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Minnesota Rollover Accidents Lawyer

Faulty automobiles cause accidents throughout Minnesota and the United States every single day. Airbags, electrical systems, brakes, and much more are responsible for injuries that people sustain and, tragically, there are times in which death is the end result.

Another type of accident that is problematic is the rollover accident. This occurs when the wheels on one side of the vehicle leaves the road and causes the vehicle to tip over. This most frequently happens on curves or corners, but it can also occur when a person must swerve someone or something ready to hit them or to prevent themselves from being the cause of an accident. Defective tires can also lead to rollover accidents.

There are a number of reasons why injuries occur during rollover accidents rather than the rollover itself. One perfect example is a roof that is too weak to protect the occupants inside. In vehicles where rollovers are possible, the roof should be strong enough. This is where an experienced Minneapolis rollover accidents lawyer comes in. Your lawyer can address this issue when seeking compensation for you to pay for the monetary damages the injuries brought upon you.

Rollover Accident Categories

There are two categories of rollover accidents. They are:

  • Negligence – The negligence of other drivers can lead to a rollover accident. They may fail to yield, fatigued, intoxicated, engaging in careless conduct, not paying attention, or doing something else that may cause the accident.
  • Design Defect – SUV rollovers are common because of the design of these vehicles. The center of gravity is high, which makes them very susceptible to tipping and rolling. In fact, a rollover accident is three times more likely to occur in an SUV that a car.

Unfortunately, the fatality rate in a rollover accident is higher than any other type of crash due to weak roofs, breaking windows, seatbelts that do not retract to hold the occupants, and the absence of rollover-triggered side canopy airbags.

Compensation For Rollover Accident Injuries

The injuries that can result in a rollover accident can be fatal. If not fatal, a person can be paralyzed, have brain injuries, and be disabled for the rest of their lives from a number of other injuries that can occur. When that’s the case, compensation should be sought from the party that is responsible for accidents. This compensation is sought because the injuries result in medical expenses, lost wages, childcare costs, and so much more that can hurt you financially and add to your stress. Your Minnesota rollover accidents lawyer will fight for your rights and make sure those responsible are held accountable so you can reduce your stress by not having to worry about the financial consequences of your injuries.

Contact A Minneapolis Rollover Accidents Lawyer

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a rollover accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. It is your right to hold the responsible party accountable for the injuries or the death that occurred.

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