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Minneapolis Bulging Disc Attorney

Any injury is scary, but a spinal injury is frightening — with very real fears for the future. We care about your injury and want to help. If your spinal injury was from an accident that was not your fault, you deserve compensation for your pain and suffering, medical expenses, and lost wages.

Contact our Minnesota Bulging Disc Lawyers at (612) TSR-TIME. TSR Injury Law has established a reputation for success in the area of personal injury litigation. Our partners have been named Minnesota Super Lawyers many times by their peers.

Bulging Disc Injury

Many bulging disc injuries are from deceleration in a car accident when the spine is restrained and bent over the seat belt, many times at an angle. A bulging disc most often occurs in the lower back, but may occur in the neck.

When the spine is stressed and pulled out of place, it can put uneven pressure on the disc and cause irritation and damage. A bulging disc can protrude into the spinal canal causing pain and potentially long-term repercussions if the disc ruptures or becomes herniated.

The spine is critical to the overall health of the body. The discs keep the spine flexible, allowing twisting, bending, and basically all physical activity. The gel in the discs absorb the stress of all the body movement. When a disc bulges or compresses, it can cause narrowing of the spinal canal leading to limited, painful movement.

A bulging disc is less severe than a ruptured or herniated disc, but if it goes undiagnosed or untreated may lead to the more serious ruptured or herniated disc.

Bulging Disc Diagnosis & Treatment

An x-ray will not reveal anything about the health of the disc, but may be used to verify the health of the bones. A physical exam and MRI are the best ways to diagnose a bulging disc.

A bulging disc may heal with rest and physical therapy. If the bulging disc becomes more serious by rupturing, surgery may be necessary to remove part of the disc or the entire disc. At this point, they may replace the disc with a synthetic disc or fuse the segments to prevent movement and instability.

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