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Minnesota Mercury Poisoning Lawyer

In today’s world full of chemicals, toxicity, and pollution, people face a whole host of hazards. The air they breathe, the water they drink, and the food they eat all may be contaminated with dangerous materials. Moreover, the products they use, like computer and light bulbs, are made with products and from chemicals that can be harmful to people’s health.

One such chemical is mercury. People can come into contact with mercury through a number of channels. One such channel is the consumption of salmon. There have been a number of cases where people who have eaten salmon have ingested mercury as well. Another source of mercury is the production of things like coal, gold, and cement. Also, things like batteries and light bulbs contain mercury.

The effects of coming into contact with mercury can be very serious. Milder symptoms include burning, itching, or pain sensations. Skin discoloration and swelling occur, as do peeling of nails and skin. More severe symptoms include excessive sweating, high blood pressure, and loss of hair. Among the worst symptoms are kidney malfunction, insomnia, and loss of memory. When severe enough, mercury poisoning can also lead to death.

People who get poisoning with mercury need to be treated immediately. As with all medical problems, the longer people wait to address them the worse they will get. Moreover, mercury poisoning can lead to severe financial and emotional stress.

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