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Spill from Oversized Load Kills Motorist on MN Highway

A semi truck carrying an oversized load on Highway 59 is responsible for the death of a passing motorist when the contents of the truck spilled.

The victim was 61-year-old Granite Falls resident George Piasecki. He died after the load fell from the truck and onto his car just north of Milan.

The accident occurred when the load that the truck was transporting hit a bridge and fell onto the car. The State Patrol has said that Poaseclo was driving his Toyota Camry north when the semi, traveling southbound, passed Piasecki under a railroad bridge.

The 66-year-old driver of the semi, Dennis Clark of Utah, didn’t suffer any injuries in the accident.

The accident is currently under investigation. Oversized shipments require route surveys, which the state can then specify which routes can and cannot be taken based on the size of the load. This is subject to being given the correct details regarding the load. This information is needed is to oversized loads from hitting bridges or from becoming hazards in other ways. At the same time, drivers are encouraged to be vigilant of bridge heights and other traffic situations that may require alternate routes.

There are no details available at this time regarding the preparation involved before the shipment was transported for delivery.

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