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Hypema Injury Damages Claims

Hyphema is a condition where blood accumulates in the front chamber of the eye between the cornea and iris. It is usually caused by blunt trauma to the eye. A direct hit to the eye can break blood vessels in the iris, causing them to leak blood into the anterior chamber and mix with the clear aqueous fluid, blurring vision. The blood may appear as a reddish tinge to the eye, or it may be a pooling of blood at the bottom of the iris.

Hyphema Symptoms and Treatment

Because there are times that the blood is not visible, victims of eye trauma need to be aware of other symptoms. They include:

  • eye pain
  • light sensitivity
  • blurred vision
  • elevated eye pressure

In mild cases of hyphema, the blood can be reabsorbed with no treatment. For more severe cases of hyphema, treatment includes:

  • bed rest with head elevated 45-60 degrees with both eyes closed
  • use of ice packs
  • avoid strenuous activity
  • removal of the blood if the eye pressure increases
  • eye drops

Do not take aspirin or NSAIDs. They thin the blood and could lead to additional bleeding.

Hyphema Complications

Any injury to the eye can be frightening. It is vital to follow treatment instructions to obtain the best possible recovery. The complications following hyphema include:

  • recurring bleeding
  • glaucoma
  • damage to the cornea (causing permanently cloudy vision)
  • loss of vision

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