Jon was doing his work as a tow truck driver and responding to a call. He stopped at a red light and was leaning over to look at his notepad to get an address when he was impacted from behind, sending his body jolting forward. At first, Jon did not feel that he was injured and got out to look at his vehicle and found no damage to the tow truck. The vehicle that hit him was a smaller sedan; it sustained some damage, but it was not significant. The next day, Jon went to urgent care because he was developing some lower back pain. It did not get better over time, so Jon started a course of treatment and eventually underwent RFN (radiofrequency neurotomy) treatments. These treatments relieved the pain by burning a nerve in the lower back that sends the pain signal to the brain. The treatment was successful, and Jon received a lot of relief.

State Farm insured the driver of the car that hit Jon. They could not understand how Jon could be hurt in the crash given that there was no damage to his large, flat-bed tow truck. State Farm hired a doctor to evaluate whether Jon was injured. State Farm was surprised when their doctor confirmed that Jon was injured in this crash. State Farm still refused to settle, in fact, they hired a biomechanical engineer and paid him over $20,000; he would testify that it was not possible for Jon to be hurt, as there was not enough force involved. State Farm refused to discuss a reasonable settlement, so the case was submitted to a jury in Hennepin County. The jury determined that Jon was, in fact, injured in the crash and that he did require medical care. State Farm provided significant compensation to help him deal with the injury caused by the crash.

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