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St. Paul Fire Truck Hit a Mini Cooper at Randolph Avenue

A St. Paul fire truck hit a Mini Cooper early Friday morning at the intersection of Randolph and Cretin Avenues. The 3 people in the Mini Cooper were taken to Regions Hospital where they were treated and released. The seatbelts and airbags protected the occupants from more serious injury.

The ladder truck was heading west on Randolph shortly after 5 a.m., responding to a call related to an electrical outage in the area. The traffic lights were not working and the fire truck hit the car in the intersection. At the time of the crash, both vehicles were going about 25 mph, according to Dave Galbraith, deputy chief of the St. Paul Fire Department.

The intersection was dark because of a downed wire at Cretin and St. Clair Avenues. 2,500 Xcel Energy customers were without power Friday morning, according to Mary Sandok, a spokesperson for Xcel Energy.

Hurt In A Crash?

This type of accident can be pretty straight forward, but other times there may be extenuating circumstances. When an airbag explodes, it can cause an eye injury called anisocoria or it can damage the ears — hearing loss or tinnitus. Any of these conditions can be permanent, leading to long term medical expenses and possible loss of income.

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