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We buy child seats for our children not only because it is the law, but we buy them because we want to keep our children safe. We carefully make these purchases because we do not want to have to worry about whether or not they will be injured by the seat or if it will malfunction during a car accident. Unfortunately, auto accidents are the leading cause of death for children ages 4 to 12, This is a number that could be reduced if child safety seats were manufactured properly and in a way that they are not unintentionally installed improperly by the parents.

Manufacturing Defects

Child seat defects happen too often, however, and it has a lot to do with the manufacturers not putting the necessary time and money into the designs or they simply don’t test the seats the way they should be tested. Many times, the instructions to the seat can be so complicated that nearly 75% of child safety seats are believed to be used incorrectly. If your child has been injured or killed in an accident in which the child seat did not protect them when it should have, it is best to speak to your Minneapolis child seat injury lawyer to evaluate the circumstances and see if you have a case against the manufacturer.

Types Of Defects

Design defects are the most common defects seen in child safety seats. Unfortunately, the manufacturers tend to fail to take responsibility for these defects that, if not present, could have spared the life of a child or spared them severe injuries that could debilitate them for the rest of their life.
Some of the most common defects found in child safety seats include:

  • A chest clip that is too far down the child’s body, leading to ejection in an accident
  • Poor angle of recline
  • A seat that is not labeled properly, resulting in improper use
  • Three-point harness that has no pelvic support, leading to possible ejection
  • Fracturing of the plastic shell
  • A T-shield that can impact the child’s throat
  • Booster seats without adequate support

There are so many issues that can result from child safety seat defects. Even if the manufacturer denies responsibility, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t responsible. An experienced Minnesota child seat injury lawyer can determine whether or not the design of the seat is at fault and can take the necessary steps to hold the manufacturer responsible and seek compensation for the financial damages that have resulted from the defect.

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