2 Killed, Semi Truck Chain Reaction Crash Lakeville, MN

4-vehicle chain reaction crash in Lakeville, Minnesota killed two Monday. A semi truck and 2 cars were stopped in the northbound lanes on I-35, near Highway 70, when another semi approached and was unable to stop, slamming into the vehicles. The force of impact pushed the two cars into the lead semi truck, crushing them. The semi truck was carrying beehives with millions of bees.

A driver of one of the cars was pronounced dead at the scene. The other car driver was air-lifted to North Memorial Hospital where she died Monday evening. Recovery attempts were hampered by the swarm of bees at the scene.

According to the State Patrol report, 50-year-old Pamela Brinkhaus, Elko, died at the scene and 24-year-old Kari Rasmussen, St. Anthony, died as a result of her injuries, at North Memorial Hospital. It was reported on the news that Ms. Rasmussen was pregnant.

The driver of the semi involved was Jason Styrbicky, 36, Buffalo. The accident is still under investigation.

Many semi truck accidents occur due to driver negligence — inattentiveness, driving while texting, or excessive speed top the list. That makes the loss of a loved one in a semi truck accident even more heart-wrenching and tragic.

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April Storm Resulted in 296 Crashes in Minnesota

Snow and sleet moved across Minnesota and resulted in 296 auto crashes earlier in April. In fact, these crashes occurred in one day and before 4:00 p.m., according to the Minnesota State Patrol.

Of those crashes, 39 of them caused injuries. However, there were no fatal injuries reported. In addition to these accidents, 440 vehicles slid off the road and spun out, according to the state patrol.

Overall, there was a large amount of debris and the entire state had to deal with difficult travel. The State Emergency Operations Center was on a Level III alert, which is a partial activation.

In a two day period the Rochester area alone experienced 40 vehicles that slid off of the road, 24 crashes that caused property damage, and seven crashes that caused injuries. The Mankato area saw 43 vehicles go off of the road, 10 crashes causing property damage, and one crash causing injury.

These areas are just small examples of what was seen overall.

The hospitals had treated nearly a dozen individuals who were injured in crashes. United Hospital in St. Paul reported four crash injuries in which three had come in before 10:30 a.m.

Hennepin County Medical Center reported around a dozen accident victims, including back pain, slips and falls.

One man was hit on I-94 while he was changing a tire. The car that hit him had lost control while going eastbound and collided with him. The man was taken to the hospital and his injuries were deemed non-life threatening. However, both of his legs were broken. Another person who was outside their vehicle was hit in the westbound lane of I-94 due to a spinout. The injuries were minor.

A Metro Transit bus was also rear-ended after a car lost control, but there were no serious injuries. A Semi jackknifed on an icy ramp and a bus blocked traffic around Rice Street, resulting in passengers having to board another bus.

Overall, the traffic situation was a mess, but very fortunate that there were no fatal accidents. The lack of fatalities has much to do with the fact drivers were driving at low speeds on the slippery roads.

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Minnesotan Pedestrian Killed in Fond du Lac

A husband and wife were crossing a street in Fond du Lac about 7 a.m., Thursday morning, when they were struck by an SUV that was driven by a 30-year-old Fond du Lac woman.

67-year-old Carolyn Muckerheide, of St. Cloud, Minnesota, was pronounced dead at the scene. Her 74-year-old husband, Eugene, was stabilized at the scene and flown to Theda Clark Medical Center for medical treatment for his serious injuries.

The driver of the SUV and her 2-year-old son were not injured in the accident. Police are continuing to investigate the accident.

There are many complicated legal issues involved in a pedestrian accident. It is critical for you to seek experienced legal representation. The accident needs to be investigated and evidence preserved. This is especially true if it is a matter of wrongful death. Even if the pedestrian was partially at fault in the accident, you may be able to pursue a claim for damages.

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Medical Negligence Information

Medical negligence occurs when a medical service provider fails to adequately provide the service that she or he is supposed to provide. For example, when a knee surgeon operates on the wrong knee, she has committed medical negligence. When any type of surgeon forgets to remove a surgery tool from within a patient’s body, he has committed medical negligence.

Medical negligence is a serious problem in the United States. For example, a Harvard University study found that in a certain year medical negligence resulted in 80,000 deaths and 234,000 injuries. A recent Institute of Medicine study found that on average 44,000 to 98,000 patients die in hospitals every year due to medical negligence. Moreover, medical negligence claims have remained relatively stable with slight decreases from 90,000 to around 85,000 every year from 1995 to 2000.

Such high numbers should not be very surprising considering the stressful hours that doctors work. Some work through the night, while others work 24-48 hours straight. Moreover, residents are made to work even more than regular doctors. Add the fact that some doctors may be working on multiple patients at once in a hectic environment, and the chances of medical negligence skyrocket.

But doctors are paid high fees to ensure that they perform their work correctly the first time because, as the numbers indicate, their actions make the difference between life and death.

TSR Injury Law Represents Victim of Circus Juventas Bleacher Collapse

On Sunday, August 16th, the final summer performance of the St. Paul youth circus ended in disaster. The bleachers collapsed. Nearly 450 people fell, many sustaining minor injuries. 7 people were transported to the hospital with significant injuries. TSR Injury Law now represents a victim of the bleacher collapse.

The cause of the bleacher collapse is still not known. The city fined the circus for assembling the wooden bleachers without requesting an inspection prior to being used for a public performance. They had not been inspected since they were purchased in 2006. New bleachers have been installed at Circus Juventas and they have passed inspection by St. Paul officials.

How We Can Help You

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St. Paul Artist Struck and Killed by Garbage Truck

Jean Matzke, 70, was walking her dog east on the sidewalk along 5th Street. As she went to cross Sibley Street, toward Mears Park, she was struck by a garbage truck turning left from 5th Street north onto Sibley. She was struck in the crosswalk at 5:53 a.m. Friday morning.

Jean Matzke was known and loved by a wide variety of people. Most recently, she has been known in the neighborhood as a dog walker and a dog lover. Two years ago she adopted an injured boxer. She formerly owned an art gallery in St. Cloud, was an instructor at St. Benedict’s, and was a top textile artist in Minnesota. She earned many accolades for her textiles.

A full investigation is under way and could take 4-6 weeks, according to police spokesman Sgt. Paul Schnell. The accident occurred 30 minutes after sunrise and that may have played a factor. Many times drivers, going east, are blinded by the sun. Officer Schnell said the driver was obviously distraught. The garbage truck driver was tested for drugs and alcohol, but showed no signs of impairment. He had a green light. It is unclear whether Ms. Matzke had the “walk” light.

In a crash involving a 60,000 pound garbage truck, no one comes out unscathed. A pedestrian accident with a garbage truck is the worst case scenario. The losses are staggering, impacting many people through the ripple effect:

  • 2 lives changed — one lost, one bruised and frightened
  • 2 families hurt and grieving
  • 2 communities hurt and grieving

Victims Have Rights

If your family has been impacted by a garbage truck accident, seek legal consultation. You have options. A Minneapolis personal injury attorney at TSR Injury Law, can give advice, handle the paperwork, and file your claim. Our partners are skilled, aggressive, trial-tested litigators with years of experience with garbage truck accidents, car accidents, and motorcycle accidents. They are consistently named Super Lawyers by Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine and Law & Politics. Call (612) TSR-TIME or submit our online free consultation form.

DWI Survivor Suffers from Spinal Injury

Kellie Stein’s life changed drastically one day when she fell victim to a drunk driver. Now she says she just “lays there” and that she “just exists.”

On the other side is Kristin Kealy who is a single mother who had no criminal record and her driving record was clean. One night, she made the wrong decision and reached 90 miles per hour on a Coon Rapids road. Her drunkenness and her speed caused her to rear-end a Pontiac Firebird driven by Stein.

Now Stein is paralyzed from the neck down due to a severe spinal injury. In August, she had to leave the hospital to tell an Anoka County judge about the accident and how it changed her life forever.

Stein, 32, had to be rolled into the courtroom in a wheelchair by her boyfriend, who held the impact statement in front of her as she read it. She had dictated her statement to a hospital volunteer so she would be able to read it that day.

At first, her words were not audible as she spoke of the event. Kealy had been out drinking with friend at a Spring Lake Park Bar and at 1:30 a.m. was driving along Coon Rapids Boulevard at incredible speeds before crashing into Stein. A breath test showed that her BAC was .24, which was three times the .08 limit in Minnesota. At first, she told police she wasn’t driving.

As Stein continued to tell the judge about what occurred and the activities she can no longer perform on her own, her voice became stronger. She told him she cannot paint, garden, fish, or design landscapes. She does, however, plan on continuing her education, as she already has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and in psychology.

25-year-old Kealy received a one year jail sentence and said nothing to Stein during the court hearing. The judge sentenced her according to the sentencing guidelines, but he did tell Kealy that he would have sentenced her to spend more time in jail if he had more latitude to do so.

Mother and Daughters Critical after Home Explosion

As of today, a mother and daughters are still in critical condition following an explosion.

On September 15, the home exploded and caught fire as the mother and her three daughters were sleeping.

Sonja Timmos, 31, and her 8-year-old daughter, Kaylee, are currently being treated at Regions Hospital in St. Paul. Timmons’s 2-year-old daughter, Mkena, is also in very serious condition at the same hospital, while Jadyn, 2 months old, is doing very well.

The injured mother and daughters are facing a number of surgeries that will be followed by months of rehabilitation.

Fortunately, a neighbor, Matt Schons, had raced into the home after the explosion, grabbing Jaydn, and taking her to safety. This kept her injuries from being much worse than what they are.

According to Dale Johnson II, the fire chief, the cause of the blast that destroyed the home is unknown. An investigation has been launched to find that cause.

Troy Haugen, the fiancé’ of Timmons was 20 miles away at work at the time the explosion happened. He did, however, issue a statement thanking everyone for their support and prayers during this difficult time for the family.

Haugen has had a very difficult time as he has stayed constantly by the sides of his fiancé, two biological daughters, and his soon-to-be stepdaughter. He said when he got up that morning, it was a normal day. He said Kaylee and Mkena were awake, so he had them go into the bedroom and watch television until their mom woke up. He went to work and the next thing he knew he heard reports over a police scanner that there was an explosion. He said he did not know what house it was, but he could not get his fiancé on the phone when he tried to call her. It was when he was heading out the door that he heard the bad news.

Timmo’s cousin had called Haugen to tell her that his house blew up. Neighbors say that the force of the explosion could be heard all along the street and that curtains and shattered glass flew across the street, lodging in trees.

So far, aside from Jaydn, Kaylee is the one who has shown some slow improvement, as she has been opening her eyes. She is still critical, however. Timmos and Mkena have not made much progress, but they have not worsened either.

If you or someone that you care for suffers a serious personal injury in a home explosion that may be the result of owner negligence, contact a personal injury attorney in Minneapolis today. At TSR Injury Law, we charge no upfront fees and your initial consultation is free.

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New Fungal Meningitis Cases Still Popping Up

It is now January and new fungal meningitis cases are still popping up four months after the New England Compounding Center issued a voluntary recall of several lots of its steroid injection, Methylprednisolone Acetate. In addition to the new cases of fungal infections, other infections have come about as well.

It was found that the primary contaminant in the drug was Exserohilum, which is a type of black mold. The pathogens from the mold contaminated the three lots during the compounding process, which then led to fungal meningitis and other health issues in patients who received the injections. It has been estimated that as many as 14,000 patients were exposed to the contaminated drug and now the personal injury lawsuits have began.

As of now, there have been 664 reported cases and 40 of the individuals died from fungal meningitis.

And while fungal meningitis has received most of the attention, there have also been joint and spinal infections that have occurred near injection sites. Although new meningitis cases have come about, the number and frequency is starting to wane while the number of spinal infections is increasing. This has a lot to do with the fact that spinal infections can take a while to appear.

In Minnesota, there have been 10 cases of fungal meningitis since the late September outbreak and there are two reports of spinal infections. A total of six medical facilities in the state received the drug from the recalled lots. In addition, the FDA has said they cannot verify whether or not other drugs made at the New England Compounding Center are safe. It is estimated that 111 facilities throughout Minnesota have received other drugs from the facility.

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This nationwide outbreak has caused the FDA to scramble because of concerns that have been raised by the outbreak. In late December, there was a hearing held to establish how the federal government and the states should regulate compounding pharmacies. Right now, it is the responsibility of state pharmacy boards to oversee these facilities, but many of the pharmacies are expanding from small operations to large-scale distribution with clients in multiple states. This multi-state dealing is why it may be necessary to push for federal oversight.

At the same time, the government agencies have been struggling to keep up with complaints from patients. On December 20, 2012, the CDC encouraged doctors to consider using MRIs for patients who had pain that did not improve after getting the injection. The previous recommendation was just for patients that had symptoms that were worsening.

As time goes on, new recommendations may come about, improved oversight of compounding facilities may become a reality, and individuals may not have to worry so much about contaminated drugs.

Workplace Explosion Loretto

A Loretto semi-trailer truck repair business had a blast Monday morning. A 20’ high hole was blown out of the side of the facility in an explosion, sending three employees to North Memorial Medical Center, Robbinsdale, with minor injuries.

According to Medina Police Chief Ed Belland, the workplace accident happened when employees, at Gary’s Diesel Service, attempted to remove the top from a 1,000 gallon fuel tank. The explosion happened at about 11:30 a.m. Monday morning. The building then caught on fire. Firefighters from Loretto, Maple Plain, and Hanover responded to the call and were able to put the blaze out quickly.

There are special safety standards in place for workplaces that have explosive atmospheres. The proper precautionary measures must be up-to-date in addressing the prevention and control of workplace explosions. OSHA, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, has regulations set in place for work environments that contain potentially reactive chemicals.

Workplace Safety

Employees trust that their work place will be a safe work environment. However, accidents do happen, and they can be very dangerous. Material safety data sheets must be posted in the area that contains the explosive products. A list of safety procedures to follow in the event of a chemical mishap must also be posted. The correct fire extinguishers visibly at hand, too. Should the workplace be in violation of these standards, it is at risk of being punished by OSHA.

If you have been injured in a work explosion or accident, call a Minneapolis injury attorney at TSR Injury Law today. Our partners are skilled, aggressive litigators with years of experience in personal injury cases. We also handle cases of negligence, dog bite injuries, premises liability, and product liability.