What Qualities Should You Look For When Selecting a Lawyer For Your Minneapolis Car Crash Claim?

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Car crashes can cause many injuries that are expensive to treat. Even minor injuries you do not consider a big deal can prevent you from working, which can create significant financial hardship.

To make matters worse, many vehicle crash victims who file claims on their own have a hard time recovering fair compensation. That is why you need to find a qualified attorney to take on the insurance company on your behalf.

If you are searching for a Minneapolis car crash lawyer, there are several traits you should look for. If a lawyer has these traits, you can feel confident that they will be able to secure a favorable result.

The licensed attorneys at TSR Injury Law possess these qualities and are ready to assist you after a crash. Our attorneys take cases on contingency, which means no upfront fees.

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What Traits or Qualities Should You Look for in a Car Crash Lawyer?

There are many specific qualities to look for when seeking a car crash lawyer. The first thing people may do is an online search, which is a great place to start. However, there are specific traits you should look for in this search that can impact the outcome of a case.

Relevant Experience

You want a lawyer who has handled cases like yours and avoid lawyers that learn as they go. In other words, has a lawyer handled similar cases to yours and been successful?

For example, say you were catastrophically injured in a rollover crash. A lawyer who has handled other catastrophic car crash injury cases will be more than qualified for your case. They will know if there are additional product claims, as well as the best way to prepare for defenses of these crashes. A qualified lawyer will also have a better understanding of the injuries cause by your specific crash versus other types of accidents.

You can visit the case results page of the TSR website to learn more about the kinds of car crash cases our firm has handled and the compensation we have recovered. We have been representing crash victims for decades and have secured over a billion dollars for their pain, suffering, lost wages and medical expenses.

A Proven History of Results

You want an attorney who has a track record of success because these attorneys are more likely to recover the compensation you need. Hiring an attorney with a proven track record should also make you feel more confident in the outcome of your case.

Prepared to Represent You in Court

Another critical trait to look for is how much experience an attorney has taking cases to court. While most car crash cases are resolved through a settlement, you do not want a lawyer who only settles. Insurance companies know which lawyers are only willing to resolve cases through a settlement. This can have a negative impact on the amount of compensation you receive. Insurance companies are less likely to offer full compensation to these attorneys because they know there is no possibility of a lawsuit.

Extensive Legal Knowledge

You do not want just any lawyer handling your case. You want one whose practice is focused exclusively on car crash/personal injury cases.

You would not hire a real estate lawyer to handle your divorce, so why hire a lawyer for a car crash claim who doesn’t specialize in personal injury? Each legal practice area is unique – the legal processes, case law, insurance coverages, deadlines, standards of proof and many other aspects can vary significantly by area of the law.

Lawyers who have experience with cases like yours will have extensive knowledge about the many unique aspects of them and how they can vary depending on the case. This knowledge helps them to ask the right questions and take the appropriate steps to gather evidence, evaluate your damages and negotiate for maximum compensation.

Positive Reviews From Clients

One of the most reliable predictors of future performance is past performance. That is why it is important to read about what past clients have to say about working with an attorney.

Past clients can tell you what it is like to work with an attorney and their law firm. Was the attorney easy to contact? Did the attorney answer the victim’s questions? Did the client feel the attorney was fighting for them and the case was in good hands? These are all important things to consider when determining which law firm will best represent you.

One of the most important things an attorney can do for the victim is to help put his or her mind at ease. In their reviews, some clients talk about how they felt less stressed or anxious about the case because of how their attorney was handling things.

While it is important that the attorney you choose has a lot of positive reviews, it is OK if there are some negative reviews. Everyone is not going to be satisfied with their lawyer. You should be concerned if the negative reviews all have something in common. Also note if the negative reviews have a response. Sometimes people write reviews that were not actually clients of the firm or were unhappy that the lawyer gave them an honest, but frustrating, feedback of the merits of their case.

Visit the testimonials page of the TSR Injury Law website to see what past clients have to say about our services. We have received hundreds of five-star reviews.


Injured victims want an attorney who understands they have been through a traumatic event. They want to know the attorney cares about what they have experienced and is committed to securing a positive result. Experienced, successful law firms often receive reviews in which clients talk about how their cases were handled with compassion.

Resources to Manage Your Case

Will the attorney be able to bring in expert witnesses, if necessary? Does your lawyer have the staff and financial resources to thoroughly investigate the crash?

When lawyers do not have all the resources necessary to manage a case, they may try to take shortcuts, which could hurt your chances of recovering full compensation.

When you meet with a lawyer, ask him or her about what it will take to win your case. Ask the lawyer about the resources and staff that will be brought in to manage your case.

If you were meeting with a realtor and he or she was late, you might think about finding another realtor. That is because it can be tough to have confidence in someone who is late or disorganized. If someone fails to act in a professional manner, he or she may be more likely to miss deadlines or forget important details.

The same logic applies to personal injury lawyers. The legal process is complex, and you need strong evidence to prove a car crash case. Lack of professionalism makes it hard to trust that your case is being taken seriously and is being given the attention it deserves.

Meeting with a lawyer should offer clues about professionalism. Is the office organized? Was your lawyer able to answer your questions? Was their communication clear and easily understandable? Disorganized offices and the inability to answer questions may be bad signs.

Commitment to the Legal Profession

Lawyers who have been recognized by legal associations have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to their clients, community and to their legal profession. That means they are going to go the extra mile to achieve the results their clients deserve. TSR attorneys have been recognized by organizations like Super Lawyers, The National Trial Lawyers, and the American Board of Trial Advocates.

Some lawyers also have leadership positions in prominent legal organizations. For example, partner Charles Slane has been elected president of the Minnesota Association for Justice. Partners Steve Terry and Rich Ruohonen have also been past presidents of this organization, with partner Jenny Olson scheduled to be President in a few years.

TSR lawyers are often asked to teach other lawyers, which is another indication of high achievement and legal competence. Most recently, in February 2023, partner Nate Bjerke taught a group of lawyers at a Minnesota CLE seminar.

Availability to Address Your Questions and Concerns

Your lawyer should always be available to answer your questions and address your concerns. Client testimonials are typically a good indication whether or not a law firm possesses these qualities.

If a lawyer is not available, it becomes harder for victims to feel that their case is being taken seriously. Taking too long to respond to an email or phone call could also indicate a lack of organization.

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Car insurance companies know how to manipulate and mislead crash victims into accepting lowball settlement offers.

The good news is you do not have to sit idly by and let them get away with it. You can hire an experienced lawyer to advocate for your best interests.

At TSR, our legal services come with no upfront costs. What this means is our services carry no financial risk for our clients.

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