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Am I Required to Say Anything to the Insurance Company?

in pain while on the phoneMany car crash victims do not know the dangers of providing too much information to an insurance company after an accident. They may think they need to talk to the insurance company to get things resolved. They may also be desperate for compensation because of mounting medical bills, wage loss or property damage.

Below, review some best practices when talking to an insurance company to help protect your best interests.

General Rules on Speaking to Insurers

It is important to note that you are under no obligation to give a detailed statement to insurance adjusters right after an accident, particularly an adjuster from the other driver’s insurance company. You can wait to obtain legal representation and have your lawyer deal with the insurance company on your behalf. You will not be hurting your chances of recovering compensation by declining to comment on the accident right away.

What Should You Say?

If you decide to talk to an insurance company, remember that their goal is to say as little as possible. This is true even if it is your own insurance company.

Adjusters are fishing for information and evidence that can be used against you to claim you are not actually injured, you are partially to blame for the crash, or you are suffering from a pre-existing injury. Anything you say could end up hurting your claim, even though you may not realize it as you are speaking.

If you still decide to answer questions, be sure to only answer what has been asked. Do not offer any opinions as to how you think the accident happened and do not provide any additional information. For example, stick to things like the date, time and location of the accident.

It is generally best to refuse to give a recorded statement. Insurers want you to agree to have your statement recorded to limit the value of your claim based on what you say.  There is no legal mandate that a statement has to be recorded.

Dangers of Revealing too much Information

It is dangerous to reveal too much information to the insurance company because it can easily be used against you to limit the amount of compensation they may offer.

Even if the crash was not your fault, insurance companies will do their best to use what you say against you, possibly pinning fault on you for the crash. They know how to act like your friend or just someone who is genuinely concerned about your well-being. They know you are vulnerable and may be more likely to trust someone who acts friendly.  

Despite what you see in catchy TV commercials and hear in advertisements, insurance companies, even your own, are not out for your best interests. They cannot stay in business unless they make money, and they cannot do that by paying out fair compensation for every claim.

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