Slick Roads Lead to School Bus Accident

The first snow of the year tends to lead to a number of accidents in Minnesota. While many states cancel school when conditions are slick, Minnesota schools go on in the state that is known for its snowy winters. The same rule of thumb applies even when winter shows up a little early.

On October 25th, a total of six students were checked out at the hospital for injuries after a school bus accident that occurred on their way to school. The accident occurred in the Little Falls area.

The initial investigation has revealed that the bus was northbound on Iris Road when the driver approached a sharp curve and lost control. Slippery conditions made the curve very hard to manage and this caused the bus to tip on its side. The investigation thus far has not revealed whether or not the driver took the curve too fast.

There were fifteen students on the bus at the time. Their ages ranged from middle school age and younger and all are from the Little Falls area. Fortunately, no major injuries resulted from the accident, but four students were immediately taken to a Little Falls medical facility to be checked out. Two more students joined them later to be checked for injuries.

At the hospital, the students met up with their parents and with district personnel so that personnel could speak with the parents. Some of the students involved in the accident went ahead to school and stayed all day, while others went home.

Palmer Bus Service owns the bus and serves a total of 20 school districts in Minnesota. The accident was reconstructed to determine exactly what happened. As of now, it has been said that it appears the driver was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The driver also did not sustain severe injuries.

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