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Food Poisoning Lawsuits in MN

Food poisoning and food borne illnesses can result in serious illness and devastating consequences. Some food borne illnesses are potentially life-threatening and can lead to kidney failure, among other things. The most common food borne illnesses we see are E. coli, salmonella, hepatitis A, botulism and listeria outbreaks. People most at risk for serious illness include children, the elderly, and women who are pregnant.

If you have suffered any illness due to food poisoning, then you may have a legal case. The manufacturer of the food that may you ill — whether it was bought in the grocery store, bought by a vendor or bought in a restaurant — should be held responsible for this accident.

Symptoms of Food Poisoning

Food poisoning results in a number of serious and painful symptoms; from dizziness, nausea, stomach cramps and diarrhea to weakness, jaundice and even death. There have been known cases where young children have been hospitalized, but unable to survive the illness; where elderly patients have been too weak to fight back against the food borne illness; and where pregnant women have lost their unborn child due to food poisoning outbreaks. Regardless of your age or your situation, food poisoning can come with devastating and often tragic consequences.

Food Poisoning Litigation

At TSR Injury Law Firm, we understand how hard this is for you. We are here to fight for your legal rights so you can concentrate on recovery and moving forward. When handling a food borne illness case, we look at a number of factors including microbiology, epidemiology, sanitation, food safety and agricultural aspects, and look closely to find a link between contamination, causation and damage to the victim. If your food borne illness is the fault of a manufacturer, then you could be looking at a product liability or wrongful death case.

Food Borne Illness Lawsuits

Food poisoning can occur in a number of different types of food. Dairy products, such as cheese, milk, yogurt and egg, carry a high risk of listeria; while meats often come with recall notices of salmonella or E. coli. Just recently, there was a large recall for hazelnuts and mixed nuts containing E. coli. Even foods like alfalfa sprouts, sandwiches and cantaloupes have been recalled for suspected causation of food poisoning in consumers.

The harsh reality is: you never know what foods could make you sick. However, what you can do is contact an experienced food borne illness lawyer as soon as possible. We have worked with several clients suffering from food borne illnesses, including a recent man suffering from food poisoning after the hazelnut E. coli outbreak.

Food Borne Illness Lawyers

At TSR Injury Law Firm, we know how serious food borne illnesses can be. Not only could you be physically suffering, but you may also need to take time off work, lose out on income and face serious aftermath due to this illness. We believe our clients deserve fair compensation for their suffering and we won’t stop until you get it. Don’t let food poisoning stop you in your tracks. Contact the leading MN injury lawyers at TSR Injury Law Firm at (612) TSR-TIME today.

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