. This man is understanding, caring, kind and will make sure you are made whole. Just call him!

Patricia Gilbert

They were very helpful and thorough Really appreciated how they didn’t give up on my case

Jennifer Shea

Amazing! Nothing shy of a miricle ...absolutely proffessional staff thru out! Im so glad my friends and relatives recommended TSR for my legal advice it really paid off and also taught me alot about this process ...steve terry is Great!!!

Joe Erickson

I had a great experience, highly recommended to anyone who needs a real lawyer, Richard was comforting and makes your problems easier from the get go! Thanks to Richard

alazar berhane

Fantastic law firm!!! Aria and her Team worked tirelessly to help me throughout this whole process. From medical appointments, to the case was settled, and everything in between. I have a busy schedule with my kids and she was able to get licensed doctors and physical therapists to come to my house to fit my needs. She and her Team went above and beyond and got me the results I deserved. I will definitely be referring anyone I know and or using TSR and Aria (if need be) in the future. Thank you all so much!

Geoffrey Lock

Need a personal injury attorney? Call TSR injury law and asked for Aria Pham. I am so grateful to have come across Aria and her team at TSR Law. From my initial consult with Aria, I felt relaxed and comfortable, she listened and let me know she will work her hardest for my case. And Yes, Aria takes her clients cases "Personal". Aria is one of the most humble individuals you'll come across. I was involved in a car accident on September 12, 2020 and I was very afraid of finding an attorney but after my consultation with Aria I felt relaxed and calmed. Expect nothing but “Professionalism” from Aria and her team. Her staff was friendly and professional. To Kyleigh Larson, Aria's assistant, I can't stressed enough my full gratitude. Thank you Kyleigh. Aria treated my case as if it was her own or her family member. She is an attorney with integrity that places her client’s interest first, and with a great deal of passion. She really gives you the patience, care and understanding as your case progress. She speaks to you sincerely, friendly, and with full gratitude. I will always recommend, Aria Pham and her team at TSR Law.

Jeremy Cooper

They helped me out with my car accident. I did not have to lift a finger. Very happy outcome from my ca$e

Brandon Hoeft

Steve, Lyndsey and the entire staff at TSR went above and beyond to make sure that my every need was met during my injury case. They kept me informed on every update throughout our long battle. We settled my case and all I have to say is I am truly impressed at the outcome of my case and the professionalism of the TSR team!!!

Sunshine Allison

Erik and Kate at TSR helped me out after being in a major car accident that required physical therapy for my neck and back. They handled all the billing and negotiating with the insurance companies so I could just focus on my injuries getting addressed. Highly recommend.

Matt Hallstrom

I had a GREAT experience with hiring Chuck Slane and TSR Injury Law. It was so good, I became a client again almost 20 years later. I was in a car accident a year ago in July and by August this year everything was settled with satisfaction. I would definitely hire this firm again, if anything else happens. You’ll get top priority service and there is always someone around to talk about your case.

Sherri Linderman

Extremely helpful and professional. They kept me updated throughout my case, checked in regularly and listened to my needs.

Sara Boucher-Jackson

I had a great experience working with TSR. There was always someone willing to answer all of my questions when needed. I would highly recommend working with TSR after an automobile accident! This made dealing with insurance bearable.

Jill Hirsch

Steve Terry and the team at TSR are amazing regarding the level of support given to me and my family after a drunk driver hit my vehicle. After the accident I was unable to track conversations due to a concussion. I contacted TSR and Steve contacted me, we talked through the accident, my injuries and next steps. The TSR team have been amazing at asking me questions about my care, recommending experts that specialize in trauma, and following up with me on my progress. I am grateful for the level of support from Steve and his team; I am not sure my recovery would be going as well without this support. The team allowed me to focus on recovery while they took care of the paperwork, contacting insurance agencies, verifying the payments to my care team, and communicating with law enforcement. I highly recommend the TSR team.

Sarah O

It was a great experience working with TSR. Professional. Hard working. No smoke and mirrors. Just an honest assessment straight talk with great help when times are tough.

Kyle Puelston

I was hit by a texting driver and broke my back, neck, and skull, plus popped my spinal cord. He was underinsured a bit but I used the money tsr got me to invest in real estate and triple it!! All of it made possible by tsr! Thank you guys!

Mason Lohberger

Steve and the staff at TSR handled everything, allowing me to recover from my injury. Steve answered all my questions promptly and guided me thru the whole process. I highly recommend TSR if you are in the need of legal advice.

Thad Warner

tsr law firm has helped us two times now. Steve has always been there for us for questions and information when ever we needed to know anything. They got us a great settlement both times and we would never go through any other law firm other than tsr

Glen Mandery

Rich and the entire TSR team were amazing. They are efficient and very knowledgeable. They truly want what’s best for their clients and will work hard to achieve this. Being injured is difficult enough so it was appreciated to have someone on my team to make sure I could get the care I needed without the added stress of navigating the car insurance coverage of medical bills. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs legal assistance after an injury.

Cassandra Ackerman

Michael Joyce is a good lawyer. He is very thorough and takes the necessary time to talk with you. I recommend TSR and Michael Joyce.

Della Case-Allan

If you want what you deserve! Then you better you use Aria and her team at TSR injury law. Aria got me everything I deserved and more! Her and her staff were the best to work with and put my mind at ease every time I had questions! They would call me back usually within the hour for sure that day. I never had to worry and they guided me all the way! Everything was handle by them and I just went to my appointments! Absolutely the best! I already referred a friend long before my settlement because of how amazing they were!! No need to go anywhere but to Aria and TSR! Thank you so much!!!

Chris Welander

I couldn’t be happier in my decision to work with Chuck and Michael with TSR. They were dedicated and committed to my case and made me feel like I was a priority throughout the process. I feel they went above and beyond, even after the case was resolved. I was under a lot of physical pain and emotional stress at the beginning of the process, but they instantly put my mind at ease and made me feel very comfortable. I can’t thank these gentlemen enough for all of the hard work and countless hours they poured into my case. Thanks again!

joey neely

My attorney Rich Ruohonen was always upfront with me in my injury case. With that being said, it made me feel comfortable and trusted him on the decisions I needed to have made. TSR Injury is who I would highly recommend for your injuries….Thank you attorney Rich Ruohonen!

Alisa Lepel

Michael did a great job. I would totally recommend him to anyone who is in need of a lawyer.

Chue Vang

Mike was an amazing attorney, he kept me informed throughout the process. He was very knowledgeable and friendly and I would very highly recommend him to anyone who needs an outstanding attorney.

David Munn

Great to work with! They took care of everything and kept me updated through the whole process.

Katie Hanson

Experts in bird law.

Joel Van Horn

I was injured in a car accident and was referred to Steve Terry and TSR Law, and I couldn't be happier with my experience with them. They managed the insurance claim for my car, were able to provide me with referrals to great doctors, dealt with my medical bills and health insurance company, and negotiated my settlement with the utmost care and professionalism. Thank you Steve and team for all your help!

Nathaniel Hoch

I was a little reluctant to use an attorney after my auto accident but after meeting with RIch Ruohonen, my mind was at ease. Rich was very understanding but also very honest about the process we were about to begin. I was suffering from massive headaches and neck pain from my accident and undergoing many medical procedures. Rich's team worked by my side, encouraging me to take care of my health and they would take care of everything else. I got the best possible settlement that could be awarded to me. My thanks to everyone at TSR for helping me navigate this distressing time in my life. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing an Injury Lawyer!

Patricia McPherson

I worked with Aria and…… she was amazing!! she kept me updated and all me and my mother questions was answered Everytime no confusion I loved it thank you so much aria you need a raise lol

Raven Sykes

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