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Minnesota Cat Bite Lawyer

Dog bites are the most common form of animal attacks in the U.S., and therefore receive the most attention from the media and health professionals. This does not make attacks from other kinds of animals any less serious, however. In fact, cat bites or scratches can be far more dangerous than many people realize.

Cat Bites and Infection

Unlike dog bites, which can create immediately obvious injuries such as severe lacerations, cat bites are usually small and may not even bleed. They do carry the risk factor of infection.

It is the design of cats’ teeth that makes the risk of infection so high. They are thin and sharp, so cat bites often create puncture wounds. This allows the bacteria in a cat’s mouth to be pushed deeply into the skin, sometimes through several layers of tissue. The very small punctures created by these wounds also make them more difficult to clean thoroughly.

Cats are most likely to bite people’s hands than other parts of the body, which also contributes to the risk of medical complications. Hands have many tendons, veins, and joints that are close to the skin, making them vulnerable to injury. A cat bite that is located near a joint is at an especially high risk for inflammation or bone infection.

What to Do After a Cat Attack

While cat scratches can become infected, they are far less likely to do so than bites. For a minor scratch, cleaning and bandaging the bite will probably be enough. In contrast to this, around 80% of cat bites become infected. If you have been bitten by a cat, it is important to seek medical attention right away.

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If you or a loved one has been attacked by a cat that was not properly trained or supervised by its owner, you may have grounds for a personal injury suit. To speak with a Minnesota personal injury lawyer, contact TSR Injury Law at (612) TSR-TIME or submit our contact form.

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