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Woodbury Woman Charged with Sexually Exploiting Teen in Her Care

A Woodbury woman has been charged with sexually exploiting a mentally handicapped teen in her care on a number of occasions.

Charyl Ann Tchida, 50, has been charged by the St. Paul City Attorney’s Office with one count of neglect of a vulnerable adult. If convicted, it is a gross misdemeanor.

The complaint states that there were a number of occasions when Tchida would bring the teen to places where she would be forced to have sex with “customers.” The girl operates at the level of a 5 or 6 year old.

The excursions began on July 3, 2012 at a Roseville hotel, where the teen was told to hang out with a 17-year-old boy she had met at a fast food restaurant. When she arrived, she met the 17-year-old who also had a 33-year-old-man and four other men with them. That night, the teenage girl would be forced to have sex with the four men that were there, according to the complaint. The 33-year-old would allegedly use a cellular phone to set up advertisements that solicited others to have sex with the girl for money. When the girl refused to do so, the man threatened her.

The girl stated that she had had sex with five “customers” in the hotel room that night.

The 33-year-old would take photographs of the money that was made from the girl having sex that night and send those photos to Tchida. Tchida did admit to the police that she had received a photo from the man that night, as well as a call from the 19-year-old that she was to be caring for.

The Alleged victim asked Tchida in the phone call to come pick her up, but the girl said in the complaint that Tchida never did. Tchida admitted that she had called the girl back, but the man answered the phone and told her that the girl was not coming home.

Tchida failed to report the rapes to authorities and that the girl had been forced into a prostitution ring until August.

Tchida would allegedly later take the girl to the man’s house in July where he would then take the girl to Minneapolis to have sex with a number of men for money. She would then be brought back to St. Paul later that day so that Tchida could pick her up. Tchida was aware of the exploitation, according to the complaint.

In mid-August, it was revealed that the girl had become pregnant.

In addition to these charges, Tchida is facing a charge of insurance fraud from lying to an insurance agent so that she could receive new insurance after another company had cancelled her old policy. After the new policy was approved, Tchida filed a water damage claim and the insurer paid over $6,000. It was later learned that the application she filled out to apply for the insurance was fraudulent. She also has a 2011 insurance fraud conviction in which she was ordered to pay over $8,000 in fines and concealed this on the application, as well as the fact that she had made a total of eight insurance claims with her former insurer.

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