Ulnar Nerve Injuries

The ulnar nerve extends the length of the arm, from the shoulder to the wrist. It is closest to the surface where it crosses the elbow. It is called entrapment when the ulnar nerve gets compressed where it passes through the narrow cubital tunnel. When the ulnar nerve is compressed or damaged, there are neurological symptoms in the forearm and hand. The symptoms include:

  • pain in the hand and / or fingers
  • tingling or burning in the 4th and 5th digits
  • numbness or decreased sensation
  • loss of muscle strength in hand

An ulnar nerve injury frequently occurs from an elbow fracture or dislocation sustained in a car accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident, or slip and fall accident. It can be diagnosed through an EMG (electromyogram), nerve conduction tests, blood tests, x-rays, or imaging scans.

Ulnar Nerve Injury Treatment

Conservative treatment is recommended for 6-12 weeks. Included in this approach are:

  • supportive splint or elbow pad
  • corticosteroid injection (to reduce swelling and pressure on nerve)
  • pain medication (prescription or over-the-counter)
  • physical therapy

If there is increasing muscle weakness, progressive palsy, or clawing of the 4th and 5th digits; surgery needs to be performed before the nerve dies and motor skills are permanently lost. In severe cases, the patient may need occupational therapy, job retraining, or vocational counseling.

Minnesota Ulnar Nerve Injury Attorney

Dealing with extreme, constant pain is so debilitating. Everyday things become impossible to do. Let us help. If you have suffered an ulnar nerve injury due to the negligence of another, a personal injury lawyer in Minneapolis from our law firm can review your case, do all of the paperwork, handle the insurance companies, and file your claim. You may be able to receive compensation for pain and suffering, disability, medical bills, and lost wages. Call TSR Injury Law at (612) TSR-TIME or submit our free contact form and a member from our team will contact you shortly.

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