Radiofrequency Neurotomy Claims

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Radiofrequency Neurotomy: The Procedure

Radiofrequency neurotomy is a treatment used to alleviate pain from a facet joint injury, usually incurred in a car accident. Facet joints are situated at each vertebral level of the spine. Each joint is connected to two medial nerves. The medial nerves transmit signals from the spine to the brain and the rest of the body.

  • The doctor, using x-ray guidance, inserts the needle parallel to and against the targeted nerve.
  • An intermittent electrical current is delivered; creating a heat lesion, interrupting the pain signals to the brain. The current cannot be a continuous flow because that could damage the ganglion (nerve bundle) or surrounding tissue.
  • Over the next 10-14 days the nerve dies; hopefully, providing the patient with full pain relief within 2-3 weeks.

Radiofrequency Neurotomy: Potential Complications

Radiofrequency neurotomy is not a cure for your injury; it is a treatment. It is a treatment that is effective for an average of only 11 months. That means you will have to have RFN repeated multiple times during your lifetime.

With all medical procedures, there are risks and potential complications. The associated complications with RFN are:

  • pain at the site of injection
  • numbness at the site of injection
  • increased facet joint pain due to muscle spasms
  • permanent nerve damage
  • infection

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Minneapolis Cerebral Palsy Lawyer

At TSR Injury Law, believe birth injury victims and their families deserve fair compensation for their suffering. Call TSR Injury Law today at (612) TSR-TIME or submit our free consultation form. We care about the injustice that you have suffered. We can help.

Causes of Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is caused by damaged connections between the cerebral cortex and the cerebellum. The cerebral cortex is the part of the forebrain that controls higher level functions such as abstract thought and language processing. The cerebellum controls balance and muscle coordination. In other words, people with this condition have an impaired ability to control their own movements and reflexes.

About 5% of cases of cerebral palsy are caused by birth injuries, with other cases being caused by injuries during pregnancy or after birth. Birth injuries that can cause or contribute to cerebral palsy include:

  • Hypoxia (lack of oxygen to the brain)
  • Premature birth
  • Infection
  • Head trauma or brain hemorrhaging
  • Severe jaundice

If your child suffered one of these injuries, a Minnesota Cerebral Palsy Attorney can help you create a plan of action.

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Jury Awards $600,000 in Failure to Diagnose Case

A man has been awarded nearly $600,000 by a jury after a prison nurse failed to diagnose and treat a tuberculosis infection that he had contracted.

In 2008, Marchello McCaster was in jail for 56 days due to an assault conviction. During his time in jail, he lost 44 pounds. He also had difficulty walking and was constantly wrapped up in a blanket from being cold. He was also very shaky, according to one of the corrections officers that witnessed McCaster’s condition.

The nurse at the prison had treated him for foot pain not long after treating him for an abscessed tooth, but she did not recognize that he was experiencing nerve damage or that he was displaying the symptoms of tuberculosis.

By the time McCaster was able to go to the hospital; he had a fever of nearly 103 and had come down with pneumonia on top of the tuberculosis. This resulted in a 3 ½ month hospital stay due to liver lesions, heart damage, and nerve damage that had resulted from the infection. The nerve damage had caused other ailments and affected his ability to walk.

The nurse and other nurses working at the facility said they did not spend a significant amount of time with McCaster, which is why they did not notice how sick he really was. The jury felt that the nurse was “deliberately indifferent” about the condition of the inmate.

Because McCaster’s condition was not immediately noticed, 108 inmates and 42 guards were exposed to the infection, which increased their risk of contracting it themselves. Since it was found that McCaster was sick, all of them have been treated for either latent or active infections. An active infection occurs when the bacteria is present and causing symptoms, while a latent infection is one where the bacteria is present but not active because the immune system is fighting it.

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Hip Replacement Compensation Claims

TSR Injury Law is a leading personal injury law firm serving Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota. We are passionate about helping injured people find justice. Our partners have years of experience and a history of winning impressive settlements, including a recent $1.5 million verdict for a hip fracture.

Hip replacement surgery following a car accident or motorcycle accident happens all too often. When it does, you need expert legal representation to secure adequate compensation for your potential loss of quality of life. Contact a licensed Minnesota personal injury lawyer by calling (612) TSR-TIME.

Minnesota Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery may be recommended if you have suffered severe hip damage. It involves removing the damaged hip joint and replacing it with an artificial one. Statistics show that hip replacements last 15 years in 95% of the cases. Possible scenarios for needing a hip replacement:

  • Car crash victim suffered dislocated left hip and an impacted comminuted fracture of the acetabula and posterior wall of the right hip — after 8 months of rehabilitation, the car crash victim developed sciatic neuropathy of the right leg resulting in drop foot syndrome and needed hip replacement
  • Truck crash victim suffered herniated disc, fractured pelvis, and fractured hip — initially these injuries healed but the victim developed post-traumatic arthritis and required hip replacement
  • Motorcycle crash victim suffered numerous fractures of left hip, including fracture of femoral head, closed reduction surgery was performed — second surgery necessary and screws used to hold large bone fragments in place, but hip could not be stabilized leading to third surgery performed to do hip replacement

Hip Replacement Complications

There can be many complications with a hip replacement. They include:

  • Blood clots in the leg veins can develop due to decreased movement of the leg after surgery or possible injury to the veins during surgery. Blood-thinning medications are normally prescribed to prevent clots from forming. Compression devices or elastic stockings can be used to increase blood flow through the veins in your legs and reduce the risk of clots.
  • Infections can occur at the incision and in the deep tissue near the new hip. Most infections can be treated with antibiotics, but a major infection near the prosthesis may require further surgery to remove and replace the prosthesis.
  • A fracture can happen during surgery to healthy areas of the hip joint.
  • Dislocation of the new hip joint can be an issue. If the artificial hip dislocates repeatedly, surgery may be required to stabilize it.
  • The artificial hip can break, requiring another surgery to replace the broken joint.
  • Change in leg length. The surgeon takes steps to avoid this problem, but occasionally the new hip will make the leg longer or shorter than the other one.
  • Stiff joint, from the soft tissue hardening around the joint and making it difficult to move.
  • The prosthetic hip joint may wear out, requiring a second hip replacement surgery.

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Minneapolis Calcaneal Fracture Lawyer

Did you sustain a calcaneal fracture in an accident that was not your fault? Are you frustrated dealing with the insurance companies? TSR Injury Law can help. We care about your injury and will fight for fair compensation. Call 612-TSR-TIME to speak to an experienced Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyer.

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Calcaneal Fractures

The calcaneus is the large bone at the back of the foot, commonly called the heel bone. The calcaneus provides key support for the foot. It also facilitates normal walking motion. A calcaneal fracture can occur in a high velocity car accident or truck accident or a high-impact fall.

Most calcaneal fractures are closed. Due to the force necessary to fracture the calcaneus, the damage can be extensive and frequently requires open reduction surgery with internal fixation. Surgical goals are to realign the fragments, restore the correct structure, and minimize loss of blood supply to the bone which will decrease the chance of avascular necrosis (bone death). After surgery, no walking on the foot is allowed for approximately 3 months.

Symptoms of a calcaneal fracture include:

  • inability to walk
  • swelling
  • bruising
  • severe heel pain
  • deformity of the foot

Complications after a calcaneal fracture include:

  • severe swelling can impede healing, especially with patients who smoke or have diabetes
  • chronic foot pain
  • pain associated with walking or running
  • arthritis
  • difficulty with inward or outward rotation of the ankle
  • widening and deformity of the heel, making it difficult to wear shoes

Minneapolis Calcaneal Fracture Lawyer

Our Minneapolis Calcaneal Fracture lawyers are skilled, aggressive litigators with extensive medical knowledge and a reputation for getting the job done. Call (612) TSR-TIME or submit our contact form.

Texting A Factor in Car Crash That Killed Teen

A family is devastated to find out that the main factor in a crash that killed their daughter and possibly caused injuries to others was the fact she was texting while driving. This revelation has proven to be an even greater nightmare to her parents seven weeks after they lost their daughter.

It was the first day of D.J. Logan’s senior year of high school, but she made a poor decision on a stretch of County Road 5 that brought her dreams for the rest of her life to a sudden halt.

D.J. ran into the back of a stopped school bus, according to the Olmsted County Sheriff. When emergency crews arrived, they tried to rescue the 17-year-old, but they could not do so. Her death then resulted in a lot of questions from her friends, family, and her community. Unfortunately, the answers are not easy for anyone to hear.

It turns out that D.J. was typing a text message while she was driving. It is believed that this caused a distraction and is the main cause of the accident. The task caused her to take her eyes off of the road and it was most likely too late to stop by the time she saw the bus.

D.J.’s family does help that the story of her accident will help others to understand why texting while driving is not a good idea. They spent a day at Byron High School talking to the students in hopes they could save some lives. They have also provided the students with a bracelet that reminds them to of D.J. and what led to her death.

The family did issue a public statement regarding how devastating it was to learn the results of the investigation. It has been devastating to all who knew her, but they cite her error in judgment as a teenager that caused her to pay the highest price. They said they would much rather be grounding her than not being able to hear her laugh.

The family has warned individuals that cellular phones are a distraction while driving and that parents need to educate their children by setting an example, such as not using the phone while driving and pulling over if it can’t be avoided.

If your loved one is injured in a collision that was caused by a texting driver, the family of that victim may be eligible to file a damages lawsuit. For more information, contact a Bloomington car accident lawyer at TSR Injury Law for a free consultation.

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Semi Truck Hits Minivan Killing Two in Hugo MN

Tragedy struck again in Hugo on Thursday. According to the Minnesota State Patrol, 59-year-old Carolyn Anderson was stopped on Hwy 61, near Hugo, waiting to turn left, when she was rear-ended by a semi truck. Ms. Anderson died at the scene and an 88-year-old passenger, Rose Bongiovanni, died after being taken to Regions Hospital. A third person in the minivan, Marlene Wanner, 72, is in critical condition at Regions Hospital.

Hwy 61 was closed, in both directions, for three hours. The impact pushed the van into the ditch and the semi truck was angled across the highway. It is still too early to tell if the accident was driver negligence, mechanical malfunction, or speed-related.

The 32-year-old semi truck driver was not injured. He had a clean driving record. The accident is under investigation and charges may be filed.

Accident Victims Have Rights

Our Minneapolis truck accident attorneys are skilled, dynamic litigators with years of experience handling wrongful death cases. Our partners are consistently named Super Lawyers and have a reputation for large settlements, including a $3.75 million settlement. In a wrongful death case, it is vital to contact an attorney quickly so that evidence can be preserved and witnesses interviewed while the details are fresh. Call (612) TSR-TIME or submit our free consultation form.

TSR Injury Law, or you may know us as Terry, Slane & Ruohonen, has a stellar reputation in Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota. We receive many cases by referral from past clients and from other attorneys — that speaks highly of our integrity and ability. We have an excellent staff of seasoned veterans ready to serve you and win justice in your case.

TSR Injury Law Partner Chuck Slane Obtains Favorable Verdict

Bloomington, MN (PRWEB) November 18 — Chuck Slane, TSR Injury Law Partner and Minnesota Top 40 Plaintiff’s Attorney, represented William Kieper for injuries suffered in a car crash in Burnsville, Minnesota, January, 17, 2006.

Minnesota Personal Injury Attorney Chuck Slane tried the case of Kieper v. Shea to a Dakota County jury in October (case #19HA-CV-09-61). The case involved a client who underwent spinal fusion surgery as a result of a car crash. The crash was caused by inattention; Defendant Shea simply drove into the back of Kieper’s vehicle.

Shea and her insurance carrier, State Farm, claimed the crash was caused by ice. Furthermore, they claimed the crash was unavoidable. However, on the eve of trial, that defense was abandoned and liability was admitted. Instead they argued that the surgery was the result of pre-existing degenerative changes rather than the crash.

The insurance company offered only $15,000 until the eve of trial at which point they raised the offer to $90,000. After a week-long trial, the jury provided $200,000 of compensation to Kieper.

TSR Injury Law is a personal injury law firm with experience resolving and litigating a broad spectrum of personal injuries. We have helped thousands of people recover millions in deserved compensation. For more information, visit or contact Chuck Slane at (612) TSR-TIME. TSR Injury Law is located at 8300 Norman Center Drive, Suite 1275, Bloomington, Minnesota, 55437.

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7 Crashes, 11 Dead on Memorial Weekend

This is the deadliest weekend on record in years. The state has an average crash fatality of 2-3 per weekend. There have been 11 killed this weekend and it is only half over. Officers are lamenting the lack of responsibility and the needless loss of life.

The most lives were lost in the 2-vehicle car accident in Olmsted County. A minivan was broadsided and spun around by a Silverado, leaving 4 dead. The cause of the accident is alcohol-related according to police. There was another drunk driving fatality involving an underage driver. The victim in that accident was only 17 years old. In total 4 of the 7 crashes involved alcohol.

Our hearts go out to the grieving families. TSR Injury Law is a proud supporter of MADD Minnesota and received the 2008 MADD Choice Award. The Minneapolis auto accident lawyers at TSR Injury Law represent those whose lives have been changed forever by the drunk driving negligence of others. Call (612) TSR-TIME or submit our free consultation form.

Paralyzed Teen Recovering and Inspiring Others

It has been nearly a year since an injury paralyzed Jack Jablonski. During these months, he has made physical progress that has been described as remarkable. He has even rejoined gone back to school and rejoined his classmates. His family also had a renovation done to their home so that they could better accommodate his disability.

Jablonski, also known as “Jabs,” was the recipient of the CBS Courage in Sports Award. The award is given to an athlete who has an inspiring story. He won this award because thousands of people submitted votes through Facebook. He got to watch the CBS program with his friends and family at the Minnesota Wild headquarters.

Basically, Jabs has taken a devastating injury and turned it into something positive. He was left paralyzed when he sustained a hit while playing hockey. He had to be tutored all summer while working on his recovery, but he is back with his school mates at Benilde St. Margaret’s and is doing well.

It took 9 months for him and his family to be able to move back into their Minneapolis home where they had to make changes. One major renovation was an elevator for Jabs so he could have use of the entire house.

Currently, he has to undergo therapy at the Courage Center as a part of their Able program. This is therapy that costs his family $18,000 every three months. Insurance will not cover it. Currently, the therapy is covered by online donations. The donations go into a fund that is set aside specifically for these medical expenses.

Despite the cause of Jabs’ injuries, however, he and his family continue to love hockey and they have taken their experience to push for tougher penalties at the high school and youth levels, especially for the type of hit that led to Jabs becoming paralyzed. Had the hit had a much stricter penalty, Jabs may not be paralyzed today.

While Jabs’ paralysis can be considered horrifying, it has not kept his brother, Max, off of the ice. He plays within the youth hockey lead and wears Jabs’ number 13 jersey.