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Edina Man Allegedly Hits Cruiser While Drunk

An Edina man is accused of crashing into two State patrol cruisers while he was drunk late in January.

Maurice Blevins, 39, was allegedly driving near the I-25W ramp along I-494 at 10:22 p.m. on a Saturday when he hit the two patrol cars that had just responded to the scene of a rollover crash. According to the complaint, Blevins was charged with negligent operation of a motor vehicle and gross misdemeanor driving DWI. Blevins is also facing a charge of driving with a license that was revoked in 1994.

There were a number of passengers inside Blevins’ car. These passengers included children. None of the passengers were injured.

One of the Minnesota State Troopers was injured because he was inside of his squad car at the time of the accident. His injuries were not severe. The trooper, Allen Thill, said that the possibility of an accident is always on his mind, but he never expected to be rear-ended while in his cruiser.

When Blevins was observed by troopers, it was found that he had watery and bloodshot eyes, he smelled like alcohol, and his speech was slurred. A blood test would later be conducted that showed his blood alcohol concentration to be 0.166 percent, which is twice than the legal limit of .08.

The following Monday, Blevins was released from Hennepin County Jail after he posted bail of $12,000.

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