Actos Victims File Minnesota Lawsuit

The latest lawsuit filed against the manufacturer of Actos, a type II diabetes drug that is allegedly dangerously defective, comes from a Minnesota couple.

William Blumenstine and Kathy Jo Williams filed their product liability lawsuit against Actos manufacturer Takeda on May 14, 2012 in United States’ District Court for the District of Minnesota. The lawsuit states that Mr. Blumenstine began taking the medication in 2004 to improve blood sugar that was high due to type II diabetes. He continued his use of Actos in 2008, but discontinued use shortly after experiencing hematuria and urinary retention. After having a cystoscopy performed, it was found that he had bladder cancer as identified by a tumor in his bladder. He had to undergo treatment and surgery to deal with his bladder cancer that is believed to have been caused by Actos.

There are many plaintiffs involved in lawsuits surrounding Actos and Takeda with claims that Takeda did not issue the proper warnings about the serious side effects. One of the side effects not warned about includes bladder cancer.

Actos was one of the 10 best selling medications in the U.S. in 2008. Worldwide sales total in the a billions of dollars. While the drug is very effective in treating diabetes, it has been established that patients that use it for more than 12 months have an increased risk of developing bladder cancer. Germany and France have suspended the sale of Actos, but Takeda continues to sell the medication in the U.S.

Actos’s popularity is due to its ability to improve blood sugar control in patients with type II diabetes. Due to the condition affecting millions of individuals in the U.S., Actos is the most popular medication manufactured by Takeda. Thus far, a number of patients have been affected by the serious side effects and have taken legal action. If you have suffered serious side effects after taking the drug, contact a Minneapolis personal injury lawyer from TSR Injury Law – you may be eligible to file a damages lawsuit.

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Jury Awards $13.5M Verdict in Case of 3½ Year-Old Boy Physically and Sexually Assaulted at New Horizon Daycare

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) February 02, 2015

A Hennepin County jury returned a verdict of $13,532,032.94 late Friday afternoon in the case of a 3 ½ year old boy who was physically and sexually assaulted at a daycare facility operated by New Horizon at the Grand Casino Mille Lacs in January 2008. Rich Ruohonen and Chuck Slane of TSR Injury Law of Bloomington, MN declared that the verdict would provide some semblance of justice to the young victim and his family.

According to evidence presented at trial, on January 23, 2008, 3½ year-old boy, “JK” was entrusted to the care of the New Horizon day care center at the Grand Casino Mille Lacs. The center’s staff left him unsupervised for more than 90 minutes, and during that time a 9 ½ year old boy physically and sexually assaulted him. Surveillance cameras in the daycare facility captured some of the assault, but much of the crime took place outside the camera’s view.

According to evidence presented at trial, JK was beaten, strangled and raped. He suffered a subconjunctival hemorrhage in his eye from strangulation and numerous bruises all over his face and his body, as well as injuries from the sexual abuse. As a result of this horrible assault, JK suffers extreme Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to this day. Now ten years old, he is hyper-vigilant, prone to violent outbursts and has serious difficulties regulating his emotions or reacting to everyday stimuli. Medications and ongoing therapy have helped, but medical experts testified at trial that JK’s damage would never fully heal.

“Finally, after seven years, JK has received the justice he deserves,” said TSR Injury Law’s Rich Ruohonen. “He will now be able to get the help he needs to move on with his life and deal with the effects of the permanent PTSD from which he suffers.”

TSR Injury Law’s Chuck Slane added, “In a case like this, nobody wins, because no person should have to endure this type of assault, and no amount of money can erase the trauma JK suffered. This little boy and his family had their lives forever changed on that day in 2008, and this verdict will help bring them some semblance of closure and comfort.”

An eight-person jury heard the case over two weeks in Hennepin County. Dan Haws and Mike Ryan from Murnane Brandt located in St. Paul Minnesota defended the case while the Honorable Ivy Bernhardson presided over the trial. The case, number 27-CV-12-9958, was heard in Hennepin County District Court.

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Case Update

The Honorable Ivy Bernhardson has granted a new trial to New Horizon Kids Quest, Inc. in the case of J.K. vs. New Horizon. The order will be appealed, but the appeal can’t be brought until after the second trial takes place. TSR fought this attempt to get a new trial. Our response is attached. The new trial is tentatively set for November 9, 2015.