Can I File a Minneapolis Slip-and-Fall Claim if There Was a ‘Wet Floor’ Sign?

yellow sign warning of wet floorProperty owners may be able to avoid liability for a slip-and-fall injury if they can prove the victim was adequately warned about the danger. For example, putting out a “wet floor” sign could be seen as a reasonable step for warning about a spill or a recently mopped floor.

However, you should not assume there is no way to file a slip-and-fall claim if there was a “wet floor” sign at the scene. You may have had a hard time seeing the sign, or it may have only warned about part of the danger.

TSR Injury Law’s experienced Minneapolis slip-and-fall attorneys explain how the presence of a “wet floor” sign can affect a Minnesota slip-and-fall claim.

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Are Property Owners Required to Put Out ‘Wet Floor’ Signs?

The owners of retail stores and other commercial establishments have a legal obligation to take reasonable steps to help prevent visitors from getting injured while on the property. There are various examples of reasonable actions property owners can take to accomplish this goal, such as:

  • Routinely inspecting the property to search for possible hazardous conditions
  • Removing merchandise and other objects obstructing areas where customers and other visitors commonly walk
  • Putting out a “wet floor” sign if there is a spill, an unnatural accumulation of snow or ice, or the floors were recently mopped and are likely to be slippery

Putting out a “wet floor” sign is not the only way to warn people about a potential danger. For example, property owners could use orange cones or rope the area off to prevent people from getting closer to the wet or slippery floor.

A warning might not be necessary if the property owner takes immediate steps to resolve the problem, such as drying up the wet area of the floor.

How Does the Presence of a ‘Wet Floor’ Sign Affect a Slip-and-fall Case?

It is important to note that a “wet floor” sign is not a one-size-fits-all solution to reducing the risk of a slip-and-fall injury. Other factors could come into play that could mean the property owner still bears liability for the accident, such as:

  • It was unreasonable to expect an average person would be able to see the sign. If the area was poorly lit, a visitor might not be able to see the sign.
  • If a sign was poorly placed, such as if it were posted a significant distance away from the wet or slippery area. Visitors may not understand what area the sign is referring to.
  • The property owner left the “wet floor” sign out for a long time without cleaning up the spill or drying the floor to make it safe for visitors to walk on.
  • The sign was put out while your back was turned and you were not made aware the sign had been posted.
  • The sign was put in a heavily trafficked area where you had to walk, such as to exit the store or go to the cash register to buy something.
  • There was another problem that contributed to your fall, such as broken glass or some other object or spilled goods that presented a tripping hazard.

Partial Fault for a Minnesota Slip-and-fall Injury

It may be difficult for slip-and-fall victims to avoid any liability for their injuries if the property owner had posted a “wet floor” sign or a similar type of warning. The at-fault party can argue you should have taken reasonable steps to avoid the area. In Minnesota, you can be up to 50 percent at fault, however, and still recover compensation, so partial fault does not always eliminate legal options.

Liability for a slip and fall is going to be based on the evidence presented. That is why victims should contact a licensed attorney to discuss whether they may have a case.

You can be sure the property owner is going to dispute liability and continue to reemphasize the presence of the “wet floor” sign. Even if you could not see the sign or it was badly placed, you are going to need evidence to prove your claim.

Slip-and-fall cases can be difficult to prove, and evidence can get lost if you do not act fast. That is why contacting a lawyer right away is so important. Even if you are unsure if you have a case, it does not hurt or cost you anything to call to learn more about possible legal options. At TSR, we are experienced at quickly preserving evidence and determining how liable parties breached their duty of care.

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