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Hudson Golf Course Employee Injured in Explosion

Authorities believe that an accidental explosion that occurred in a maintenance shop at the Hudson Golf Course caused severe injuries that sent an employee to the hospital.

Investigators believe that the employee, 35-year-old Chad Wang of Spring Valley, Minnesota, was holding an acetylene torch to open a 55-gallon drum which triggered the explosion.

Inside the drum was a small amount of oil, according to Police Chief Marty Jenson. He said when Wang used the torch as a way to open the drum, the oil ignited and the top of the drum went airborne, hitting Wang in the head. This caused severe head trauma and it is not known how long Wang was on the floor in a pool of his own blood before a UPS driver found him. It appeared he may have been there for a few hours and the UPS worker said Wang was semi-conscious when he found him.

When the explosion occurred, Wang was alone in a maintenance building at the golf course. After he was found, he was transported to Regions Hospital and listed in critical condition.

Initially it was not known whether the incident was an assault or an accident. Possible witnesses were interviewed at the scene and it was treated as a possible crime scene. Jensen stated that it was an isolated incident and that there was no danger to the public. However, such incidents can result in life changing injuries for parties involved. If you are the victim of a preventable workplace accident, contact a personal injury lawyer in Bloomington at TSR Injury Law for a free consultation.

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