Two Injured in Car – Light Rail Train Crash

A car collided with a light-rail train in Bloomington Monday afternoon. The driver of the car and a train passenger were transported to the hospital with neck and back injuries.

A spokesman for Metro Transit reported that the driver of the train was able to slow down before the crash, but could not stop the train in time. The Chevrolet Malibu was exiting from eastbound Interstate 494, toward 34th Avenue South, when the brakes failed. The woman driving was not able to stop and crossed the path of the southbound Hiawatha Line train.

Metro Transit is investigating the incident, but it appears the car’s mechanical failures are to blame.

Any auto collision can be a very traumatic experience for everyone involved. If a vehicle malfunctioned, there may be a case for product liability. A product can be found deficient if it has a manufacturer’s defect or a design defect. It takes an aggressive litigator to investigate, persuade, and win deserved compensation. Contact an experienced car accident lawyer in Bloomington at (612) TSR-TIME. Our attorneys have decades of combined experience handling complex crash cases.

Head On Collision Kills 2 on Hwy 70, Pine County, Drunk Driving

A New Year’s Day crash left 2 dead.

Scott Heckel, 44, of Pine City, was driving his 1995 Chevrolet GMT-400 east on Hwy 70 and attempted to pass in a no-passing zone. He crashed into a westbound 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue, killing the driver and passenger. The deceased are Michael Moris, 50, and Robin Moris, 48, both of Pine City.

The GMT-400 then slid into the eastbound lane and side swiped a 1999 Dodge Caravan, sending it into the ditch. The driver, Patricia Denn, and passenger, Matthew Denn, sustained minor injuries. Heckel is in serious condition.

The accident is under investigation by Minnesota State Patrol and Pine County Sheriff’s Office. Alcohol is suspected and charges are pending.

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Minnesota Shoulder Impingement – Bursitis Attorney

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Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder impingement is a soft tissue injury. It occurs when the scapula rubs or pressures the rotator cuff, causing increasing damage, pain, and loss of range of motion.

Impingement starts when the shoulder sustains trauma or injury leading to compression of the soft tissue under the acromion. The soft tissue (rotator cuff muscles, tendons, and bursa) are located between the acromion and the head of the humerus. This area is called the sub-acromial space. Once the soft tissue is aggravated, they become inflamed and swollen. This leads to a cycle of compression and inflammation.

Shoulder Impingement Treatment

Conservative treatment should be pursued prior to surgery. Physical therapy is very effective in many cases of shoulder impingement, especially if therapy starts promptly after injury. The next step is usually corticosteroid injections into the sub-acromial space to reduce swelling and pain. If physical therapy and injections both fail to alleviate the problem, then arthroscopic surgery is recommended.

Following surgery, the arm will be immobilized for a short time. This will be followed by more physical therapy to improve range of motion and strength. It will take 2-4 months to achieve full pain relief.

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Camping Safety Tips

Camping can be a fun and adventurous recreational activity if one prepares for the dangers and obstacles that the great outdoors may present. According to a National Park Service ranger, the number one cause of injury and death in the wilderness is unpreparedness. By bringing along the proper safety equipment and by being prepared to fight the elements, camping can be an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Don’t forget the:

  • Sunscreen
  • Compass
  • First aid kit
  • Insect repellent
  • Burn ointment
  • Calamine lotion
  • Antihistamines
  • Inclement weather

Be sure to check the almanac or the weather forecast before planning a camping trip. Getting stuck in a severe storm can be very dangerous. Even if you do plan ahead, storms may hit at any time. If you are caught in a thunderstorm or other serious storm, try to find your way back to your vehicle or find an open clearing away from trees.

Animal confrontation

Always be on the lookout for wild animals in their natural habitat, including bears, elk, moose, deer and snakes. Do not, under any circumstances, approach or try to feed a wild animal. Keep all of your food properly stored away at your campsite so as to not attract animals. If you do come across a wild animal, stay calm and slowly move away from it.

Campfire safety

Be sure to clear the area of all debris and avoid building fires in areas with overhanging branches or near tents and other flammable items. Be sure to have a bucket of water, shovel and a fire extinguisher nearby and in case you need to put out the fire. Never leave the fire unattended and never use flammable fluids to start a fire. When you are done, be sure to completely extinguish the fire.

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Child & Daycare Personal Injury Lawyers

You have put an enormous amount of effort into researching the best schools, daycare facilities, and babysitters for your child. You put your trust in the system. Now you find that trust has been betrayed and your child has been injured, leaving you to deal with the overwhelming feelings of guilt, fear, and anger.

If your child was injured because a caretaker failed to provide adequate safety or supervision, it can be grounds for a lawsuit. Contact a Minnesota personal child injury lawyer at TSR Injury Law by calling 612-TSR-TIME or submit our free consultation form. Our partners are compassionate and diligent, and we will fight for justice in your case.

Responsibility and Accountability

School districts, daycare centers, and other childcare providers are acting “in loco parentis” for the time that the child spends with them. This means that they are legally responsible for the health and safety of your child. At TSR Injury Law, we believe that anyone who works with children has a serious responsibility and should be held accountable for their mistakes. A civil suit can help you regain money lost to medical bills and time off work, as well as compensate you for the suffering your family has experienced.

Our Minnesota personal injury attorneys are prepared to help you with a variety of child injury cases, including:

  • School/Playground Injuries
  • Daycare Injuries
  • Dangerous Toys
  • School Bus Accidents

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No State License At Child Care Where Boy Assaulted

(WCCO) After the beating and sexual assault of a 3-year-old boy in the Kids Quest child care center at Grand Casino Mille Lacs, it was discovered that casino centers like this one are not licensed by the state.

Investigators think a 9-year-old boy was responsible for the attack that happened at Kids Quest, a child care center that is run by New Horizon.

“Obviously there wasn’t adequate supervision or this never would have happened,” said the victim’s attorney Richard Ruohonen.

The 3-year-old’s mother said the boy received cuts and bruises during the attack at Kids Quest.

“There should have been police called and there should have been medical personnel there and unfortunately that didn’t happen,” said Ruohonen.

“I can’t speak for Kids Quest. You’d have to inquire of them why they did not contact authorities,” said Mille Lacs Band Of Ojibwe Solicitor General Rjay Brunkow.

WCCO-TV did contact New Horizon, who leases the Kids Quest space from the casino, and they refused to say.

The victim’s attorney said the toddler told his mother that the assault happened inside a pink ball in the play area.

“Our client was told they only check the tubes, the enclosed areas, once an hour,” said Ruohonen. “And to only check them once an hour, if that’s true, and that’s what she was told, is frankly ridiculous.”

Child care center on any tribal land are not licensed by Minnesota’s Human Services Department. The Native American government of each band determines requirements and regulations for day care centers.

“We do have the ability to insist that changes are made or Kids Quest will no longer be associated with the band,” said Brunkow.

As of 8 a.m. Wednesday, Kids Quest’s vendor license was temporarily suspended and the doors closed pending a hearing on Friday. Meantime, the wounded child and his mother are trying to cope with the trauma.

“He’s scared, he’s sleeping at night with his mom. He reaches out for her every night to see if she is there?” said Ruohonen. “She’s angry at the fact it was allowed to happen. The fact that there was no one there watching out for her son.”

The family only came forward to share their tragedy to prevent other children from suffering the same fate. They’re just sorry something as terrible as this had to happen before changes were made at the casino.

Kids Quest at Grand Casino Hinkley is also temporarily shut down. The other child care centers operated by New Horizon at Jackpot Junction and Treasure Island remain open.

35W Bridge Collapse

TSR Injury Law was a member of the 35W Bridge Collapse Pro Bono Consortium.

We are now handling six personal injury cases from the bridge collapse disaster. These cases should go to trial in June.

It has been almost two years since the Interstate 35W bridge collapse and the bridge girders are still littering Bohemian Flats parkland in Minneapolis. The wreckage covers 7 acres of the park. The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board would like them moved because it is costing them in lost revenue — $16,000 annually from a pay parking lot and $20,000 in fees from a private excursion boat company that cannot operate from the park.

There are lawsuits pending from 117 survivors and relatives of victims from the bridge collapse. They want — and need — the girders preserved in place. The waste land of steel is evidence that can be used to prove their cases for legal liability. The girders are arranged in a way that replicates their position before the collapse. They still have visual impact.

The court said MnDOT could move the wreckage, but the court is not willing to order the legal protection for the move that MnDOT was seeking.

If there is anyway we can help you through a personal injury, where someone else was responsible, call (612) TSR-TIME or submit our free consultation form. Our attorneys are skilled, compassionate personal injury lawyers who will work aggressively to see justice done.

Man Attacks Wife’s Co-Worker in Her Home

A man has been accused of assault and a number of other charges have been filed, as he attempted to kill his wife’s co-worker with a hammer on January 14.

Johnathan Lee Closner, 26, entered his wife’s home in Zumbrota and started attacking Daniel David Yennie, 20, with a hammer, striking them man twice in the head, according to the complaint.

Closner now faces multiple charges, including two counts of attempted premeditated murder, which are both first-degree offenses, and one count of second-degree attempted murder. He also faces a charge of first-degree burglary and first-degree assault.

Police responded to a call at around 4:45 a.m. in which tey found Yennie unconscious in a bedroom and he was having seizures. They also found a large amount of blood all over the wall and the bed.

Amanda Closner, Closner’s wife, told authorities that she was going through a separation with Jonathan Closner. She said that her estranged husband had learned that she was in a relationship with Yennie and that he had been “upset and all crazy” about the news, according to the complaint.

Police would later find a hammer in the woods near Amanda Closner’s residence.

According to the complaint, Johnathan Closner would later admit to police that he came into the residence using a key that was his and that he took a hammer from a tool box. He said he wanted to scare Yennie with the hammer, but he struck Yennie in the head when he saw the man and his estranged wife in the bedroom together.

Yennie was taken to the hospital by mayo One Helicopter. The Mayo Clinic said that Yennie was in a coma due to suffering significant injury to the left side of his head. He also has bone matter penetrating his brain and swelling on the brain.

Johnathan Closner was arrested on January 15 with formal charges being brought against him late on January 16.

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Labral Tear Injury Claims

If you have sustained a SLAP tear, you need to be proactive in your medical care because that part of the labrum has poor vascular supply which can make healing difficult. If it does not heal well, you could face a lifetime of chronic shoulder pain. We want to help you obtain adequate compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Call (612) TSR-TIME or submit our free consultation form. Our partners have been named Super Lawyers many times and have a reputation for getting the job done.

Labral Tear – SLAP Tear Injury Information

When the glenoid labrum is torn, it is called a labral tear. Labral tears are classified by the location of the tear in relation to the glenoid. A SLAP tear is when the glenoid labrum is separated at the tendon of the biceps muscle from front to back. The acronym stands for Superior Labral tear Anterior to Posterior. A SLAP tear occurs frequently in slip and fall accidents when the person falls on an outstretched arm or in car accidents when the arm is outstretched to brace against impact.

A SLAP tear can be difficult to diagnose. The best way to confirm a SLAP tear is with an MRI contrast. There are some risks associated with the contrast injection (gadolinium), including allergic reaction, dizziness, shortness of breath, blood clots, and kidney damage. Because of the risks associated with the MRI contrast, many people let the doctor make the diagnosis at the time of surgery.

SLAP Tear Treatment

Surgery is almost always necessary to recover from a severe SLAP tear injury. The surgery options are:

  • open incision, where it permits the surgeon more visibility
  • arthroscopic, where there is less chance of infection and recovery time is shorter

SLAP Tear Recovery

Whether you opt for open or arthroscopic surgery, physical therapy is mandatory. Physical therapy begins at about four weeks. Full recovery from a SLAP tear injury depends on the extent of damage, how it was treated, and how faithfully physical therapy was performed. It will usually be at least 3-4 months before your shoulder feels close to normal. It can take up to a year for your shoulder to be completely healed after surgery.

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Daycare Deaths have Doubled in Minnesota

When children are placed in daycare, parents are putting their trust in the providers to take care of their children as if they are their own. Unfortunately, Minnesota has seen daycare deaths double in the past 10 years.

Early in July, a daycare provider in Oakdale was charged with locking three children in a shed in her backyard. The incident occurred in February 2012.

Jennifer Lynn Goldetsky, 43, took the three children outside without jackets and shoes and locked them in the shed when Washington County licensors made an unexpected visit to check Goldetsky’s compliance.

What they found was that she had more children in her care than what she was licensed to have and took the three children out to the shed in a panic so that she would not get caught having more children than she was supposed to.

While the children that Goldetsky locked in the shed did not suffer any injuries, that has not been the case across Minnesota.

For instance, an infant died while in the care of an Eagan daycare.

In August 2011, Beverly Greenagel laid down a 3-month-old baby down on a blanket in the basement of her home so the baby could nap. Later that afternoon, a 12-yar-old child found the infant face down on the blanket, blood staining the blanket. It was later ruled by a medical examiner that the baby died of asphyxiation.

Jerry Kerber with the Department of Human Services in Minnesota said that there were 51 deaths in licensed daycares from 2007-2011 in the state. All but three of the deaths occurred at in-home daycare facilities rather than the large daycare centers. Most of the deaths are believed to be the result of unsafe sleeping arrangements for infants, as well as compliance violations such as overcrowding.

In the case of Greenagel, it wasn’t the first time that she was found in violation of state laws. She was issued a written reminder in 2002 to remove pillows from infant cribs. In 2007, a social worker saw an infant placed on the floor for a nap. Greenagel was once again reminded of state law. State law states that a licensed daycare provider is to place an infant in a crib on his or her back.

Depending upon how severe the violation is and the provider’s history, licensors can issue a citation or correction order. They may also recommend temporary suspensions, fines, indefinite suspensions, or revoke their license completely. Providers do have the ability to appeal decisions, which is what Greenagel did after the revocation of her license in February 2011.

This brings about the question of whether or not state laws are strong enough.

The Department of Human Services is currently reviewing training requirements for in-home providers and the Department does consult with the Minnesota Sudden Infant Death Center to stay on top of recommendations and has also received a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to study all of the infant deaths that occur in the state with more emphasis put on those that occur in child care facilities.

Greenagel is currently being prosecuted by Dakota County for the death of the 3-month-old infant.

If you have lost a child while under the care of a day care facility, you may be eligible to file a damages lawsuit. To learn more about your legal options, contact the Minneapolis personal injury lawyers at TSR Injury Law today for a free consultation. Ph: (612) TSR-TIME.