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Minnesota Motorcycle Accident Checklist

TSR Injury Law is a premier personal injury law firm with extensive experience with Minnesota motorcycle accident lawsuits and a reputation for generous settlements.

Partner Steve Terry is an avid motorcyclist himself. He understands the joys and dangers of riding — more importantly he understands how best to argue a motorcycle case to maximize compensation. We know motorcycles. We know the law. We care. We can help. Call one of our Minneapolis motorcycle accident lawyers at (612) TSR-TIME or submit our contact form

Sometimes injuries do not surface immediately. It is vital to track how you are feeling and how you are functioning after your motorcycle accident. Our lawyers have these recommendations to help you assess your recovery.

Ask These Questions after Your Minnesota Motorcycle Accident

  • Did your head snap or did your helmet hit the pavement in the motorcycle crash? If so, were you checked for a brain injury or a spinal injury?
  • Did you hit your hip joint? You could have iliofemoral ligament damage.
  • Did you twist or hit your knee? You could have an ACL injury or other ligament damage.
  • Did you slide on your ankle? You may have a trimalleolar fracture.
  • Did you hit your elbow in the motorcycle crash? Be sure the doctor checks the ulnar nerve.

Assess Your Skills after a Minnesota Motorcycle Accident

You're tough, right? Have you been tempted to brush off the dirt and hit the roads again? It is vital to see a doctor to have all of your joints and organs checked. You should monitor your abilities following a Minnesota motorcycle accident, to be sure that there are no lingering effects of the accident. You should ask:

  • Am I sleeping as well as I did prior to the motorcycle accident?
  • Can I multi-task to the same degree?
  • Can I concentrate to the same degree?
  • How is my handwriting since the accident?
  • Am I able to enjoy life as well as I did before the motorcycle crash?
  • Do I worry more since the accident?
  • Do I have anxiety attacks since the crash?

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