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Skull Fractures Lead to Death, Stillwater Man Charged with Murder

A Stillwater man has been charged with homicide for the death of Adam McCloud.

Eric Kaprice Richard, 22, is facing second-degree unintentional murder while he was committing another felony. He is also charged with manslaughter because of a fight he had with McCloud, 29, on September 28. The fight occurred at Smalley’s Caribbean Barbeque and Pirate Bar in Stillwater.

The complaint says that Richard got into an argument with McCloud over a spilled drink and that Richard repeatedly punched McCloud in the face and head, causing him to fall and hit his head on the ground. This resulted in him dying of complications from skull fractures.

Richard claimed he was defending himself after McCloud pushed him several times.

The judge set his bail at $200,000.

In the complaint, it says that a surveillance video shows the two men on the dance floor when McCloud accidentally knocked a drink out of Richard’s hand. There was a conversation between the two men before they left the dance floor. When they returned, Richard had a new drink in his hand. From then on, it appeared the men were friendly with each other, even dancing with one another and with others.

Shortly after the bar closed, McCloud was seen on the video doing what appeared to be a pushing motion. Another man then grabbed McCloud to take him away from the situation. That is when Richard was seen on the camera suddenly punching McCloud, knocking him to the ground.

The man who tried to take McCloud away from the fight told police that the argument occurred after McCloud had replaced Richard’s drink, but that the altercation was due to McCloud’s refusal to pay for it.

The witness said that the two men exchanged words, which resulted in McCloud pushing Richard. He said that McCloud did respond in self-defense by punching McCloud. Richard said that McCloud pushed him approximately four times. He said he took this as an assault, so he acted in self-defense. McCloud then fell to the ground.

The witness told police the two men had words; McCloud pushed Richard, and Richard responded in self-defense by punching McCloud. Richard was then removed from the bar.

Due to the fight, McCloud had intracranial bleeding that was caused by the skull fracture. This bleeding caused respiratory failure, which is what led to his October 4 death.

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