J.R. was driving to work when he was rear-ended by a negligent driver. J.R. suffered back pain and saw a chiropractor for months before discovering he had an injury to his lumbar disc. He went on to undergo two epidural steroid injections which helped immensely. The insurance company for the negligent driver, Allstate, denied fault for their insured hitting J.R claiming he stopped too fast. Allstate also refused to pay his medical expenses. They made a top offer of $5,000.00.  Lyndsey Jorgensen took the case to trial and won a verdict of over $121,000.00.


Annie was a passenger in a vehicle driven by a young man who had been drinking. He lost control of his car, rolled the vehicle, and Annie was thrown from it. She sustained significant brain and spinal cord injuries and will never be the same.

Our investigation revealed that the young man driving the vehicle had obtained a bottle of alcohol from his friend’s father. The father knew that the driver was underage and should not be drinking alcohol, but knowingly provided alcohol to a minor.

As a result, we were able to access not only the automobile insurance, but also the homeowners’ insurance for the father who provided the alcohol. When the money was received, Attorney Chuck Slane negotiated with the Veterans Administration, who had paid for many of Annie’s medical bills, and they agreed not to pursue collection out of the settlement monies.

The settlement monies were then placed in a special needs trust so that they could be available to provide things for Annie that are not covered by her medical plan through the State of Minnesota. No amount of compensation would ever be adequate for the injuries that Annie sustained, but we were able to get all money that was available, shelter the money, and put it to the best use possible.


David was riding his bicycle to work in a Southern Minnesota town when a commercial truck driver got distracted and hit David and his bicycle. David suffered broken bones in his legs, hips and back in addition to a traumatic brain injury. He was not able to return to work. TSR Injury Law partners Erik Willer and Nate Bjerke convinced the commercial truck’s insurance company to settle the case for a confidential sum before starting a lawsuit.


CM was involved in a crash. He had some initial physical injuries, but the ending biggest concern was post-traumatic stress that caused him to avoid driving. The bad driver had no insurance. Partner Steven Terry pursued an uninsured claim and convinced the carrier that the mental claim was worth just as much as a physical injury.


VJ was a passenger in a car hit head on by a drunk driver. The drunk had minimal insurance and VJ did not own a car with his own insurance. He suffered a facial fracture and needed hip surgery.  Unfortunately, all people in the car were severely injured (one who died) and had to share the policy limits of the drunk’s insurance and the underinsured policy from the car they were in. Four attorneys agreed to a binding arbitration and a hearing were conducted by a sole arbitrator with VJ receiving fair compensation for his injuries. The agreement to arbitrate saved thousands of dollars in costs and two years of litigation.


I represented a young 23-year-old man who was biking across the crosswalk one day with a green light and white walk sign. He was struck by a driver who was stopped at a red light looking to his left for traffic to clear before turning right and hitting my client without ever seeing him. My client hit the hood of his car and rolled to the ground, temporarily blacking out. He was taken via ambulance to Mercy Hospital for a head injury and a left leg injury that required 32 stitches. Progressive put 50 percent of the fault on my client who called me to help because he wanted them to pay 100 percent of the cost to repair his damaged bike, not 50 percent. We ended up settling the case for $54,500.00. My client wasn’t going to call an attorney if they would have just replaced his bike for him.


BH was hit by a negligent driver with limited insurance. She suffered catastrophic injuries with hundreds of thousands of dollars in bills and wage loss. Collecting the policy limits from multiple polices was easy. The harder job was Partner Steven Terry convincing the health insurance subrogation claims to accept $50,000.00 to reimburse them when they had a legal right to 10 times that. The reduction helped compensate BH for pain and suffering and reimburse her wage loss.


Dawn was stopped in rush hour traffic on Interstate 35 near downtown Minneapolis. The vehicle directly behind her was slowing to a stop when another vehicle rear-ended him at 45 miles per hour, propelling that car into Dawn. Dawn’s car was pushed forward 5 to 10 feet into the car in front of her. She sustained neck and back injuries in the crash. American Family offered $7,500 to settle the case. Dawn would have accepted $9,000, but American Family refused to pay.

Attorney Michael Courtney took this case to trial, where the jury awarded her over $29,000. In addition, American Family will also be forced to pay an additional $14,000, twice the amount that it cost Dawn to go to trial, as a penalty.


Yong called TSR Injury Law approximately seven months after a car crash. The car she was in rolled, and her arm was fractured in two places. Yong was told the final offer for her injuries would be $10,000. After hiring Partner Steve Terry and TSR Injury Law, the correct medical documentation was presented to American Family and the case was settled for policy limits of $30,000.


HL was struck by car while riding her bike. She was treated by chiropractors while in Minnesota, but also in Louisiana when she moved there. Minnesota no-fault did not want to pay the out of state treatment. Partner Steven Terry forced all bills to be paid and a $28,000.00 settlement was reached with the bad driver’s insurance for pain and suffering.