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Homeless Man Left Paralyzed after Library Shooting

A 24-year-old man was charged with felony first-degree assault after a library shooting that left a homeless man paralyzed.

Timothy Harper has now pleaded guilty to the charges stemming from the 2012 shooting that left 42-year-old Macdad Abdullahi, a Sudan immigrant, paralyzed below the waist. His paralysis was the result of a gunshot wound to the lower back. He was treated at the Hennepin County medical Center and it was there that the doctors determined that the paralysis could not be reversed.

Authorities say that Abdullahi was in the bathroom of the library brushing his teeth when Harper came into the bathroom and shot him for no reason.

It is expected that Harper will be sentenced to seven years or more in prison when his sentencing occurs on April 15, according to the Hennepin County attorney.

The court documents state that police responded to a June 13 call at 12:30 p.m. to come to the Franklin Library, which is where they found Abdullahi lying on the restroom floor. His legs were tucked under him.

Abdullahi told the police that he was brushing his teeth when a man came out of nowhere and randomly shot him one time in the back. Abdullahi said that he did not provoke the man in any way.

Surveillance video shows Harper follow Abdullahi into the bathroom and then he exited a short time after, tucking away what was determined to be a gun into the waistband of his pants. It took over a month for Harper to be identified as the shooter. Once he was identified, he was charged the next month. According to the charges, Harper said he believe that Abdullahi was going to hurt him.

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