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Mother and Daughters Critical after Home Explosion

As of today, a mother and daughters are still in critical condition following an explosion.

On September 15, the home exploded and caught fire as the mother and her three daughters were sleeping.

Sonja Timmos, 31, and her 8-year-old daughter, Kaylee, are currently being treated at Regions Hospital in St. Paul. Timmons’s 2-year-old daughter, Mkena, is also in very serious condition at the same hospital, while Jadyn, 2 months old, is doing very well.

The injured mother and daughters are facing a number of surgeries that will be followed by months of rehabilitation.

Fortunately, a neighbor, Matt Schons, had raced into the home after the explosion, grabbing Jaydn, and taking her to safety. This kept her injuries from being much worse than what they are.

According to Dale Johnson II, the fire chief, the cause of the blast that destroyed the home is unknown. An investigation has been launched to find that cause.

Troy Haugen, the fiancé’ of Timmons was 20 miles away at work at the time the explosion happened. He did, however, issue a statement thanking everyone for their support and prayers during this difficult time for the family.

Haugen has had a very difficult time as he has stayed constantly by the sides of his fiancé, two biological daughters, and his soon-to-be stepdaughter. He said when he got up that morning, it was a normal day. He said Kaylee and Mkena were awake, so he had them go into the bedroom and watch television until their mom woke up. He went to work and the next thing he knew he heard reports over a police scanner that there was an explosion. He said he did not know what house it was, but he could not get his fiancé on the phone when he tried to call her. It was when he was heading out the door that he heard the bad news.

Timmo’s cousin had called Haugen to tell her that his house blew up. Neighbors say that the force of the explosion could be heard all along the street and that curtains and shattered glass flew across the street, lodging in trees.

So far, aside from Jaydn, Kaylee is the one who has shown some slow improvement, as she has been opening her eyes. She is still critical, however. Timmos and Mkena have not made much progress, but they have not worsened either.

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