Michael was a driver of a commercial vehicle. Another vehicle swerved into his lane and side-swiped him, which caused him to go off of the road and hit a concrete median. He did not have immediate pain symptoms, but over a period of time his injuries continued to get worse and MRIs of his neck and lower back showed injury to the spine, including herniations, requiring both neck and lower back surgery.

Michael’s original medical bills were covered under workers’ compensation (handled by another law firm). Partner Steve Terry then negotiated an assignment of the workers’ compensation subrogation claim. The total medical and wage loss paid by the workers’ comp carrier was close to $240,000.

The bodily injury claim quickly settled with American Family Insurance for policy limits of $100,000, but the underinsured claim against The Hartford took more time. The Hartford started offering $50,000 and the matter was eventually settled for $400,000. The total amount received by Michael was nearly $750,000 from workers’ comp, bodily injury, and underinsured.

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