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School Busing Change Blamed for Student Attack

This semester, students at Henry High were told by the Minneapolis Public School District that they would no longer be taking traditional yellow school buses to and from school. Now teens are expected to take metro transit buses if they do not drive or have someone to drive them to school

This was not a change that some parents were very happy about and they figured that such changes would cause problems. Now they are telling the school district that they told them so.

A teen was assaulted at a bus stop while waiting for a metro bus. The high school junior says that he was attacked by two men and those men have yet to be caught. Because of this, the young man’s identity has not been revealed in fear of repercussions.

The boy said the men hit him, causing him to fall backward and hit his head on the bus shelter. He remembers nothing after that because he was unconscious.

This attack occurred at the corner of Penn and Oak Park. The student said he had just walked his girlfriend home and returned to the bus stop to go home himself. He said that the yellow school buses used to drop him and his girlfriend off together because she lived close to his home. The Metro Transit route did not allow for that close drop off for her.

The teen says that the assailants started following him and tried to fight. After one hit him in the jaw, they ran away. A witness called police. Because of the concussion the boy sustained in the incident, he is struggling with his balance and with memory.

The student’s mother says that she panicked as she traveled to the hospital because she was imagining the doctor telling her that her son had passed. She said she definitely wants the school busses back.

Students at Henry, North, Edison, Roosevelt, and Washburn were told to start using public transit to school not long after the school year began. Students at South and Southwest will begin using public transportation in the fall of 2013.

The school district says that students preferred public transportation over school busses. The district believes that students are just as safe riding public transportation as they are the traditional yellow bus. However, it is believed that three other incidents happened in the same week as the one that involved the Henry junior.

The mother of the junior said that she wants the school district to be responsible for the medical bills if the suspects cannot be found. She said that her son would not have had to ride a city bus, therefore he would have never been injured. If he had never been injured, there would be no hospital bill.

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