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MDA Says Raw Pet Food Contains Salmonella Risk

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has issued an alert to consumers to not handle or feed two brands of pet food to their animals after the MDA laboratory found the dog food to be contaminated with Salmonella.

The two brands that are affected are the 2lb Bravo! Raw Food Diet Chicken Blend for Dogs and Cats. This is a pet food product that is frozen and has production code 06/14/12. This production code can be found on the package’s white tag. The product was also manufactured by Bravo! And they are located in Manchester, CT. No other products from this manufacturer have been found to be contaminated.

The other product is Steve’s Real Food Inc.’s Turducken Canine Diet in the 8 ounce packages. This Murray, Utah-based product is also a frozen pet food product with the date 10/27/13 printed on the label and the code B209. These numbers can be found on the package’s lower front panel.

So far there are no reports of animal or human illnesses associated with the handling or consumption of the foods. Consumers have been asked to discard the products if they have them on-hand.

Salmonella is very dangerous to both humans and animals. A human that handles the food and then places their fingers in their mouth can contract it and become very ill.

Pets with Salmonella may experience fever, a decreased appetite, abdominal pain, and may even become lethargic and have bloody diarrhea and vomiting. Infected pets can also infect humans and other pets.

Human symptoms include abdominal pain, diarrhea, cramps, and fever. The symptoms typically appear within 12 to 72 hours after being exposed, but can begin even a week after exposure. The infection usually concludes in 5 to 7 days, but there are cases that require hospitalizations. In rare cases, the infection can result in death, especially in those with weakened immune systems and the elderly.

If you or a loved one suffers salmonella poisoning, you may be eligible for compensation. To learn more about your options, contact a personal injury lawyer in Bloomington, MN at TSR Injury Law for your free consultation.

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