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Elderly Couple Injured in Bus Crash

A tour bus carrying Minnesota baseball players and coaches crashed when a white 4-door Buick heading southbound turned in front of the northbound bus on 34th Street in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The police report says that the elderly female driver and her elderly male passenger were transported to a local hospital as trauma alerts. Approximately an hour after the accident, police released a statement that said the woman had died as a result of her injuries.

What police later found out was that the woman had “coded,” but she was brought back. Police were then told that the woman was alive, but was not expected to survive. She died on March 20.

The elderly man in the vehicle is still in the hospital as a trauma alert, but he is expected to survive.

According to police, the couple’s Cocker Spaniel was unrestrained in the back seat of the car. The dog had sustained minor injuries and was transported to a veterinary clinic for treatment.

On the bus there were 41 people from the Rochester Community and Technical College. Police say the baseball team and coaches were in town for a baseball tournament at the Walter Fuller Park.

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