Julia was a passenger on a golf cart. She was ejected from the golf cart when the driver took a sharp turn. The driver of cart was intoxicated and he admitted Julia was thrown out to the right when he turned to the left. He later changed his story. Rich Ruohonen and Nate Maus worked up this case over a few years and litigated this matter, settling shortly before trial. TSR hired numerous experts to prove her ejection was the fault of the driver and the owner of the golf cart. Julia hit her head on the cart path and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. She had subarachnoid hemorrhaging and subdural hematomas. She underwent a craniectomy where part of the skull is removed for a few weeks, to allow for the brain to swell, and later put back on to her head after the swelling subsides. Julia had seizures and has no memory of the first few months in the hospital and a rehabilitation center. She had medical bills of approximately $700,000, most of which were incurred in the first six months following the golf cart crash. Julia has significant ongoing symptoms including loss of cognitive and executive function, personality and behavioral changes, fatigue, loss of motivation, memory problems, dizziness, inability to learn new information, retrieve information, and numerous other issues. The case was settled for $2,750,000 during an all-day mediation.

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