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Minneapolis Calcaneal Fracture Lawyer

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Calcaneal Fractures

The calcaneus is the large bone at the back of the foot, commonly called the heel bone. The calcaneus provides key support for the foot. It also facilitates normal walking motion. A calcaneal fracture can occur in a high velocity car accident or truck accident or a high-impact fall.

Most calcaneal fractures are closed. Due to the force necessary to fracture the calcaneus, the damage can be extensive and frequently requires open reduction surgery with internal fixation. Surgical goals are to realign the fragments, restore the correct structure, and minimize loss of blood supply to the bone which will decrease the chance of avascular necrosis (bone death). After surgery, no walking on the foot is allowed for approximately 3 months.

Symptoms of a calcaneal fracture include:

  • inability to walk
  • swelling
  • bruising
  • severe heel pain
  • deformity of the foot

Complications after a calcaneal fracture include:

  • severe swelling can impede healing, especially with patients who smoke or have diabetes
  • chronic foot pain
  • pain associated with walking or running
  • arthritis
  • difficulty with inward or outward rotation of the ankle
  • widening and deformity of the heel, making it difficult to wear shoes

Minneapolis Calcaneal Fracture Lawyer

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