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Fires can do serious damage and destruction to homes, cars and wildlife. However, it can also cause devastating and fatal consequences to people. If you have suffered injury or have experienced the death of a loved one due to a fire accident, then you might have the right to financial compensation. You could be legally awarded compensation through an insurance claim or through a personal injury lawsuit against the person or company responsible for the incident.

Learn more about your rights and see how financial compensation can help you gain a better control of what has happened and how you can move positively towards the future.

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Fire Related Accidents

Fires can occur in a number of different circumstances. At TSR Injury Law Firm we can help you with fire accidents related to:

  • Workplace related fires
  • Chemical fires
  • Auto accidents explosions
  • Fires in the home
  • Fires in the office

Fire related accidents that occur anywhere fall under different insurance claims. For example, a fire in your home may be related to your homeowners insurance while a workplace chemical accident can be handled by worker’s compensation. However, is this really enough? Are you sure you are getting everything you are entitled to by your insurance agency? In most instances, you won’t be.

We specialize in helping those that have faced a serious fire injury gain the compensation they are entitled to without having to go through hoops just to speak to their insurance company. We can handle the complications of your insurance claim or denial and will explore all avenues to ensure you are getting fair compensation. Your compensation package can pay for things like:

  • A loss of income
  • Rehabilitation, therapy and recovery
  • Medication and surgery
  • Medical devices and apparatuses
  • Hospital and in home care costs
  • A loss of quality of life

Burns and Smoke Injury

The most common injury due to fires is burns. First, second and third degree burns can impact your quality of life. You may need surgery and require special medication and hospitalization. You may be unable to work or take part in many every day activities. You may need to undergo therapy and to live with emotional and physical scarring for the rest of your life. These are all hard enough to handle without the added financial pressure that comes with this type of accident.

Burns are one common fire accident injury. Damage to the lungs is another. Smoke can do serious damage to your lungs and you may have trouble breathing for the rest of your life. You may not be able to go for a walk anywhere and you may require a breathing device just to get through the day.

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