Am I Suffering Migraines Because of the Car Crash I Was Involved In?

main rubbing temples in painHeadaches are a common side effect of a car crash injury, but some victims may also experience migraines. These are intense headaches that cause debilitating pain and many other symptoms. Sometimes the pain is bad enough that it is impossible to work or engage in other activities you once enjoyed.

Below, we discuss how Minneapolis car crashes can cause migraines, the types of symptoms you may experience, and how our lawyers can include your migraines in a compensation claim.

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What Is a Migraine Headache?

It is nearly impossible to understand how debilitating a migraine can be unless you have experienced one. A migraine is much more than a headache. It is a neurological condition that presents certain symptoms, including:

  • Throbbing or pulsating pain in your head
  • Intense pain on one side of your head
  • Unusual sensitivity to sound or light; flashing lights or loud noises could trigger a migraine
  • Feeling sick to your stomach or vomiting
  • Seeing double
  • Severe dizziness
  • Numb hands
  • Numbness on one side of your face
  • Difficulty concentrating

Three Types of Migraines

You can divide migraine headaches into three categories:

  • Migraines with no aura – These migraines occur with no warning symptoms. One minute you are fine and the next you experience migraine symptoms.
  • Migraines with an aura – Some people experience warning signs of a migraine, such as numbness or spots in their vision. The pre-migraine phase is known as the prodrome stage. There is also a postdrome phase, which can be thought of as a migraine hangover.
  • Silent/acephalgic migraines – These migraines may be harder to diagnose as victims do not suffer head pain. However, they still experience other symptoms of a migraine.

You can also classify migraine headaches by how often they occur. For example, chronic migraines happen a minimum of 15 times each month. If you deal with migraines less than 15 times per month, you are likely suffering from episodic migraines.

How Could a Car Crash Cause a Migraine?

It is common for a single traumatic event to cause an injury that triggers the onset of migraine headaches. For example, a crash could cause a traumatic brain injury that alters the victim’s blood flow in the brain. This change could cause you to experience migraine headaches.

Certain types of injuries involving pinched nerves, especially to the back or neck, could trigger a migraine. For example, whiplash can sprain or strain muscles, or even damage a spinal disc, which could create the conditions for a migraine. A skull fracture could also cause these same effects.

Sometimes people do not connect the onset of a migraine to their car crash, especially if the symptoms do not present for several weeks.

How Long Could Post-Car Crash Migraines Last?

Each situation is different. You might experience migraines during the early stages of your medical treatment, but they may reduce or stop happening altogether as you heal from your injuries and your condition improves. Unfortunately, some people suffer injuries that result in chronic migraines long after the crash. That is why it is vital to seek treatment immediately, as it may help to lower your risk of long-term problems.

How Do Doctors Treat Migraine Headaches?

There is currently no known cure for migraines, but there are many forms of treatment that may stop symptoms and help victims to have fewer migraines. Some forms of treatment that can be used are Botox injections or radiofrequency neurotomies, which are used to block a patient’s nerve pathway for transmitting pain.

Other medications are used to help counteract the effects of a migraine headache as they are happening. For example, you may have seen commercials for over-the-counter drugs like Excedrin or Motrin. Prescription nasal sprays also help to make migraines much less painful. Some patients may also get migraine relief from massage therapy and acupuncture.

Including Migraines in a Minneapolis Car Crash Claim

It can be challenging to prove a car crash claim for migraine headaches. The insurance company is very likely to push back and say your migraines are caused by something else, like genetic factors or mental health issues.

Another layer of complexity is that there is no agreed-upon method for diagnosing migraines. Doctors often use imaging tests like MRIs or CT scans to find brain damage, which may be an indicator of migraine headaches. However, they also rely on patients to report symptoms that are consistent with migraine headaches. Even then, the liable insurance company may claim you are making up your symptoms to inflate the value of your claim.

Insurance companies may also argue that they cannot confirm you are suffering migraines. As they attempt to devalue or deny your claim, they may even try to convince you that you are only experiencing run-of-the-mill headaches.

It is critical that you seek medical care right away and report all your symptoms to your doctor. You should also be diligent to follow through with your medical treatment. This consistency helps to demonstrate to the liable insurance company that you are taking the situation seriously, which could also help to bolster your claim.

We recommend that you contact an experienced lawyer, one who will be committed to securing full compensation for your damages. There are many details in the legal process, and managing a case on your own is a lot to ask, especially when you are dealing with an injury.

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