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Many Social Security Disability (SSD) applications are initially denied, even when applicants are unable to work due to a disability that is listed in the Social Security Administration (SSA) Blue Book. No matter where you may be in the process, seeking help from a social security disability lawyer may be a vital step as you seek to obtain benefits.

At TSR Injury Law, our knowledgeable attorneys have extensive knowledge of eligibility requirements for Social Security Disability, and we welcome the opportunity to assist you with your claim. For more than 20 years, we have been helping individuals and families throughout the state. We have recovered $300 million in compensation on behalf of our clients. Co-founder and managing partner Steve Terry has been selected for Super Lawyers and is a member of the Top 100 National Trail Lawyer’s Association.

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What Benefits Are Available For Disabled Persons?

The SSA has implemented a number of disability programs to provide compensation for those with disabling medical conditions.

Your unique circumstances and supportive evidence will help to determine whether you may be eligible to receive benefits:

Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security Disability Insurance, commonly called SSDI, is for those who have a disabling condition and are no longer able to work. However, to qualify, these individuals must have been gainfully employed for a minimum of five years in the last decade and have accumulated a certain number of work credits based on their age. They must also be able to provide evidence of a disabling condition that prevents them from being able to work. The condition must last longer than 12 months or be expected to result in death.

Supplemental Security Income

The Supplemental Security Income program, or “SSI”, provides benefits to those without much work history or financial assets. If they have a qualifying disability, they may be eligible for benefits. Applicants cannot have more than $2,000 in assets, or $3,000 for couples. Applicants are also prohibited from earning more than $1,260 or $2,110 for those who are blind (these earnings restrictions also apply to SSDI benefits). Those with a qualifying disability must still provide evidence that they are unable to work as a result of their condition.

Widower Benefits / Disabled Widower Benefits

These benefits may be available for a widow or widower after the death of his or her spouse. The widow or widower must be at least 60 years of age. However, an applicant who is 50 years of age may also be eligible if he or she also has a qualifying medical condition and provides all SSA-required documentation, which includes:

  • Death certificate of the spouse
  • Current tax return
  • Birth certificate of the deceased spouse
  • The Social Security ID numbers of the deceased spouse and applicant

Disabled Adult Child Benefits

The SSA classifies a disabled adult child as one between the ages of 18 and 22 who became disabled before turning 22 and is unmarried. To qualify, the disabling medical condition must be expected to last at least 12 months or cause death, be severe enough to limit daily activities and prevent the individual from working. The child’s parents must also be receiving disability benefits or be deceased.

If you have a disabling medical condition, but you are not sure whether you meet the eligibility requirements, we encourage you to contact one of our qualified attorneys today. We are prepared to review both new and existing applications. We charge nothing for a consultation, and we can answer questions you may have about the SSA filing process.

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Documents That Must Accompany Your SSD Application

There are many convenient ways to apply for SSD benefits. You may call the SSA’s toll-free number (1-800-772-1213), complete your application online or complete your application in person at your local St. Paul Social Security office. However, whatever method you choose, you must provide various forms of documentation for your application to be considered:

  • Most recent W-2 or self-employment tax forms
  • Copies of your medical records that support your claim (from specialists, hospital stays and more)
  • Appropriate identification, such as birth certificate, to prove your age
  • Social Security number
  • Evidence of your work history
  • Any test results that can support your disabling medical condition
  • Accurate contact details for all your medical providers
  • A list of all currently prescribed medications, along with doctor-recommended dosages
  • Copy of your marriage license for widow/widower benefits or if your spouse is also applying

The SSA application process is complicated, and many first-time applicants are denied benefits. That is why we recommend seeking legal advice from a St. Paul Social Security Disability lawyer.

We welcome the opportunity to review your application and supportive evidence to see whether you may have a valid claim. If your claim has merit, and we represent you, we are prepared to represent you throughout the process.

Why Are So Many Claims Initially Denied?

Even applicants who end up receiving benefits are often denied benefits when they first apply.

There are several common reasons given for a denial, including:

  • The evidence was insufficient and did not meet SSA requirements
  • The applicant’s disability is short-term and will likely not last 12 months or cause death
  • There was evidence that the applicant failed to follow his or her treating physician’s plan of care
  • The applicant failed to cooperate with the SSA (such as refusing to do a medical examination)
  • The applicant had little to no work history and did not meet other qualifying requirements
  • The disabling condition is caused by the applicant’s history of drug or alcohol abuse; you may be eligible if you have an unrelated disability but also have a drug or alcohol abuse problem
  • The income or total assets exceed the SSA’s substantial gainful activity limit

Our trusted lawyers at TSR Injury law are prepared to advocate on your behalf, but first we offer you the opportunity to receive a free review of your application and accompanying documentation to determine whether you may be eligible for benefits. If you have already been denied benefits, and you have a qualifying claim, we may also be able to help you with the appeal process.

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Appealing a Denied Application

If you were denied benefits after your initial application, you may appeal that decision. However, the SSA only provides a window of 60 days for denied applicants to file a request for reconsideration.

Learn more about the steps in the appeal process below:

  • File a request for reconsideration of your application – This is an opportunity for your attorney to help you submit new evidence that may strengthen your application. Additionally, your application will be reviewed by a different claim examiner.
  • Apply for a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) – This is your next option if your request for reconsideration results in another denial. Your attorney can request this hearing on your behalf and prepare you in advance. Industry experts or medical professionals may be called to provide additional testimony about your application.
  • Request a review with the Appeals Council – The Appeals Council must agree to do a review. However, the council may decide that it agrees with the ALJ’s decision and uphold the denial of your claim.
  • A review by the federal court – This involves a federal lawsuit. A judge will carefully review your application, including any of the previously-submitted evidence, transcripts from the ALJ hearing, and any other related documentation. However, you are not able to submit any new evidence at this point.

The SSA process for appealing a denied claim is complex and may also be overwhelming if you are suffering from a disabling medical condition. That is why we encourage you to contact our offices to speak with one of our experienced social security disability lawyers.

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How Can A Social Security Disability Lawyer Help Me?

There are many ways our St. Paul Social Security Disability lawyers may be able to assist you in pursuing disability benefits. For example, we are ready to carefully review the medical evidence you submitted or have in your possession to determine how to strengthen your claim. Medical evidence must also provide a robust argument for why you cannot work or have stopped working.

At TSR Injury Law, we understand that every application for benefits comes with unique circumstances, and we take the time to carefully review all contributing factors. We also carefully review applications for any minor errors. Sometimes all it takes is a few minor errors for a claim to be denied.

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We accept SSD cases on contingency, which means we do not charge or receive any money unless we secure disability benefits for you. Our initial consultation is free, so there is no financial risk to have us review your potential claim.

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