Kristine visited her doctor with pain in her lower abdomen. She was diagnosed with gall stones and needed to have her gall bladder removed by a doctor in Hastings, Minnesota. The doctor negligently cut the duct traveling to the right lobe of the liver, causing a liver injury. After several weeks of intense abdominal pain and sickness, Kristine saw a specialist who determined a mistake was made. She required removal of the right half of her liver, a surgery known as a right hepatic lobectomy. Fortunately, the liver is an organ that can regenerate itself. Her future damages were mostly related to requiring ongoing liver function tests and a scar from the surgery. No offer was ever made by the negligent doctor. Attorney Rich Ruohonen tried this case to a Dakota County jury resulting in over $100,000 and a total payment after costs, interest, and expenses included of over $140,000.