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Minnesota Lawyer Interviews New Minnesota Association for Justice President Charles Slane

pic of charles slaneMinnesota Lawyer recently profiled TSR Injury Law Partner Charles Slane, who was elected president of the Minnesota Association for Justice (MNAJ) in August. We are so proud of Chuck for this tremendous accomplishment.

In the interview, Slane discusses the MNAJ, what he enjoys about representing injury victims, how he got into the legal profession, misconceptions people have about being an attorney, and more.

Slane said the MNAJ has done a lot for him and that is why he has pursued leadership roles within the association. The association lobbies to the state Legislature for laws that treat consumers fairly.

In the article, Slane talks about why he went to law school. How he did a lot of reading about the civil rights movement, and how it inspired him to help others. He enjoys how every case provides an opportunity to learn something new.

One of the common misconceptions people have about being an injury lawyer is that it is a glamorous job. However, Slane says it involves a lot of late nights reviewing evidence. 

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