Infections In New Born Babies Can Be Dangerous

The birth of a baby should be a joyous time. We are sorry that your joy has been shattered by an infection due to negligence on the part of the birthing facility. To talk to an attorney about a newborn infection due to negligence, contact TSR Injury Law, at (612) TSR-TIME or submit our free consultation form. We want to help you through this difficult situation.

One of the first rules of maintaining a hospital is to keep every room and piece of equipment sterile. This is especially true in maternity wards. Newborn infants are more vulnerable to serious illnesses than adults or even older babies. Every well-informed new mother is aware of this risk, and should be able to trust her hospital to provide an adequately clean environment.

Infections to Look Out For

Some of the most common and dangerous infections among newborns include:

  • Group B Streptococcal Disease (GBS): Bacteria that can be spread from the mother to the child, or from one infant to another. Can cause pneumonia, septic blood, or meningitis.
  • E. Coli: While harmless strains of this bacteria live in everyone, other strains can be deadly. An infant exposed to E. coli can develop severe diarrhea, fever, and even kidney failure.
  • Listeriosis: A disease caused by bacteria that is primarily found in newborns and people with compromised immune systems. If left untreated, it can damage the nervous system, heart, and brain.
  • Neonatal Sepsis: An invasive bacterial infection of the blood that premature babies are susceptible to because of their underdeveloped immune systems. If untreated can lead to death.

The early stages of almost any infection are similar in newborns: fever, listlessness, fussy, less vigorous sucking, and loss of appetite. If your infant begins showing these symptoms, contact a doctor immediately. If your child has suffered from a preventable infection, contact a Minnesota Newborn Infection Attorney.

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