Semi Truck, 2 Cars Crash Near Norwood Young America

Another fatal crash involving a semi truck in Minnesota. This accident happened on MN Hwy 212 at CR 51, near Norwood Young America, Carver County.

The accident involved a semi truck and 2 other vehicles. A car was turning left and was rear-ended by a semi truck. The car was forced into the oncoming traffic, broadsiding a pick-up truck from Texas. The driver of the car was pronounced dead at the scene and the driver of the truck died en route to the hospital. Four other people were critically injured. The driver of the semi truck was not injured.

The names of the victims have been released. The driver of the car was Sandra Babatz, 45, of Norwood Young America. The driver of the pick-up truck was Juan Olvera, 35, of Sullivan, Texas. The four injured are Nancy Castillo, 29, Narely Olvera, 9, Andira Olvera, 8, and Galylea, Olvera, 7, all of Bird Island.

You cannot take back a negligent, inattentive moment of driving. Life is forever changed for many people, many families, many communities. The ripple effect is extensive. This is the second fatal semi truck accident in Minnesota this weekend. Both accidents happened when vehicles were turning left and each time a semi truck crashed into them, killing the drivers instantly.

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