What Are My Legal Options After Getting Injured in a T-Bone Collision in Minneapolis?

dent on silver car doorSome car crashes are more dangerous than others, putting those involved at a higher risk for severe or fatal injuries. A side-impact crash is one type of collision that can be especially devastating.

TSR’s experienced attorneys discuss the dangers of these collisions below, including the injuries they cause and why these injuries are more likely to occur.

If you were injured in a side-impact crash and the other driver is to blame, we encourage you to seek legal help as soon as possible. Our Minneapolis auto accident lawyers may be able to help, at no upfront cost to you.

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What is a Side-Impact Crash?

A side-impact crash involves the front of one car crashing into the side of another. These collisions often cause extensive damage to both vehicles involved.

Some side-impact crashes have an angle of impact that is almost 90 degrees. These crashes are commonly referred to as T-bone crashes because the vehicles form a “T.” Other types of side-impact collisions typically occur at an approximate 30-45-degree angle.

While side-impact crashes are extremely common in intersections, they may also occur in parking lots and other high traffic areas.

Why Do Side-Impact Crashes Often Cause Severe Injuries?

When one car strikes the front or rear of another vehicle, there is a buffer between the other car and those inside the vehicle. While airbags are the main preventative safety measure, front and rear bumpers, as well as trunk and engine compartments also offer an additional layer of shock absorption.

However, if a vehicle strikes the side of a car, the only thing protecting vehicle occupants are the doors, windows and side airbags, if the vehicle is equipped with them. Vehicles are not as well-equipped to absorb a side impact as they are a frontal or rear impact. A side-impact crash is more devastating because it is much closer to the vehicle’s occupants.

In other types of collisions, drivers may be able to slow down or stop to lessen the impact or avoid hitting the other vehicle all together. However, there is no way to slow down or steer away from a side-impact crash.

Injuries Often Caused by Side-Impact Collisions

T-bone or side-impact crashes in Minneapolis often cause severe or life-altering injuries, including:

  • Rib injuries
  • Punctured lungs, which often accompany a rib injury
  • Organ damage, along with internal bleeding
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Injuries to your pelvis and hips
  • Severe broken bones
  • Herniated discs
  • Lacerations from sharp metal or shattered glass
  • And much more

What Causes T-Bone Collisions to Occur?

As with most crashes, driver negligence is the main reason side-impact collisions occur. For example, a driver may blow through a stop sign or red light and crash into the side of another vehicle that had the right of way. Not only did the at-fault driver violate traffic laws by not stopping, but statistics show they were likely to be speeding as well. In addition to negligence, this could also be considered reckless or aggressive driving.

Side-impact crashes could also happen as a result of driver negligence during a U-turn or failing to recognize who has the right of way. Drivers who fail to yield or come to rolling stops at stop signs and stop lights are far more likely to be involved in these types of crashes.

Impaired driving is another common factor that can lead to a side-impact collision. Drivers impaired by alcohol and other substances are also a factor in many of the most devastating crashes throughout Minnesota.

Liability for a Side-Impact Crash In Minnesota

The liable party is likely to be the driver who ran into the side of the other vehicle. However, determining fault for a crash requires a full investigation as it always depends on the unique details of the crash.

If there is a traffic jam preventing vehicles from moving out of an intersection when the light changes, it increases the risk of a side-impact crash. If those cars are still in the intersection when the light changes, the vehicles that have a green light should wait, even though they have the right of way. If they proceed, it could cause a side-impact collision. In that situation, those drivers would probably be at least partially at fault if their actions lead to a crash. This is because they could have avoided a crash by simply waiting for the cars in the intersection to move.

If you were injured in a side-impact crash, your lawyer can help you gather evidence to prove what happened. For example, it is often possible to work backwards from vehicle damage to determine why the crash occurred and how negligence was involved.

Other evidence that may help prove your case includes:

  • Medical records documenting your post-crash treatment
  • Testimony from witnesses
  • Police report
  • Pictures of the scene

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