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Minnesota Dram Shop Liability Lawyer

What is Dram Shop Liability?

It is a well known fact that an intoxicated person who causes harm to another individual can be sued and held responsible for that individual’s injuries. However, many states in the U.S. also have “dram shop liability” laws that hold bars, restaurants, etc. legally responsible for providing alcohol to either a minor or a visibly intoxicated person if this person then brings harm to someone else or to him / herself.

Dram Shop for Minors

All 50 states in the U.S. currently have laws that state that it is illegal for any establishment to sell alcohol to a minor. However, a number of states also have dram shop liability laws that state that any establishment that provides alcohol to a minor is not only legally responsible for that act in itself, but can also be held responsible if the minor injures him / herself or someone else.

So, if any 18 year old living in one of these states was provided with alcohol from a bar and subsequently crashed their car on the drive home, they could sue the bar that provided the alcohol and claim damages for the accident.

Dram Shop for Adults

Not only do dram shop liability laws apply to the underage, but many states have laws that govern the distribution of alcohol to the “habitually drunk” or the “visibly drunk”. Under these laws, if a bar provides additional alcohol to someone who is either habitually drunk or very clearly drunk to any reasonable person, the bar can be held legally responsible for any accidents caused by these individuals when they leave the bar.

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