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Truck Driver Training – Driving Simulator – Drive Cam

Truck driver training has made a technological leap into the 21st century. Technology, especially the driving simulator, is helping fleets to improve safety and performance by making it easier to train and monitor truck drivers. Many large, commercial fleets are adding tools such as computer-based training, driving simulators, and onboard video monitors to their driver education programs in an effort to deliver more and better training and performance feedback. The results are very encouraging.

In an effort to reduce semi truck accidents, “we’ve focused on brakes, we’ve focused on tires — all those things — but the Crash Causation Study shows us that we clearly need to focus on drivers and the issues surrounding them.” ~ Administrator Annette M. Sandberg, head of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Why computer-based training is so effective:

  • Content can be quickly updated from a single source, so that training content is always current.
  • Audio and vibration systems are designed to add accurate driving noise and feel to the experience.
  • It can create all types of challenging driving situations, such as dark, rain, snow, fog, or ice. This will allow the driver to learn how to react in dangerous situations without crashing a truck or causing personal injury.
  • A closed-circuit television allows observers to watch the drivers from the operator console.
  • The simulator allows for taping the drivers so that they can see how they reacted and do a self-critique of their performance.
  • Online training is suited to introduction, refresher, or remedial training.

Why drive cam is so effective:

  • It provides routine performance feedback — clear information as to how well drivers are actually doing on the highways.
  • Global positioning satellites, engine data recorders, and collision avoidance systems provide glimpses into the world of the truck cab.
  • Risky behaviors (speeding, hard braking, poor shifting habits) are identified.
  • It encourages truck drivers to be more attentive to their driving skills, by making them accountable for their behaviors.

Using technology to help monitor driver performance and deliver more personalized training is enabling fleets to improve safety and reduce costs. These new tools will help the industry take the next important step — to reduce the number of crashes and crash-avoidance maneuvers. Ultimately this will save lives.

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