Shawn was severely injured when he was riding his bicycle on a roadway and a vehicle being driven by a 90 year-old man turned left into his immediate path.  Shawn flew into the air landing on his head and neck. He ended up suffering a traumatic brain injury resulting in numerous cognitive problems including attention, concentration and memory problems. Shawn also had a C1 burst fracture in his neck and two transverse process fractures in his lower neck at C7 and T1. Surgery was not required but he was forced to wear a brace for months. Shawn ended up having radio frequency neurotomies once a year to burn the irritated nerves in his neck. The traumatic brain injury improved with treatment and time, but S.S. continued to experience problems with memory and attention, word finding difficulties and trouble concentrating. Shawn was an avid runner and bicyclist and went on several training runs per week and was likely a top five percent athlete in his age class.  While he got back to some semblance of training, he never attained or competed at the level he did previous to this crash. Rather than try the case to a jury, the parties agreed to binding high/low arbitration with a neutral arbitrator. Partner Rich Ruohonen presented the case during a full-day arbitration that resulted in an award of $750,000.

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