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Inmate Charged in Beating of Fellow Prisoner Resulting in Severe Injuries

An inmate serving 30 years in prison for the rape of a girl was in court again for severely beating another inmate in a St. Cloud prison back in September.

Leonard James Fisherman Jr., 30, is now facing charges for first-degree assault after a fight left another inmate dealing with very severe injuries. The injuries included bleeding on the brain and a number of facial fractions. The injured inmate also had to have part of his skull removed so that his brain could be operated on.

The fight occurred on September 22 at the St. Cloud-based Minnesota Correctional Facility. The inmate that Fisherman allegedly beat was housed in the cell next to Fisherman and he was throwing things and yelling in his cell while looking for his identification.

Fisherman and fellow inmates were telling the man to be quiet. The victim would eventually leave his cell. This is when he was met face-to-face by Fisherman outside of his cell. Fisherman would then allegedly block the victim to keep him from getting around him and then started to hit the victim repeatedly in the face with a closed fist.

According to the complaint, the victim would fall to the ground, but Fisherman kept hitting him and wouldn’t let him get back on his feet. Fisherman would then continue to kick the victim and stomp his head. Correctional officials said that they had to use chemical spray to stop the attack. As the officers were using the chemical spray, Fisherman was holding on to the victim, but he did let go. This is when the victim fell from the second floor of the housing unit to the main floor.

When officers ran to him, they found the victim bleeding from his head and he was unresponsive. It only took a couple of minutes to have him rushed to a St. Cloud Hospital where it was immediately determined that he needed surgery. While in the ER, doctors reported that the victim’s heart rate had dropped significantly but that medication was able to normalize it.

Fisherman would later be escorted to segregation. During this time, he was reported to be pounding his chest saying “just think, I just killed him.”

Fisherman is in prison after being convicted of raping an underage girl at knife point. He also has past convictions for sex offenses, drugs, and assault that go back to when he was 18 years old.

The victim, who is 20 years old, is serving a one year sentence for a probation violation relating to terroristic threats.

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